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Stephanie sneaks out and spends the night with me

In any case, I found that good erotic stories (emphasis on "good") stimulated my imagination and my body.

When did you first begin writing your own erotic literature? What prompted you to write your own?

As I recall, I was reading other people's stories and was frustrated because they didn't follow my own fantasies closely enough. I decided to write my own, and was pleased with the results. Then I started to get positive feedback on them, which made me want to write more. I have to admit, it's an ego boost to get those strokes. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I actually posted my first story when I was 17. I hope we are beyond the statute of limitations on that by now. Haha.

How do you develop the ideas for your stories? What are muses - your own life experiences, other stories that you've read, other media, random thoughts?

A few of my stories are based on actual experiences, but most are "what might have been" scenarios. They are about girls or women whom I know or have met or maybe who just caught my eye, where (usually) I was too timid or did not have the opportunity to live out my desires. The stories represent the paths I wish I had pursued. This is also why I like to write in the first person and present tense -- they represent the flow of thoughts in my mind and they make the reader fell more like they are "there".

My "Lesbian Call Girl" stories have a different sort of inspiration. They are not, of course, based on actual encounters with these celebrities, but they are based on my fantasies about them, and I try to infuse what I perceive to be their natural personalities into the story. That's why most of the women in this series are television personalities -- I have more exposure to them and can get a good feel for how they act and speak.

Do you ever collaborate on your stories with other authors, or with editors? If so, please tell us a little about your collaborative process?

I have never done any collaboration, though I've had several offers. I just don't think it is practical for me. I have trouble writing stories on my own, without adding the complication of another author. Plus, I write to spell out my own fantasies, so another person really could not help with that.

Most readers read erotica in order to be aroused, and many (hopefully!) are also looking for a good plot. How do you balance the need for plot in your stories with the "hotness" factor necessary to get attention on Literotica?

__ I feel strongly that a good, believable plot is essential for a good erotic story. The situation has to be plausible and the plot has to build up to the sex. Once that point is reached, the hotness can begin in earnest! Haha That hotness always includes detailed, explicit descriptions of oral sex and is much better because it has been enhanced by the plot. This is actually why it takes me so long to write a story -- it takes me a while to develop the plot, including all the little details that make the story believable.

Another essential component of a good erotic story is realistic dialog, written the way real people speak - partial sentences, bad grammar, slang, colloquialisms, etc.

I should add a note here about my "Lesbian Call Girl" series. In general, I don't think a lot of celebrity sex stories are very good, because they lack credibility -- e.g., "I ran into Kaley Cuoco at a bar and she came home with me to fuck!" Yeah, right. My premise, on the other hand, is a bit out there, but if you can accept the basic assumption that a girl provides professional lesbian sex services to the stars, the rest becomes quite natural. Or so I believe! haha

When you're not busy writing your own stories, what are you favorite kinds of stories to read on Literotica, and why?

I don't read many other stories anymore, though I used to.

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