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Badly beaten man must drink the caveman's cum to survive.

"What the fuck." he suddenly called out, "get this top off, I want to see!"

Mr. Small took off the scarf around my wrist pulled my top off and undid my bra so I was left standing there in high heel and my skirt up around my waist, I reached up and pulled the blindfold off and rubbed my breasts from the pain when the bra was pulled off. They both just stared for a few seconds at my nipple rings as if they had never seen them before, perhaps they had not. Definitely large breast men, I though, as they grabbed one each and licked, pulled, sucked and twisted to their hearts content. As I lapped up every touch.

"Enough," I said after a few minutes, feeling battered and bruised, I suggested we all had a drink. I could feel that I was getting more in control and went to refrigerator and pulled out a few beers and the lads sat back at the table drinking but still staring at me as I walked about the room picking up my tattered panties, top and bra and stashing them in a cupboard. Mr. Little turned his chair away from the table and ordered me too kneel on the floor in front of him while he unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out, he grabbed me by the hair and forced my face down towards his crotch I grabbed his cock in my hand and immediately though Mr. Little was not the right name for him. It was not so much the length but the width of the thing, I could hardly get my hand around it.

I licked his cock from end to end and circled the head with my tongue tantalizing every inch of him as he got harder and harder I gradually took more and more in my mouth, and squeezed his balls at the same time, he had a tight grip on my head with his hand and was forcing the pace as he tried to get every inch into my mouth pulling my head on too him, I could hear his breathing getting more rapid as he got near to his climax, I tried to ease off a bit by slowing down but he was having none of that and thrust his hips forward and blasted his cum down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but it was still gushing down me, he let go of my head, looked at me and smiled as his cum was dripping out of my mouth and down on my chest, I just smiled back at him and rubbed his cum into my breast as he leaned back in the chair sated, I leaned in and cleaned his wilting cock with my mouth and at the same time noticed out of the corner of my eye Mr. Big dropping his trouser for more of the same I thought. He had other ideas.

Grabbing my arms he lifted me clear up in his arm and placed me lengthways on the table with my arse on the edge and my knees up in the air with my feet on the edge, then with the chair put back between my legs he sat down again with his face at perfect pussy height, put my legs over his shoulders, running his tongue along my inner thigh and biting me quite gently, pausing to lick my labia lips in a circular motion and then straight to feasting on my pussy with his tongue delving deep and hard, as soon as his tongue flicked my clit, and he was sucking it so hard, I had my first orgasm in his face , I was so wet his face must have been drenched..

"More," I shouted out and circled his head with my legs pulling his head tighter into my pussy.

"Fuck you," he called out as he pulled back eventually, "I can hardly breathe."

"Well fuck me now then," I shouted back.


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