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Scott & Michele begin to explore exhibitionism.

s it this play that has turned you on so much, or something else?"

I almost choked on my food as he asked that question, I swallowed and said, I think it is the play honey; it is a very sexual stimulating play you know. When I finish all I can think about is fucking you like crazy."

Jack kept eating then said, "I think it is something else, I have to say you are the hottest woman I have ever known and this play brings that out of you. I think it is Ben, or Jason, by the way what do you call him off stage, Ben or Jason?

He stopped talking and I cleared my throat as I said, "well on stage I call him Ben, but off stage I call him Jason.'

Then Jack said, "but what do you call him when he is fucking you with his black cock?" I was stunned I mean I did not expect that question, I looked at him and I thought, OK, he wants to know, He wants to know just what kind of a slut he is married to, Ok here it goes.

I said, well on stage I call him Ben and off stage I call him Jason in my dressing room or his I call him by his name and his friends by theirs."

I almost expected Jack to jump up and storm out oft here, but somehow I just knew that he wouldn't I some how knew that he suspected this and it excited him. He is not dumb by no means he had to know from all the sperm and aroma coming from me these past nights.

I had no idea what to expect, but I did not want to lie to him, I decided that no matter what he asked I would tell him and let the cards fall where the may.

Jack said, "I heard that black men like to share their women, so I take it he has shared you with his friends?"

I said, "No, he told his brother and he did not believe him, so he, well we, I mean we did it in front of him then he sort of joined in. I mean they both did it to me at the same time.'

Jack smiled and very excited asked, "How, I mean how in your mouth and cunt or what?"

I could tell he was excited and I mean excited, he wanted to know so I told him, "Well at first they bent me over and I sucked Jason while Ray fucked me from behind and then when they finished they had me bend over while Jason put his cock in my ass and he lifted me up so his Brother could put his cock in my cunt. They just stood there with me between them and they fucked me as I hung on both of their cocks.

Sara came in the dressing room and saw us just as we all came. I thought I would die. I think that is why she said what she did about me getting pregnant tonight. I mean how would it look if the star is pregnant anyway"?

Jack then asked, "When did it start, I mean the first time, was it after work or what?"

I told him everything, I told him how I would get so worked up during rehearsal and how bad I wanted to feel Jason inside of me and how on opening night that there was no acting that we fucked right there up on stage in front of the whole audience and him.

I told him how I sucked his cock under the sheets and how he ate me and even in the chair how he would eat me, finger me and then as the lights went down fuck me like crazy in the dark as we made our sexual love making noises for the audience to picture in their minds.

Jack smiled and said, "I thought so, I know your moans, I know you were doing it, God that was so fucking hot, I knew his cock was in you, I knew you were sucking him off, I could smell you right in the front row. You have such an aroma about you when you have sex. The room reeked of you and sperm, I don't know how anyone could miss that."

I looked at him and asked, "Aren't you mad, I mean just a little jealous? I fucked another man, no two other men, and they made me feel wonderful, aren't you upset with me at all?"

Jack looked at me and he took my hand, he said, "let me ask you a question, do you love me?"

I said, "yes, of course I do, I love you very much. I did not want to hurt you, I wasn't thinking.'

Jack said, "I know your pussy did the thinking for you, I am not jealous, I know you had sex because it felt good and it always feels good.

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