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Michael and Katie help each other.

Diana had her catch for the night, and I was ready for the challenge.

We stood, waiting at the elevators, a palpable sexual tension between us. Diana's hand strayed to my crotch, her fingers tracing the outline of my chemically enhanced erection. "Fuck, mister, I'm having some of that!" she said eagerly.

We were alone while waiting for the elevator. Our suite was on the 7th floor; finally, the bell dinged, the doors slid open and we stepped inside. Before the door was fully closed, Diana was on her knees, her fingers wrestling with my zip. I was wearing thin mesh trunks, and I could feel that they were already sticky with precum. Her hand slipped inside, pulling down my trunks and unleashing my cock. In one swift movement, her hand rolled back my foreskin and gripped me firmly at the base of my shaft. And then her lips devoured me, hungry and eager, bobbing and slurping me deep into her willing mouth.

I placed one hand on her head, feeling the rhythm of her sucking, revelling in her attention. I kept one eye on the action below, another on the elevator numbers as they ticked upwards. The danger of being caught, coupled with the exquisite sensations running through my cock, made me catch my breath. I had to lean hard against the wall as I saw Diana's cheek bulge in and out as she consumed me. Four ... five ... the elevator continued its inevitable climb. I let out a low moan, unable to contain myself. As the lights passed six, I felt Diana's lips on mine, pressing softly, giving me a taste of my own briny precum.

"Shhh, mister, that's just the appetiser" she whispered, tucking my cock back into my suit trousers.

I fumbled with my zip. In my engorged state there was no way I was getting my cock back into my trunks; I just had to conceal it as best I could until we got to our suite. Diana's lipstick was smudged across her cheek. If anyone had seen us, it would have been obvious what we'd been up to as we walked arm in arm towards our room. Diana was cool, calm, professional, yet underneath we could both feel a maelstrom of lust that was about to explode. We made it to the door, and stepped inside. As the door clicked shut behind us, time seemed to stand still, if only for two heartbeats. Our bodies were like coiled springs, ready to spring free.

My hands cupped her face, fingers spread wide across her soft cheeks. We kissed, hard, deep, tongues fighting for supremacy. Her lips pulled at mine, drawing out my lower lip, and making me tremble. My hands slid to her shoulders, then to her upper arms, holding her tight. I ran my teeth lightly across her neck, and then I kissed her throat. The heat of her body, mixed with the smell of her skin, was intoxicating. I had to consume her, all of her.

As I kissed her neck, I slipped my hands inside the bodice of her dress, filling them with the soft swell of her magnificent breasts. I'd experienced a tinge of jealousy when the barman had such a great view of her nipple, but her boldness had overcome that feeling. Cupping a breast in each hand, I moved my hands apart, peeling her dress away to reveal the soft fruit beneath. I gazed down at the pale globes filling my hands, my thumbs gently stroking the puckered brown disks surrounding her bullet hard nipples. Flushed with desire, I bent my head down and began to feast.

I squeezed and pushed her breasts together, my mouth latching onto her right nipple, suckling hard. I took her full in my mouth, cramming her in, lips sucking, tongue flicking over her aroused peak. Hungry for more, I turned my attention to her left breast, my tongue rolling up her nipple and forcing it against the back of my teeth. I gripped it between my teeth and pulled, gently at first, then harder. Diana's fingers twisted in my hair. She moaned softly as pleasure mingled with pain. My hands kneaded and squeezed, my mouth alternating between her nipples, pulling, licking, sucking, ravenous for her body.

"Fuck me, Matt! Give me your big cock!"

No man could ignore such a command from Diana.

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