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Alex and Grace's connection grows to another level.

She was wet from sucking his cock.

Carlos shuffled between her legs. He couldn't get enough of looking at the prim and proper mature English woman's pussy. The sparse black bush interspersed with grey didn't cover her swollen, puffy lips or her wet pink labia which protruded from inside. Carlos took his weight on his arms which he put to either side of Judith's prone body, impatiently he lined his huge eager cock with the gorgeous pink folds.

He already knew how they were going to hold him, grip him and squeeze him so tightly.

Judith gasped and took a small intake of breath as she felt her abuser's big length touch her delicate folds and involuntarily exhaled again as he slid into her tight pussy. The hard flesh made her outer lips bulge and spread, her labia stretched and gripped him and her soft folds yielded to him. Carlos took his time, he pushed his entire length into Judith and slowly pulled out until his cock almost fell from her. Her tight labia was the only thing that held him, before he pushed slowly back into her, giving Judith the most incredible feeling of fullness.

As Carlos fucked her he was suddenly surprised by her. Just as Judith had lost focus while she sucked the old man's cock and pretty much forgot herself, so she did again. Without being aware of her actions she simply raised her hands from the bed and held Carlos's arms as he held himself above her. After a little while longer that unconscious and inadvertent act slowly changed.

Without realising it, she was slowly running her hands up and down his arms, not by much, only a few inches, but the act was one that Judith would have performed with David and unwittingly she did the same now. As Carlos continued to ease her soft, tight pussy apart with his cock he suddenly sensed another change in Judith. As he felt her hands moving along his arms he noticed that she was becoming restless beneath him and he knew damn well why. Her unrest was becoming more and more evident as she squirmed on his relentless cock and Carlos knew that the shy, reluctant, mature married woman was fighting desperately to take no pleasure from this.

She was losing the battle, she was going to cum.

Carlos wasn't the only one with that realisation. Judith had been trying to fight off the wonderful sensation of the huge penis totally filling her and caressing her intimate depths deep, deep inside her. She couldn't have stopped her orgasm even if she had tried but feeling beaten and weary of the fight, she just laid back and in a shameful betrayal of her upbringing, her morals and her husband, she decided to simply let the pleasure wash over her.

The feeling that was building deep inside her was not to be denied and Judith climaxed. Prior to today the size of her husband's penis and the lesser penetration that he achieved, had meant that the orgasms that she had enjoyed, had concentrated around her entrance her labia and her clitoris. Yet now as Carlos plundered her deeper and deeper until she thought he had reached her cervix, the orgasm that broke from Judith was unlike any other she had ever had. Rather than a 'tingly' pleasant quivering of her clitoris, this orgasm burst through her, it seemed to take over not just her entire vagina but her whole body.

Judith tried to keep a modicum of decency and modesty in her situation but the whimpering and tiny squeaks and squeals that escaped her lips, suddenly became one long, unashamed scream as her vagina exploded. When Carlos knew she was going to cum he grinned, now as she wailed beneath him he sneered at her, an arrogant, contemptuous sneer of disdain.

"Dirty slut."

For Judith Bates her orgasm had been both the best and the worst in her life. Cumming with him was loathsome, yet at the same time it produced a body wracking and insane ecstasy deep in her pussy. It was sensational and stunning.

Carlos began to push into her harder and faster, he wanted to cum in her.

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