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Wendy must do a nude walk through a tourist area.

He brought it across the right cheek 5 more times making her pussy lips burn with fire.

He stopped and rubbed her ass over the red lines made by his belt. He stroked her pussy and swatted it with his hand.

"Does that feel good?"


He ordered her to get up and go downstairs to the doorway of the dining room. He followed her down the stairs whipping her backside as she walked with the belt.

There was a hook in the ceiling of the doorway.

"Put your hands out in front of you."

She did as she was told. He tied her wrists together and then raised them over her head and tied them to the hook. He went to the coat closet and took out the crop. He laid the crop on hall table and picked up the belt again. He wrapped it around his fist, leaving an 18" section hanging loosely. Now her breasts were exposed and prominent in front of him. He brought the belt down smartly across her left nipple.

"How much did you charge on the card today?"

" $211.20" she whispered.

"How much? Say it louder."

"$211.20, sir"

"Well then, you will receive 200 lashes over your breasts, belly, thighs, your back, bottom and legs. Then you will lay down on the floor, with your legs spread over your head and will get the final 11 with the crop on your cunt."

He lifted the belt and whipped her breasts with a back and forth motion, each lick lifting the breast, leaving a bright red welt. She wiggled away from the strikes, begging him to stop.

"Now you know, begging won't help. Stop moving"

"But it hurts so bad," she cried.

"It's supposed to be painful, that is why it is your punishment. Now accept it or I will increase the number of lashes"

He continued to whip her breasts and concentrated on her nipples with the tip of the belt. She again wiggled and turned away from the strikes.

He stopped and put her back into position. He pulled her panties off and stuffed them into her mouth. He opened the coat closet again and took out more rope. She knew she had spread her legs apart and did so before he asked, hoping to gain some mercy in her punishment. He tied each ankle to the hooks at the bottom of the doorframe.

He opened the belt back up and swung it firmly up between her legs. Her panties muffled her scream.

"Now we will proceed with your punishment"

He continued her whipping with the open belt, landing lash after lash across her belly, and thighs. He picked up the crop and began to whip her nipples. Each time her breast jumped with the impact and her nipples hardened. He grabbed her left nipple and twisted it around. Then he gripped her breast and pushed the mound upward and struck the nipple with the crop 10 times in rapid succession. Bright red lines appeared on her areola. He then repeated the same punishment on her right nipple and breast. He followed that by whipping her back and bottom with the crop. Igniting flames of heat on her already burning backside.

He continued down the back of her legs with the crop. Making certain he gained her full attention by deftly applying the crop to the seat line on the backs of her thighs. He then brought it up between her thighs and rapidly swung it back and forth on the sensitive skin.

He untied her wrists and ankles and ordered her down on the floor on her back. He then lifted her legs up diaper style and used the crop across her already welted bottom and thighs. Lightly licking at her pussy lips with each strike. She reached around to block the strikes with her hands. He firmed rapped her hands with crop until she pulled them back to her sides. He then pushed her legs up over her head and pulled them apart.

"Hold your legs open." She reached up and grabbed her ankles as instructed.

He reached down and stroked her pussy lips.

"Hmmm, you are very wet. We will have to do something about that after you are finished being punished."

He picked the crop up and swung it down hard the length of her pussy.

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