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Carin is determined to find out about her sexuality.

Then she reached back into the drawer and withdrew a tube of lubricating gel and generously greased her rubber dong. She sat down on the edge of the bed, next to me, and gently stroked my hair. The monstrous cock was inches from my face.

"This has been a day of firsts for you, My Love. Your first day in your new career. Your first public appearance in your new role. And now, your first fuck. This should really make you feel like a natural woman."

She climbed over me and knelt between my spread thighs. She squeezed a generous portion of gel onto her index finger and invaded my love nest with it, lubricating me thoroughly. Then she withdrew her finger and placed the tip of her massive phallus at the entrance of my hole and, holding my hips for leverage, firmly thrust all ten inches inside me. I gave a short, shrill cry of pain and surprise. As she continued to thrust in and out, the pain gave way to intense pleasure, such as I had never known. I writhed and moaned, just as Krystal had done when I had been inside of her. Finally I went over the edge and spewed cum all over my stomach . Krystal scooped up my jism with two fingers, then pressed them between my parted lips and into my mouth.

"Lick it clean, my love. Swallow it all. That's my good girl. Soon I will have you loving the taste of cum. You are going to be a great little cocksucker."

In the nights that followed she did teach me how to suck cock, using her dildo for practice. She showed me all the little tricks to do with my lips, tongue, teeth, and fingernails to drive a man crazy. She also continued to fuck me with the dildo, gradually building up my dependence on it to achieve orgasm. And she always made me swallow every drop of my cum.

Before long, I came to prefer this style of love-making. In fact, I couldn't get enough of it. The hormones had repressed my male erections, and I was losing all interest in penetrating my lover. I found that I would much rather have Krystal's big rubber cock inside me. I was feeling more and more like a woman every day, and Krystal couldn't have been more pleased. She was increasingly turned on by my oral and receptive role in our love life. There was a special glow in her eyes when she gazed at me that told me which way our relationship was headed.

Our "anniversary" was on a Saturday, and Krystal promised me a special surprise. It began at Five o'clock when we closed the salon. Instead of rushing out the door as they usually did, the girls all gathered around me and led me to one of the chairs. As Krystal began working on my hair, each of the girls worked on a different part of me. Krystal made it clear that I was not to look at what they were doing; I was to wait until they were completely finished creating my new "look". I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sounds, smells, and feelings. I could tell that my hair was being colored and permed, that I was getting new sculptured nails, a pedicure, a new make-up job, and even eyelash implants. My damp hair was moussed and styled with a blow-dryer and styling brush, then set with hair spray.

At this point I was helped from the chair and led to the dressing room in the back. I was instructed to close my eyes and move as I was directed while they were dressing me. The sounds, smells, and sensations were sensual. I was being corsetted more tightly than I had ever been before. I detected the heady smell of fine leather and Shalimar, my signature perfume. I was pushed, turned, gathered, zipped, and stockinged. Finally, my feet were slipped into a pair of shoes that arched them higher than they had ever been before. The girls stepped back to admire their work, and oohed and ahhed appreciatively. Then Krystal turned me around and stood me before the full-length three-way mirror.

I was stunned speechless.

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