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My entry into the April Fools Contest

"Wow, look at her. She looks so sexy with just a towel around her body." Imran wrapped his hand around Priyanka's waist and pulled her closer to him. Priyanka smiled and willingly went into his arms. She wrapped her arms around Imran's neck and kissed him. As they continued to kiss, Imran slowly caressed her lovely arms. Imran slowly removed the chop tying Priyanka's hair and then loosened it up a bit. They broke the kiss.

"You look very sexy with your hair open." Priyanka ran her hand through her hair and then placed it on one side of her shoulder.

"Thanks." She said coyly. She smiled at him and then slowly turned around so that she was facing he r husband now. Imran wrapped his hands around Priyanka's waist and rested them on her stomach. Then he slowly caressed her arm and as he did so, kissed her neck. Priyanka smiled and then closed her eyes.

"Oh Imran, it feels so good." She sighed as Imran continued to shower her neck with kisses. Imran was kissing her neck as caressed his big hands.

"So Darling, are you happy now?" Priyanka looked at her husband and smiled at him. Aniket was wearing just a towel around his waist and even now his cock was making a tent in it. But the answer came from Imran.

"Of course he is happy honey. Look at his crotch." Imran turned her face a bit and kissed her once again full on the lips. Priyanka broke the kiss and then once again looked at her husband's crotch.

"Boy, I have never seen it get up so quickly before, not even when I am naked before him." Both Imran and Priyanka laughed at this. Aniket also smiled weakly.

"Want to start the shower baby?" Imran asked Priyanka and she just nodded.

"Why don't you start the shower, Aniket?" Imran pointed towards the shower knob. Aniket turned around to see the knob and then turned it slowly. Priyanka shivered in Imran's arms for a moment as cold water poured from the shower.

"Don't worry baby, it will warm up in a minute." Imran once again kissed her neck. The water started to warm up immediately and Priyanka felt comfortable. Imran removed her towel and threw it aside on a stool outside the shower. The warm water was falling over their bodies. Priyanka's hair was wet now and she slowly turned around to face Imran.

Imran slowly caressed Priyanka's lovely full tits with both his hands and then firmly grasped them.

"Boy Aniket, you are one lucky man. Your wife has the loveliest pair of tits that I ever seen in my life." Priyanka hit him playfully on the chest.

"Hey why are you praising my tits to my husband? Praise it to me honey." Imran slowly raised her a bit so that her breasts were hanging right in front of his mouth. Then he slowly took her right breast in his mouth and sucked on it. Priyanka placed her hand behind Imran's neck and then slowly moaned.

"Oh Imran, now I like that method of praising very much." She caressed Imran's naked back as he sucked on her tits.

"Why don't you join us and treat yourself to my other tit jaan? You would like it, wont you?" Priyanka extended her hand outside shower and Aniket reached for it. He slowly moved to the other side and then planted his mouth on the second tit of his wife. Both Imran and Aniket continued to suck on her breasts as Priyanka squirmed in delight. She caressed Imran's hair with her hands as she moaned with pleasure.

Warm water was falling over their bodies and they were all completely wet now. Priyanka once again hit on Imran's back as she squealed.

"Are you forgetting that we are here for a shower?" Imran looked up and then smiled.

"We are having a shower baby." He slowly put her down as Aniket also removed his mouth from her tit. Imran slowly turned her around so that her back was facing Aniket. He pointed to a cabinet and then spoke to Aniket.

"Hey Aniket, will you open that cabinet? There is some soap in it.

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