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Gale drops by for a visit.

This time it did not move, I looked around my friends but nobody seemed to notice. I shifted my position and again his hand moved away. This was beginning to have an unexpected effect on me and I longed for his hand to come back. Tony seemed to be doing pretty well with my friend but quickly his hand was back. I turned slightly away so that it gave him a better angle and he gave me a squeeze. I was now disconnected from what was going on around me and concentrated on his hand.

Tony kept his hand there for a few minutes. Then it started to move and I thought he was taking it away but then it rested on my bare leg just below my short denim skirt. The touch of skin on skin sent a thrill through me. Clearly the fact I did not move emboldened him and his hand moved up my leg and under my skirt. I was wearing a thong and his hand met my bare ass cheek and he again cupped my ample but pert bum.

At this point I felt a crash of conscience to my husband at home and I walked away from my friends and went to the toilet. Once locked in a cubicle I started to control my breathing and cool down. I lifted my skirt and pulled down my thong before crouching to pee. Once nature had been seen too, I dried my self and became aware of how wet and sensitive I had become.

I tidied myself up and left the toilet. Outside in the corridor was Tony waiting for me. He was silent and smiling. He stepped towards me and cupped my face and started to kiss me. It was an erotic kiss and again I felt my desire raise.

I stepped back and explained quickly that I was married and could not do anything. He acted apologetic. "hey lets just go outside for a smoke and a chat then" he replied. I said yes partly just to escape his clutches and also to just try to divert my racing brain.

Stepping outside into the smoking garden into the warm summer air I felt the breeze against my bare legs. He took two cigarettes from a pack and lit them both passing one to me. We stood chatting about the town and the bar just making small talk. He was looking intently into my eyes and he started to step closer. He held my hand and stepped into kiss me. His kiss was passionate and his tongue darted into my mouth. We stepped back into an alcove and he pressed me against the wall. I felt his hand reach into my halter top and feel my boob. His groin was pressing hungrily against me.

His other hand followed a familiar trail and reached my bum under my skirt. I could feel his hardness pressing against me. By now the kissing was intense and he was feeling and squeezing all my bumps. His hand urgently moved under my skirt and he started to feel my pussy on top of my thong I gasped. He moved his hand and reached in side and started to rub my clit. I reached down and felt for his cock, it felt very hard in his jeans.

I widened my stance and his hand moved further into my thong. I felt a finger enter me and again I gasped. I was aware of the people in the garden not far away pretending not to watch but clearly sneaking peeks. I reached down and unzipped hip. His cock sprang out and I took him in my hand. I started to stroke him as had slipped in a second finger inside me moving expertly, i was very wet. At one point he changed his stance and moved his cock towards me, I pushed him back and shook my head.

We continued to kiss passionately as we play each other. By now i was almost squatting down on his hand as I pumped him. I felt an orgasm rip through me and I bit into his shoulder to stop myself from crying out. This pain I think sent him over the edge as with my next pump i felt him spasm in my hand. I was aware of a warm splash on my forearm and down my leg.

We stood apart and again my husband entered my head. I mumbled something and ran down the side gate and out on to the road.

Our house was just a short ten minute walk from the pub and the sobering effect of the breeze left me filling with guilt.

I entered the hallway of our home.

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