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But she was beautiful, with the long black hair, and Bill simply went up to her and said "What is your name, little one?" She looked up at him shyly from beneath her bangs and softly said: "missy."

Missy had always been pretty and smart, but those were not necessarily good things in the small town in rural Thailand where she was raised. Life was very predictable and boring for her. Her parents were very traditional, particularly her father, who had strong views about the roles of the man and the woman in the house. He ruled with a firm hand, and Missy's mother had long ago given in to the strong will of her husband. Most relationships in the town, and throughout rural Thailand, were similar, and those traditional male-dominated attitudes were Missy's role models growing up. As a young girl she was disciplined by her father on a regular basis when she did something wrong. He had a wooden paddle he would use, making her bend over and pull down her panties. Although she was a good Asian girl, very obedient and respectful of her parents, her father always seemed to find fault with her and order her to "Bring the paddle." The spankings continued through her teen years, indeed up until the very day she got married after just turning 18, the legal age for marriage in Thailand.

Jintao was 26, a village boy who lived nearby. Missy never really liked him and thought him crude and uncultured. His parents were friends of her parents, and he had just gotten a good job in a suburb of Bangkok. And she had to admit he was handsome in a rough, craggy way, and did have a very muscular, strong body. But she didn't like him or the way he treated her, always with disdain and dismissal, like she had no worth as a person. But he did stare at her and try to get near her, and when he did he always tried to kiss and hug her, without even talking! And while she didn't like it, she found herself getting wet. He did have a strong body. Several times she felt his hard cock rubbing against her leg, and in her private moments before bed she began to wonder what his penis was like. As a virgin who had almost never even kissed a boy, she knew almost nothing about men and sex, but now she was having strong sexual thoughts at night.

One day her father and mother called her in to their bedroom and made her kneel on a pillow. With her eyes lowered submissively, Missy listened as her father spoke for a long time about the importance of family and tradition. He finally said that he had arranged for her to be married to Jintao. The decision had been made. Her heart sunk but she knew that she had no choice in the matter, and dutifully said "Yes, Father," although inside she was nervous and had many misgivings.

Early on the morning of her wedding day her father called her into his bedroom again, made her kneel on the pillow and told her that while he loved her and wanted her to be happy, he was still displeased that she was leaving his home (even though he had arranged it!). Who would do all her chores now? For the last time she heard the dreaded words "Bring the paddle!" and in that quiet morning hour he made her strip naked, looking every inch the shy, vulnerable 18-year-old girl she was. He took her over his knee and spanked her ass very hard, for a long, long time. How much it hurt!! And afterwards her father made her kiss the paddle and thank him.

"Thank you, Father, for spanking me."

Later, in her pretty white wedding dress, only Missy and her father knew that her hot little ass was red and sore beneath her panties.

And so Jintao and Missy were married in the village church in a traditional Thai ceremony. That night in the honeymoon suite, Jintau fucked Missy for the first time, taking her virginity from behind with his rock-hard cock as she knelt below him. Luckily the lights were low and he did not notice how red her little ass was!

And thus little Missy was passed from abusive father to dominant husband.

A week later they moved to Bangkok.

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