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A lonely lady meets a submissive man.

She slowly unbuttons your top, her lips brushing you neck and shoulders as she peels back your collar. I stand behind you and help her undress you, lifting your top off your shoulders and letting it drop to the floor, then helping her with your bra all the time her hands are running over your newly exposed skin, feeling you and touching you softly. I undo the catch to your bra and she lifts it off your shoulders, immediately lowering her head to your pert little tits. Your nipples respond immediately as you feel her warm lips fasten onto your sensitive flesh. You look down to see her sucking you, moaning as her teeth nip your hard puckered nipple and my teeth gently bite your exposed neck and shoulder.

She sinks to her knees in front of sliding your trousers over your hips and letting them collapse in a pile around your ankles. Then she hooks her fingers into the waist of your pants and slips them down. You feel material slide over your skin as she exposes the soft curls of your beautiful little cunt. Your knickers cling wetly to your damp sex briefly before sliding down to join your trousers on the floor. She looks up at you, her face inches from your plump mound and tells you that you have a beautiful body. You know that she can smell your excitement, the thought exciting you and making you want her to bury her face between your thighs and pleasure your aching sex.

Rather than touching you she stands and with a hand on your stomach she gently pushes you back towards a blanket covered couch at the back of the small room. The couch touches the back of your legs and you sink down onto it. She takes a step back and watching your face she slowly takes of her skimpy lace underwear Her ripe tits spill from the cups of her bra as she drops it to the floor, your eyes fixed on her dark pink nipples as she teases then into hard points with her fingers. Still looking into your eyes she slides her knickers down over her hips and thighs, exposing her dark neatly trimmed bush to you. Slowly and provocatively she slides her fingers between her legs and runs them along the moist groove of her sex, letting you see her fingers teasing her clit.

You lie back on the couch she walks towards you and kneels in front of you gently pushing your knees apart. Coyly you let her open your legs watching her face as she exposes your pouting sex. Her fingers brush your damp curls lightly feeling wonderful on your sensitive skin. You feel her touching your swollen lips teasing them apart to find the wetness inside you. Her experienced fingers know exactly how to touch you, making you gasp with pleasure as she finds your clit and brushes it gently.

You look down along your own body as her head drops and her face starts to sink between your thighs. As I watch I kick off my shoes and drop my trousers and pants to the floor. My cock is as hard as iron, throbbing with pleasure and moist at the end where musky juice is bubbling from the tip. You see my cock spring out of my pants and smile at me, reaching out to touch it. Your cool hand taking hold of my cock and then using it to gently pull me towards you.

You moan loudly and squeeze my cock hard as the girl's tongue brushes your aching cunt. You feel it touching you wetly and running over your sensitive lips, separating them to find your clit. Opening your legs wider for her you pull my cock towards your mouth sucking it in greedily and tasting my musky juice on your tongue. She spreads the delicate lips of your beautiful cunt wide apart and runs her tongue up and down your open cleft, lapping at your wetness like a cat, her warm tongue running up from your creamy hole to your clit and back down again while your own tongue runs around the head of my throbbing cock and your hands cup my swollen balls.

She lies down on the couch, her head hanging over the edge towards me.

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