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Lara gets surprise from her soon-to-be brother-in-law.


"Actually Joyce, I think we do need to talk. I was wondering when would be a good time for me to stop by? Whenever is best for you."

"Anytime is fine with me. Now? Tonight? Anytime is good with me. I'm not working for a while. I've been here at home just waiting for you to call."

"Has Ron been there with you? Are the two of you still a thing?"

"Ron has never been here at the house. Except for that night you made him leave. And we're not a thing. That was my mistake and I'm sorry for that."

"Fine. I just don't want to run into any of your lovers when I stop by. How about tonight? Can you have your parents take the kids tonight?"

"Of course. About six? I could fix dinner."

"How about seven and don't fix dinner."

"OK, that's fine. Seven o'clock then."

I hung up, sat down on my bed and let the tears fall. Regardless of what she did, I loved her and that was not so easy to turn off. It couldn't be ended that easily.

When I arrived right at seven, she was waiting. The door opened even before I reached for it. She was standing there, looking a little frightened and nervous. She stood back and I entered. I walked into the kitchen and took a chair at the table. Joyce followed me in, walked over to the counter and fixed us coffee, mine plain with a touch of sugar, hers white. She set the cup in front of me and than sat down opposite me.

I noticed that she wasn't handling things very well. She looked tired, her hair brushed but without that luster it usually had. Her face was swollen and puffy: probably from crying. Sadly, I felt very little as I looked at her. I decided to start and then let the conversation go where it would.

"I've contacted Saul on the divorce. He has worked up some preliminary figures we should go over. I'd like to send them to your lawyer first though."

"No Russell! I don't want a divorce! I love you and I admit I made a big mistake. I'm sorry Russ, but don't let that mistake ruin our lives and our marriage!"

"I saw your mistake. That was no mistake! You initiated that kiss and from the looks of it, you were just finishing an active evening together. That was no mistake! You promised to get even with me and you used him to do it. I told you when I left what would happen. You told Eileen to tell me 'you were going to do whatever you wanted to and for me to learn to live with it'."

"I didn't do what you think I did. I was just angry with you and I wanted to teach you a lesson. I have been furious with you for what you did and I wanted to get even, but it went too far. I'm sorry! All that happened was the kiss. I didn't do anything else. Not what you think! Nothing more."

"I don't believe you Joyce. You had plans and I interrupted them, but after I left, you decided to go ahead and you called him. You 'got even', just like you promised, and now I'm doing exactly what I promised you I would do."

"No Russell, no! I'm sorry! I forgive you! We have to move past this for the sake of the kids. They don't deserve to pay for my foolishness. You were right: I have to forgive you and move on. I do, I forgive you. Please, drop the divorce and come home. Please!"

I watched her and I saw that she was frightened but I didn't believe her about her time with Ron Mason. Joyce was not the forgive and forget type. If she promised to get even, she got even. I saw some of it but not what really happened. I had my suspicions but no facts. And I had started this all with my foolishness, so, what should I do? I had to have time to find out what really happened.

"All right Joyce. Let me think about this. I'm not sure I believe you but I did start it. I'll tell Saul to hold up on the divorce while you and I try to work this out."

"Thank you Russ. You won't be sorry. We can work through this and get back to where we were. Come home now. Please?"

"Not tonight.

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