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A new girl to prostitution.

I know you are trying to help" Nicki sighted, she had to fix this and quickly before it turned into a bigger mess.

"It's just so much in my head right now, and thinking clearly is the last thing on my mind" Nicki reached out and touched Sam's arm, hoping she would understand.

"You know, I felt the same way about you too. I was a mess when I left and couldn't really get you out of my head. Thank you for still staying in touch with me" Sam said with an apologizing tone as she smiled and swiftly took a couple of steps back.

"Of course, who do you think I am? I've come to terms with the fact that you didn't have a choice and between your family and me the choice was obvious. I probably would have done the same," Nicki admitted, as she felt her sapphire eyes fill with water.

Sam recognized her expression and patted her on the head lovingly.

"Hey, don't flood that pretty face with tears. Sulking on the past won't do you any good. Instead worry about the present and that beauty over there." Sam said and turned her head towards the living room.

"I will thanks Sammy" Nicki said as she walked before her.

"And Nicki" Nicki turned.


"I know you don't want to hurt anyone, but them again the rules of fair play do not apply in love and war" Sammy smiled and walked off into the living room.

"Nicki get over here, the movie is starting" Taylor shouted for the sofa which got her attention.

"Coming," Nicki answered and rushed to get a spot beside her on the sofa.

"Sorry, Jake, she's mine tonight, hopefully you don't mind?" she asked him grinning.

"Hell no! Two girls at the same time is every guy's dream, right dude?" he bumped fists with Vincent as they laughed, Taylor gave them a dirty look.

"Watch it! I might actually fall for her" Taylor warned, which got Vincent's attention.

"Before you two lovebirds get it on all hot and horny, tell me so I don't forget the camera" he answered sarcastically while smiling at Taylor.

"You'll love to see that huh? Well let me tell you, we've actually alrea-" Taylor got interrupted by Sam, who quickly cut in.

"Shut up you all, the movie is starting." She gave a blanket to Taylor, which made Taylor give her an odd look. That translated to something along the lines of; "We are not going to do anything under that, are you crazy?" Sam Nodded at that, "Just in case she thought".

"Right" Taylor said and sat back, relaxing on the couch. Pulling the blanket over her and Nicki. This gave Nicki the opportunity to snuggle close to Taylor, without anyone seeing her. Cleaver Sammy, cleaver! She thought as she smiled to herself.

The movie started and for an hour and a half Nicki tortured herself as she tried to resist touching Taylor. The feeling was horrible and her lust grew stronger with every second. She stole glances at her from time to time. From time to time Taylor would smile at her, but that was it. The movie continued and the two main characters started to dance, dancing turned into touching and touching to kisses. A moan from the screen got Nicki's attention as she lazily watched the movie with one eye and had her main focus on Taylor.

She longed to touch that lightly tanned skin and kiss those full lips, cover her body with kisses. Suddenly and without warning Nicki's blue eyes shoot up as she felt a hand on her thigh, inching up slowly. Oh every so slowly. She glanced at Taylor, who didn't seem to know what she was doing. She pretended that she wasn't doing anything. Oh that devil!

Nicki looked around the room, Sam was half asleep, and apparently the movie did not interest her too much. The guys on the other hand where glued to the screen, like a sticker on a postcard. She hissed at Taylor but, as excepted no reaction. She leaned in closer and whispered.

"Taylor, come on, what are you doing?"

"Hm, sorry my hand slipped" she said lazily but did not attend to or removed her hand for Nicki's thigh. Nicki sighted. She should have known Taylor was trouble, and Sam just added to the fire with that darn blanket.

Nicki tried to

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