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They were only welcoming newcomers.

I realized it was coming from Cindi's room, where the door was slightly ajar, and I could not resist taking a look to see what was going on.

When I peered through the crack, I could see the large monitor of Cindi's computer, and clearly, there was a porn video playing on it! Shocked, I pushed the door open a little wider, only to see her sitting at the desk, her head down on her arms as though sleeping. She was wearing a long, T-shirt style nightie. Then I saw, from the reflected glow of the monitor, her panties resting on the floor, still around one ankle. This really made no sense to me; it was totally unlike the quiet, reserved Cindi I knew. She never even had a boy friend, though she did go on an occasional date. She had been a skinny kid in high school, but recently had blossomed into a curvy young lady with a nice figure. I always figured it was only a matter of time till some guy grabbed her. I admit I felt a little jealous about that, although, of course, I wanted the best for her.

I was conflicted about what to do, but I was concerned for her, and finally, said softly, "Cin, you ok?" I thought I saw her jump slightly, but for a moment she didn't really move.

Finally, she looked up at me and said, "I'm fine, go to bed!" I was aghast! Her face looked like she had been crying, bawling!

Forgetting I was in my briefs, I ran into the room and knelt down by her, cradling her head and wiping her face. Gently I said, "Oh sis, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," she replied, "there was just a really emotional scene in the video." When I looked at the screen there was a guy pounding his cock into a young woman's ass. Emotional seemed very unlikely, and I recognized the web site as hard core porn. I had considered joining it after my divorce.

I said to her, "That's a subscription site, how did you get that on here?"

She replied, "I belong to it, it's as close as I'll ever get to real sex." She started to sniffle again. I felt a little subconscious, looking at and talking about a porn site with my little sister, but my protective instinct overcame that feeling.

"Oh baby," I said, "you have grown into a beautiful young lady, one I'm proud to call my sister. You will have guys salivating, falling all over you. I wrapped my arms gently around her, cradling her.

"None I'm interested in," she said quietly. I felt her hands grasp my arms, seemingly needing me for support. I leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead. When I did that, she wrapped her arms around me and pressed herself against me, hard enough that I could feel her body through the nightie. "Thanks for being my big brother," she said, "you're the greatest!" I could see she felt a little better, and when I smiled at her, she smiled back at me.

I was about to leave and wish her good night, but she said, softly and rather haltingly, "If you like watching this stuff , maybe you could watch with me sometime."
I didn't know what to say. On one hand, I certainly did like porn if it was well done, finding it very exciting. But usually, it ended up leading to self-gratification, and I certainly wouldn't do that with my sister. It was far less likely she would do it with me around. On the other hand, I doubted she would have been that bold if she didn't want me to be with her. "If that's really what you want, I'd love to sometime," I said, adding, "guess you want to see me wiggle and squirm.

She laughed at that, and said, "You might be surprised who wiggles and squirms!"

I had no idea how to take that, but I suddenly felt a tingle where I shouldn't have, with my sister. I figured I had better get out of there, now that I knew she was ok. I gave her another little kiss and stood, suddenly realizing I was still in my briefs, and realizing, it was more than a little tingle. She stared right at me, but didn't say anything, and I quickly turned and said over my shoulder, "Night sis, sleep tight," and fled the room as quickly as possible.

I threw myself on my bed and stared into the darkness.

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