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Comforting upset professor leads coed to love.

" I used my thumbs to apply firm pressure to the points down your spine and across your hips.

Unthinkingly, I leaned in and rotated my elbow into the point that stimulates sexual response. You shuddered and shifted uncomfortably again.

I drew back and looked at you lying there. Why were you here? You hadn't said you needed to see me. You always gave me warning that you were coming so I could make myself ready for you.

I needed you as much as you needed me.......for sex. Not for comfort. Not for the things a wife usually offers her husband but for pure unadulterated pleasure. We could best be described as offering each other a mutual masturbation service.

Shaking my head clear of the thoughts, I reached out and began again to stroke your limbs as you lay there, flat on your face on a large white towel. You sighed and made to turn over but I pushed you back.......

"No, just stay there until I tell you that you can move!" I said sharply. You grunted, a little surprised at the tone.

Resuming the massage, I began working steadily and firmly, teasingly and tantalisingly close to your balls..... your skin slick from the oil on you back, your legs, your buttocks were groaning in frustration as I wouldn't let you turn over.

As I worked my way up and down your body, I flicked your balls with my nails on the way past, eliciting another groan. You badly wanted to touch me but I wouldn't let you.....I could tell you were hard by now.......but I wouldn't allow you to do anything about it.

You pleaded with me to be allowed to move, but I wouldn't let you shift from your prone position until I had finished massaging all your back. As I neared the end of my work, I gently slid one oiled finger between your legs to stroke your balls, whilst with another I entered your were at such a high degree of readiness, you came almost immediately.

At that point, so did I.


Leaving you lying spent on the bed, I went into the bathroom and returned with some hot wet towels and proceeded to rub down your back. Finally I allowed you to turn over and applied more hot towels, one over your cock and the other over your face.

My hands, kneading into the muscles of your shoulders and neck, relaxed you further. You reached out to touch my breasts.

"No, don't touch..... just lie there!"

"I want to feel your skin on mine. I want to slip my fingers into your pussy."

"No" I would not allow you to touch whilst I was continuing my work...I wanted your massage to be a full body experience...right down to your toes!

As I worked the oil into your skin further down your body, I realised you were beginning to recover, becoming hard again under that towel. I knew that I couldn't go on much longer expecting you to hold back, so I took your hand and pulled you to your feet.

"Into the bathroom!" I announced and pushed you toward the shower with a little slap on your bottom.

The shower was running and steaming hot....I pushed you in.

"Just stand under that. I'll be there in a minute." Quickly I divested myself of my clothes and found the soap. Calling to you to turn your back, I entered the shower behind you and began to lather you up. You turned to me slowly as I continued to soap your body. Your rigid cock is standing out from your body, making it easy for me to lather up around it and to stroke the soapsuds around your balls.

I continued to refuse you the right to touch me.

Your body was finally clean and free of oil and with that, I sank to my knees and take your cock in my are so hard and aroused that you release precum at the first touch of my lips to its swollen head.

I drew back and licked the precum mingled with the steaming water from the head of your cock...slid my tongue down it's length....nipped at the base...kissed the shaft as I made my way back to it's head and take it again in my mouth.

My hands are wrapped around you.....I dug my nails into your buttocks as I pulled your cock further into my mouth.


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