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After the discipline comes the forgiveness.

As I was paying the bill I asked Carrie what she wanted to do now as it was only 7:30pm and I hadn't made plans for after dinner. "Can I see your apartment? You've been there 6 months and I have still never been there." Carrie said. "Sure, let's go."

Now this was no simple task, I lived an hour away and my mind was starting to mess with me. I analyzed her comment from dinner over and over in my head as we listened to music during the car ride to my apartment. I wondered if something was finally going to happen but nah there's no way...

We got to my apartment and I got drinks for both of us as we watched tv on the coach. There was tension in the air I could feel. We started teasing each other again, I had commented on how her basketball team hadn't done too well last year and I got a "Fuck you" from her.

"You wish" I said.

"Well, it is something I have thought about recently" Carrie told me as my jaw hit the floor.

Our eyes locked, each waiting for the other to do or say something. This was definatly not like all the other times we have teased each other about this. Out of instinct I kissed her. My toungue probed her mouth as she began to kiss back. My hands strayed to her breats as I could feel her nipples harden under my touch and she let out a sigh as I pinched them ever so softly.

I asked her if she was serious about before, if she had really thought about having sex with me. I knew she was a virgin and she knew I was not. She had always asked me lots of questions as I was a few years older than her and we openly talked about what we did with whom throughout our friendship.

"I want you to be my first" she told me. I kissed her with more passion than I had ever kissed any woman before. I had hoped for this day for a long time, never really expecting it to happen and here it was. I scooped Carrie up in my arms and carried her to my bed where I laid her down gently. I looked deep into her eyes and asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She assured me that yes, she wanted me to be the one to take her virginity. She told me she had thought about this moment for a long time and there was noone she would rather share it with than me. I kissed her and grabbed a condom out of my dresser drawer and set it on the headboard abover her head.

I kissed her and slowly raised her tee shirt off of her and dropped in on the floor. I took a nipple into my mouth as my hands reached to find the button to her jeans. I sucked on her tit and swirled my tongue around her nipple as I undid her jeans and slid them down as far as I could reach in my current position. She grabbed at my shirt, ripping it over my head. She kissed me hard, her hands grabbing at my ever hardening dick through my jeans. I reached with my right hand down her stomach and slid it over her panties. My god was she hot and wet. The heat was radiating from her pussy and her panties were soaked.

"My god you're wet" I told her while she was stroking my cock slowly through my boxers after having already removed my jeans.

"I've waited for this for so long. I want you to make me a woman, I want you to fuck me hard and long. I want you to make me cum with your cock inside me"

I had never heard her talk like this and it was turning me on even more if that was even possible. I slid down the bed so I was face to face with her sopping panty covered pussy. I slowly pulled her red heart panties off and took a quick sniff of their soaked crotch and looked up at her. By instinct my toungue lept out a licked upward on her clit causing her to jerk and moan "Ohhh".

She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up. "I want you so fucking bad. I want you to fuck me NOW" Carrie pleaded. I raised up on my knees which brought my now full on 6" erection sticking out from my boxers to her face.

"Put the condom on me and I'll fuck you right now" I told her.

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