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Unexpected tryst with mother-in-law.

" She peeked her head around the corner to see him sitting in bed with a silly grin on his face.

"Guilty!" he said, laughing.

She ran naked across the room and leapt onto the bed. "You rat! What sort of way is that to receive your long lost lover!" She kissed him, holding his face in her hands. "Lemme under those covers with you, I'm freezing out here." He pulled back the duvet and let her crawl in beside her. They both felt an immediate sense of comfort being next to each other again, and they just lay there kissing for a few moments.

He started to ask her about her trip from her school, but she shushed him. "Can we just lay here and quietly play for a bit? I'm pretty tired from the drive back." She kissed him again and eased her body up onto his as he lay down into the bed, her legs to either side. With her head next to his, her body was only long enough for her pelvis to reach his abdomen. His hands caressed her back softly from the center of her shoulders to the tops of her thighs, taking the time to cup her tiny bottom and tickle her between her cheeks. She could feel the tip of his erect penis against her thighs, just brushing her pussy. It was an incredible tease for both of them, and served as wonderfully erotic foreplay. She just kissed him for a time, rocking her hips back and forth, tempting his dick and making herself ache. She got herself so wet doing this that his dick was able to slip right in when she positioned herself just right, and soon she was easing herself down onto him.

"Oh, sweetie, I missed you," he breathed out as he felt her enveloping him. He tried to push himself in further by lifting his hips.

"Shhhh," she said, pulling away from his prodding cock. "Let me do it, please. Be a good boy, and I'll tell you a nice story later on." He acquiesced, and let her resume her slow mount. She kissed him passionately while bringing him up deeper inside at a heartbreakingly slow pace. Only half way in and he felt himself firm up like he was going to cum. Noticing this she stopped to look at him and smiled, which only made him harder still. It had been three months now, and he was thinking he might not have the control she was counting on.
For her own part she was fighting the same fight. She'd just spent the bulk of her four-hour drive thinking of nothing but this, and had already had to pop herself in the car twice to stay calm. Now her kitty was finally where she wanted to be, and wasn't really taking no for an answer the way her brain was telling her to. She eased down further, three quarters in, already pressing to her full depth. Her hips were beginning to oscillate on their own, up and down, and side to side like an impatient child, and she felt as if she'd never been as wet as she was now. When she finally bottomed out at the base of his cock it was if they had both just crossed the finish line, and all control pretty much went out the window. They both let out great moans of relief and complete arousal.

He grabbed her ass hard and jammed his cock further into her holding her all the way in to the limit as he struggled to contain the cum yearning to burst. It made him rock hard, and the combination of that, his depth, and his forceful grip sent Dee surging towards an orgasm. She ground her pussy into his pubic bone, her hips involuntarily pulsing against him. Finally able to stand it any longer she gave up and started to bounce on his cock, fighting against the strength of his grip to do so.

"Oh shit, fuck it!" she yelled.

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