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An evening out with the lads that turned into so much more.

..get it? Wants to, Wanzta?"

The proverbial light bulb came on and Shauna laughed. "And you?" she asked.

"What about me?"

"Would you like to watch Wanzta and me having sex...or maybe even participate?"

David thought about it with great determination for about three milliseconds, then grinned the proverbial shit eating grin. "Of course, I'm a guy, aren't I?" They both laughed.

On their way back to the apartment complex, Shauna realized how much fun motorcycle riding could be. She had always had a fear of going down in a motorcycle crash, but with David's trike there was little danger of that. She wanted to lean forward, wrap her arms around him and rest her head on his shoulder, but the helmet would spoil the feeling. She began to understand why most bikers hated wearing them.

David parked the trike in its usual safe location then insisted on escorting Shauna to her apartment. She wondered How do I get him inside and in my bed without coming across as a total slut? and yet a part of her didn't care. She had dreamed of this night for weeks, or was it longer? Everything about this man was so much more than she hoped for.


David's mind was in total turmoil. Was this brown skinned vision of loveliness the one he'd been searching for? Everything about her was nothing less than, perfect? He hadn't felt real love in over twenty years. And if this wasn't it, it damn sure was awful close! He wondered Does she think that I'm going to try to get into her pants tonight? God knows I'd love to. Yet, he was very determined not fuck this up! I'd like to see her again tomorrow, and the next day and so on and so on. It baffled him that he could have feelings like this for a woman he had only met a few hours ago. Was love at first sight for real? Did it really exist? Was what he felt, love? Or was he just losing his mind. It sure felt like the genuine article.


Shauna smiled shyly at David. I'm so nervous, I almost feel like a virgin on that date where she finally gives in to her lover. She quickly banished that thought from her mind. She had long ago made up her mind. Mister, she thought, you may or may not know it yet, but you're without a doubt getting laid tonight.

Shauna already had her keys out when they arrived at her apartment. She unlocked the door and opened it just bit. She turned and was about to invite David in when he spoke.

"Shauna, this is by far the most enjoyable evening I've had in quite some time...."

"David?" she said

"...And I want to do this with you again soon..."


"...So, if you're free tomorrow..."

"David?" she grabbed the front of his shirt.

"...Or, if you'd like..."

"David?" she pulled him close to her.

"Yes, Shauna?"

"Shut up, David"

She raised up on her toes, pulled his face down to her and their lips met.

It was like their own private thermo-nuclear explosion! Any thoughts or worries he had about fucking up a potential relationship, any thoughts or worries she had about coming across as a slut, vanished! Two hearts nearly exploded with emotion. Her arms wrapped around his neck. He pulled her closer to him. Everything else, everywhere ceased to exist. There were only the two of them. Nothing else mattered.

The next thing they knew, they were inside her apartment shoving the door closed, still embraced and locking it without breaking their kiss. They moved toward the living room. She managed to get his vest off without tearing it up. She was not so lucky with her satin tank top. So determined was she not to break this magical kiss, she literally ripped it from her own body, never mind that it was one of her favorites. Then she began to fumble with the buttons to his shirt while he started on the buttons on her 501s.

A moment later, David's shirt sailed across the room. Shauna's 501s lay in a puddle around her ankles revealing the tiniest pair of black panties he'd ever seen.

They finally broke the kiss breathlessly.

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