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An explosive first encounter.

Kentin had a weapon too, Misty's dirk, though he held it shakily. She looked at the weapon longingly, but knew against the dwarfs it would be just as useless in her hands. No, she just needed to get rid of him, the idea of him getting killed on her behalf would be enough to break her resolve to protect Roaji.

"Kentin," she hissed, "get out of here! You can't help!"

The preacher's son ignored her and addressed Yenix, "You are operating outside of your jurisdiction, Ambassador," his voice was unsteady as his sword grip, but he carried on, "You have not followed the correct protocol and therefore cannot hold a human captive."

That actually flustered the waxy dwarf, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me correctly, sir. Blood Hunter law prevents you from laying hands on a human without three of the five local authorities granting you prior permission."

Misty could not stop hiccupping a laugh; Kentin was right. The Lord and head of the constabulary were away on the back lines of the border war, leaving only the church, council and dwarf liaison in power. Even though she was certain that Kentin's father and the angry mothers on the council would have certainly signed her death warrant; because Hen had fought the hunters they did not have a majority upon which to act. In a show of confidence that she wished she actually felt, Misty went to stand beside the boy.

Kentin's eyes went to the cut on her throat and dried blood down her front, "Are you alright?"

She gave him a little smile "Well I'm not dead. How did you find me?"

He scrupled, "I've... been busy. I'm going to try to get us out of here ok?"

The girl nodded, though after a quick appraisal of the dwarfs she knew they were not safe yet. Verity and Hidriht had brought their weapons back to the ready and Yenix was scowling furiously at the two humans.

Kentin must have sensed the same, as he spoke hurriedly, "Seeing as you have no rule here, I will return her to a cell. Farewell."

Misty did not like the sound of the cell bit, but she trusted the boy enough to play along and let herself be pulled away.

They did not make it a single step before the ambassador called, "Halt. This scenario is not as clear cut as you would have make it out and I feel you possess full knowledge of said fact."

The preacher's son tensed and Misty swore to herself; it could not have been that easy could it? She reached for Kentin's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. As much as she just wanted to tell the dwarfs to sit on her finger and spin her best chance was to allow the linguistic joust to continue without her direct involvement.

She still had to nudge him to continue, however as the handholding was making him idiotically blush, "Then you have me at a disadvantage, sir," Kentin squeaked before finding his voice again, "Please clarify your meaning."

"I speak of your dwarf liaison. His judgement has been impaired and is therefore of no validity, thus we retain the majority of the present authority."

"Our dwarf liaison is more of a-" the boy growled in an ultra-rare demonstration of anger before having to stop himself. As close as Misty was to Hen, she knew that he was closer. In fact it had been a prepubescent Kentin, desperate for knowledge; that had changed the former dourly reclusive dwarf into the kind hearted cr__che running dwarf she knew today. He started again, "That still does not bring you into the majority. If you report having no confidence in our liaison, then you must also await his trial before presuming upon a replacements decision."

"You are beginning to try me, boy."

"I should hope so."

Misty decided she had never been as proud of anyone as she was of Kentin at that moment. While she had been sure of the ambassador's bullshit from the moment he opened his mouth, she was not equipped to call him on it.

Yenix was clearly losing patience and could see his struggle to retain his veneer, "We have reason to believe that the orc we hunt has magical talent and is thus a special case with special circumstances.

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