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Kathy meets some new friends.

Lori opened her eyes to admire his hard muscled, athletic body as he moved. He slipped along with the grace of a lion, and with the same obvious, strong rippling movements of his sinews. She admired the folds between his abdominal muscles, and the dramatic, powerful "v" shape of his frame where it spread up from his strong thighs and hips to broad, rounded shoulders and arms above a chest accented with more taught muscles.

Then he stood before her. Right before her eyes, just inches from her extended arms and hands, his cock hovered, his young, engorged cock, the cock she'd longed for and dreamed of for months now. It was right there, just out of reach.

* * *

"Is this what you want, Lori?" he asked her.

Dan stared at her face, almost immobilized by the look of total, unrestrained lust in the girl's eyes. She stared at his cock the same way, unable to take her eyes off of it.

"Answer me. Is this what you want?" he demanded.

She glanced up at him then, briefly, only to quickly bring her smoldering gaze back down to his cock.

"Yes," she whispered. She looked up at him again, a little frightened, like a child looking to a teacher for praise, to see if she'd answered correctly.

"Yes," she repeated, more firmly. "That's what I want. I want your sweet cock."

Dan eased himself forward, guiding his cock into her bound, waiting hands. Her fingers quickly enveloped it, gently dancing over its taught skin with feather touches, just as he'd tormented her with his lips when she had been bound to the door.

"Touch it like Stephanie used to touch it, Lori."

Dan closed his eyes as he rocked back and forth, sliding his cock gracefully through her fingertips, fucking her hand much like he soon intended to fuck her sweet cunt. Her touch was painfully delicate, as ghostly as the kisses he'd once bathed her in. Despite that, or maybe because of it, he felt the cum quickly building in his balls and his cock. The unexpected sensation made him snap his eyes open, as he began the tormenting struggle of fighting it back, of making himself last, both for her and for him.

"Like this, Danny? Did my baby touch you like this? Did Stephanie touch you like this?"

She was looking up at him, a hungry, submissive angel, looking for acceptance and praise. He continued to gently slide his cock back and forth in her loving hands as they held each other's gaze. She was so beautiful, a perfect, cover girl face, with a wide, full, perfect mouth, now seductively parted in a posture of unconscious lust. Her sea green eyes were expressively showing her longing for him. Her straight blonde hair fell on her shoulders, with a few locks scattered helter-skelter across her face, across her eyes and the side of her nose.
For a moment, Dan let his imagination fly. He watched his cock slipping through her hands, then imagined it slipping into gorgeous Lori's precious mouth, or better yet coming then, showering her face and lips with a beautiful rain that would mark her as his forever.

The image brought Dan so close to losing control that he jerked himself away, out of her grip. Still, he relished the look of fear and panic it immediately brought to the girl's face, as her eyes darted from his cock to his eyes and back again, showing him what she wanted.

"Please, Danny, just a little more. Please?" she pleaded. Her voice had raised a few octaves above normal, exposing her excitement to him. Every word was said in a cute little girl soprano, the voice of a wanton slut.

"Please, Danny, put it in my hands. Put your hot cock in my loving hands."

* * *

Danny grinned at her, ignoring her pleas, and for maybe the first time in her entire life, Danny's smile didn't make Lori melt. Instead she grew angry, frustrated that he'd taken his cock away, like a child grown suddenly vicious when a parent takes away a favorite toy, but now she was the child, and he both the parent and the toy. She let her anger show in her voice. She strained against the black bonds that cruelly held her hands in check.

"Give it back,

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