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Susie surprises Dave at the hospital.

that you're not coming now?"

"Oh, I, I'm sure, oh, hah, oh, ooh, Greg, quick there's more, hah, get it, oh, hah!"

Greg retrieved condoms and lube from his night-stand cabinet when Matthew gently lifted his head, unrolled a condom onto Matthew's cock then lubed it and his butt hole. He quickly assumed the doggie position.

"Fuck me, Matt, give me that bad boy!"

"Let me finger and taste you first," said Matthew lubing his fingers while slowly inserting them and moving them around, sliding them in and out then withdrew. Greg's cherry red butt hole was so pretty, he licked and sucked it while pausing in between to admire it. Matthew told Greg to assume the missionary position, "Listen Greg, as I enter you, please remember to inhale! I'll go slow, you're really tight." Matthew grabbed his four inch dickhead and slowly pushed into Greg's butt hole as Greg inhaled. Greg's face became strained and continued breathing deeply as Matthew advanced separating the gate of his love tunnel,

"Oh, ooh, hah, this is just my dickhead!'

"Oh God!"

"Inhale and I'll enter you more," panted Matthew who inserted three more inches then paused. "Give me a couple of cleansing breaths!"

Greg inhaled as Matthew pushed his last few inches into Greg's tight butt hole,

"I'm all in, Greg!" panted Matthew leaning over to kiss Greg.

"Oh, fuck, I have all of you, oh fuck it hurts and burns."

"Just keep breathing and it'll feel better," said Matthew compassionately kissing Greg on the lips.

"Fuck me Matthew, I want you!"

"Another cleansing breath and I'll start," said Matthew. Matthew kissed him again began thrusting into him.

"Oh fuck yeah, oh, hah, ooh, oh that's it, oh my fucking ass is splitting open, oh you're good, Matt, real good," panted Greg. Matthew paused to tongue kiss Greg, he then withdrew a little then plunged in, repeating it as Greg begged for more.

"Take my monster, oh yeah, oh how I love plunging into you, oh here, again, one more, then I'll continue banging the fucking crap out of you!"

"Oh yeah, bang me, oh harder, harder, oh fuck yeah, oh yeah, ooh that's it, oh, ooh, more, ooh, hah, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh fuck yeah!"

"Did anyone ever tell you how cute and sexy you sound while you're being fucked, it's so fucking precious Greg!"

"My Muffin, eh, Carl, used to say the same thing."

"Oh, hah, ooh, oh God Greg, oh, I'm almost there, oh, oh, hah, ah, ooh, ooh, hah," panted Matthew ripping off the condom and volleying five heavy creamy strands onto Greg's abdomen. Matthew collapsed on his back panting, his entire body was convulsing electrified by his climax, he was unable to touch his cock that was still oozing cum onto his stomach. Every time he tried to grab it another jolt emanated leaving him breathless, unable to move.

"Oh my God Matthew, are you okay?"

"Oh, hah, ooh, hah, ooh," panted Matthew nodding yes while grasping Greg's hand firmly reassuring him. Matthew took his still erect cock and stroked the last several rounds of cum with his body jerking from utter excitement and began taking cleansing breaths until he calmed down and his cock became limp. "Oh, oh, oh, Greg that hasn't happened since I last fucked Steven!"
"You still love him, you mentioned that."

"I need to tell you, even though I fucked you, I, I still saw Steven's sweet face."

"I understand, I have the memory of Carl with me too," said Greg scooping Matthew's cum off his abdomen with his fingers and lapping it up, "Good-tasting cum Matthew, it's like custard!"

"Enjoy it, thanks!" Matthew was finally able to sit up and proceeded to bend over and stroke his cock and suck the remaining droplets of his cum from his gaping slit.

"Oh my God, Matthew, I wish I could fucking do that, I'm so jealous of you right now." Greg was stroking his cock while watching Matthew clean his cock which further aroused him.

"You look so incredibly adorable and sexy, Matt, I want to fuck you!"

"Greg, give me a few," said Matthew as he squeezed his balls slightly sucking the last juices flowing from his slit.

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