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Sort of an after dinner thing." I sat quietly though my stomach was doing little lurches inside. "Cathie, why don't you kneel in front of this chair and show Emily the position you always made me assume."

I knelt in front of the chair, feeling rather self-conscious since Emily is watching. But she's sitting there with round eyes saying nothing.

I laid the top part of my body on the seat of the chair. He lifted up my skirt, pulled down the white panties and Whack! It was loud and made me jump. He whacked and whacked my ass for a long time. I was crying openly by then and Derek was saying; "Now that's what happens when you don't stay completely honest and a well-behaved girl."

During all this time, Emily was just sitting on the couch next to Derek quietly watching. After my spanking, I adjusted my clothes and sat gingerly on the chair next to the couch. All of a sudden, she started talking.

"I thought you loved me,Derek."

"I do, Sweetheart."

"Well she should be the one to do all the cooking and cleaning and housework. But I wanna be your love slave."

"Emily, I love you with all my heart, but I can't bring myself to hurt you."

"It won't be hurting me, I'm asking for it. If she can take it, I can take it more. I love you more!" There is no arguing with that. At this point, I got up and went upstairs to get ready for bed. They came upstairs soon and Derek called out, "Cathie, will you help me?"

Well, I wasn't sure what he wanted help with, but I came into the big bedroom and said, "With what?"

"I think we both need to teach Emily a lesson." She had taken off her clothes and was sitting on the bed with that defiant 'I'll show them' look. Derek told her to lie on her stomach in the middle of the bed.

I had some twine with which he tied her wrists together and then to the headboard, and then tied her ankles to the foot board, replacing the covers over the bottom portion of her legs. I was on her right and Derek on her left. He knelt at her side and held a belt in his hand. Her face was turned toward me and I gently smoothed her hair back from the side of her face.

"Now, remember, I want to really be punished so don't feel sorry for me, Derek." Without another word, Smack! He just started beating her translucent ass with the belt. He didn't hurry, or lose control, but just kept up a methodical, regular cadence. He paused after doing this for several swats, and asked if she's had enough, and she said, "No, I want you to really punish me bad. It won't be good until you make me cry." So he resumed, and this time, this spanking went on and on. I had been kind of stroking her hair back from her face. Soon, she was crying to the side of me, and looked so pitiful, but I guess Derek aimed to teach her a lesson.

Well, I think I would've felt sorry for her and stopped a lot sooner, but he just kept it up, being sure to cover her whole ass, as well as the back of her thighs. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally stopped, and she just lay there sobbing and crying. Derek put the belt back onto the nightstand and I got up to get some lotion.

I spread lotion all over her hot welted bottom and then Derek started massaging it as well. He opened my nightstand drawer, knowing all the things I keep in there. He chose a long, thin, glass tube that cigars come in, and coated it with lotion. He used the lotion I already had on her bottom, and began lubricating her ass hole. It was very pink and tight, and I knew nothing had ever entered that place before. She'd just about stopped crying by now, was just hiccuping, and moaning as he entered that little hole with his finger.

Soon, he was slowly, but firmly pushing the glass tube up inside her. She lay there pretty quietly for quite some time. "Are you sure you want to be my love slave, Emily?"

"Yes, More than She does!" Derek and I looked at each other across her back and smiled. "All right, if you're sure." At that moment, I could read Derek's mind: we can have a lot of fun with her.

"This feels funny, I don't think I like it.

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