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We fulfill a fantasy in Amsterdam.


Cindy looked at her sister and then me, smiling and teasingly looking around the bar, she agreed,"Yeah, ya know, I'm not seeing anymore hotties in here, I think we're all just fine right here." "OK then." I replied with smile.

We ended up dancing, drinking, and partying into the night having a great time. Lots of flirty dancing, even a couple surprise kisses, pecks on the lips really. Many times, all three of us went out on the dance floor. They ended up telling me they were planning on getting a hotel room themselves, but came straight to the bar first, and were going to worry about it later.

I told them I was staying at the Monte V a couple blocks down, and suggested they come back with me "They're bound to have a room for you there." Deep in the back of my mind, I hoped that would just fall through, and we'd just finish the party in my suite.

At that moment, I had no idea of the night we would eventually have.

Around 1 o'clock we had created one hell of a drunken buzz, and we headed out the door, laughing and joking all the way back to the Monte V.

We walked in the hotel, and I whispered in Cindy's "I'm gonna get some booze from the bar, let's go get high in my room." I winked at her, as she giggled and whispered in her sister's ear.

A couple moments later we were headed to my room. I figured I would get them high, and they might forget all about getting their own room. When we arrived at the room, we went inside and as they complemented on the room, I turned on some music, rock/ pop I think it was. We opened some beer and started getting high; they just kind of, strolled around the room checking it out.

Jo Ellen spun around and questioned in a sexy little voice" Now, what are you going to do with a big ol' bed like that all by yourself?" I wasn't sure exactly what was about to happen, but I knew I didn't need a second invite like that.

I walked over and ran my fingers into the back of her beautiful black hair and whispered "Share it of course." I pressed my lips against hers, and slipped my tongue into her wanting, wet mouth.

My other hand I put on her hip and started moving it up to her tits. Holy shit I thought, I'm lip locked with Jo Ellen, is this really happening? While massaging her tit, I moved my lips down to her neck, kissing and sliding my tongue across it, her flesh tasted exquisite. She let out a heavy breath as her hands moved to my chest and the back of my head.

That's when I felt a hand grope my cock, which was already getting hard at this point. I pulled my head back from Jo Ellen's neck to see Cindy with a handful of my cock. Moving her other hand around my waist to feel up my ass, as she moved closer, I planted the same lustful kiss on her. I lowered my hand from Jo Ellen's hair to fondle her heart shaped ass, and the other hand I moved over to Cindy's hips, and then to her hot round little ass. As Cindy stroked my cock through my jeans, Jo Ellen started working on unbuttoning my shirt. They both had dressed on, Jo Ellen's a long Southwestern styled frilly dress, and Cindy was wearing thigh length, thin modern skirt.

I moved both my hands to Jo Ellen's dress and undid her belt, after that her dress seemed to just fall to the floor. I felt my pants come undone, and looked down to see Cindy pulling my jeans down. She continued to massage my cock through my underwear as I kicked my shoes aside. Jo Ellen had started to unbutton her blouse. I looked down to see that she was wearing a tiny, black lacey thong, revealing these gorgeous hips and tone legs, unblemished and sexy as hell. She had one of those clip in front bras on, I unclipped it to see two incredible 36C tits come free and into the open.

My mind was racing, I had had kind of a threesome in Jr. High School, but it was awkward, we didn't even do it all together, I had sex with them one at a time. I was going to do this right. I may not ever get a chance like this again.

Kissing Jo Ellen, and massaging her spectacular tits, I felt Cindy standing up from my great coc

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