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Beth gets wet.

"Sure, such beautiful ladies will get their drinks as soon as possible."

'Wow, this evening is starting very promising,' they both thought. And then they started chatting and after a short while, it was clear that they had the same thoughts about sex with only Jake, Jessica, and Simone. No! Andre also joined them in their chat from time to time. The girls got to know that Jake and Andre were brothers. As the time passed, the discoth__que got more and more empty and finally Andre started to get ready to leave, because his work was finished for this night.

"Well beauties, what are we gonna' do? Would you like to go for a walk, or shall we escort you home?"

"Oh why don't we do both? We do not live far so we could save our money. Instead of using a cab, we'll walk home and then have coffee maybe?"

"Well I know some more things we could do other then just having coffee." Andre said mischievously.

He was looking like his brother in the same sexy way. Only the color of his hair was different. It was blonde. Together, all four went on their way, and they played together on the way. The alcohol and the fresh air did its work well. As they walked along, the girls told the boys that they would not mind a fuck -- a foursome. And that was something the boys felt cool about, because they had done that before and liked it. It was real turn on. So, they started to tickle and fool around with each other on their way to the girl's home. And then when they took the elevator to the 6th floor, they kissed each other and also the women did without the men while they kneaded their nipples till they went stiff.

Then an old lady joined them in the elevator so they had to stop. This was really hard for them. They hardly had left the elevator and the door from the apartment was just closed behind them when they started the fumbling with each other again. Hands tore at Simone's short shorts and unzipped them, while Jessica kissed her and moved in with her tongue to suck on Simone's. Jessica's skirt was shoved up by Andre and his hands dove over her red satin panties which were already wet. Moaning, she rubbed her tits on Simone's who had lost her shorts. Jake was kneeling behind her and had shoved her thong aside to lick her pussy.

She gasped and when Andre was getting between them a bit as she was kissing Jessica, she opened his pants and took his cock out. Erect and very hard, it poked forward. That was a real turn on for Jessica, so she got on her knees to suck on the object of her lust. She licked around with her tongue and her teeth teased its top a little, till he groaned. And then his hands moved down to her head and guided his cock in its moves. So, she took his prick more and more, deeper into her mouth and fucked it faster and harder. To increase the pressure, she pressed her lips together.

Jake bent over Simone and pushed his big hard cock into her hot wet pussy from behind. First, he fucked her slowly and she could feel his prick fill her out. Her clitoris was pounding and her labia were swollen. Andre went to sit on the couch and Jessica got above him and took his hard push stick and moved it into her hot, wet, ready for fun, cunt. Sounds of lust came from her lips as she fucked him hard, up and down. Simone was standing beside her so she was able to rub her friend's clitoris. Jake had changed the point of his penetration and was fucking her ass now. Doing this, he was touched her g spot very hard, so she felt her tension building.

Jessica had the wish to feel both of the cocks in her, so she turned around. Now, she was facing Andre and she begged Jake to fuck her as well. That was nothing she had to ask him twice. And so, he was getting out of Simone and moved his hard prick into Jessica's pussy. Simone got on her knees to massage the balls of both men at the same time.

Jessica begged for more movement because the feeling of both cocks in her made her wild and she felt the skin around her pussy start to twitch.

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