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One day I made the coffee and realised I had left my cigarettes at home. I said something like, 'Oh shit' and Marc asked what the matter was. I told him and he offered to go over to the shop and get some for me. I gave him the money and off he went. When he got back he handed me two packets and said he had bought a spare pack that I could keep in my desk in case I forgot them again. I thought how considerate that was of him.

Again he followed me out into the yard and asked if he could light my cigarette. I handed him the lighter and took a deep inhale as he lit it and then blew the smoke out through my pursed lips. I could see his hands trembling as he held the lighter. Suddenly I realised he was getting some sort of kick out of watching me smoke .I had read somewhere that it's a fetish for some guys to watch females smoking and I began to think Marc was like that. Again I found him staring at my mouth as I smoked the cigarette. Whenever I have smoked and gone back to the office I always put fresh lipstick on and had started to notice that Marc was always watching me do that too . One day (by the way the factory finished work at 4.30 but the office stayed open until 5.00) things were quiet at about 4.45 and I thought I'd have one last cigarette before I went home and again Marc followed me out into the yard. Now I had to say something and asked him why he always came outside with me. He blushed and apologised and said he wouldn't do it anymore. I said I just wanted to know why he did it. After lots of hesitation he admitted that watching ladies smoking got him excited. I said, 'Do you get a hard on?'

He blushed even more and nodded.

I said, 'show me' and took a deep inhale of the ciggie. I looked down and could see the bulge in his trousers.

I finished my cigarette and by then it was time to go home. As I drove home I kept thinking about what Marc had said and by the time I got home I was feeling very horny thinking about how I was turning on this 18 year old boy. I knew that hubby Mark wasn't going to be home for another hour I pulled down my panties and masturbated and made myself cum while I imagined Marc wanking.

The next day as I went for my morning coffee and ciggie and Marc accompanied me I was feeling horny knowing the effect I was having on him. I handed him my lighter and held his hand as he lit my ciggie. I took a deep inhale and blew the smoke straight at his face. I could see how much he liked that.

I sat down on a bench and he sat opposite me and looked straight at him. I inhaled and immediately opened my mouth so he could see the ball of white smoke inside, then I closed my mouth and blew a long thin plume of smoke through my red lips straight at him.

I looked down at his trousers and could see he had a hard on. I continued to smoke like that until I had finished my cigarette. We went back to the office and as I sat down and got my lipstick out I turned to him so he could see me putting it on. I got on with my work but kept thinking what I was doing to him and it got me very aroused.

Nothing out the ordinary happened for a few days except that most days I went home and wanked before Mark got home. Then about a week later Marc's mum who worked in the office with us was off sick and Marc was told to lock up at 5.00. The guys in the factory went at 4.30 and I said to Marc, 'I'm going for a cigarette, are you coming'?

He followed me into the back yard. I sat opposite him and before I lit up I put lots of deep red lipstick on then put the cigarette between my lips and gave him the lighter. He moved closer and I held his hand as he lit it. I blew the smoke back into his face. I took another deep inhale and opened my mouth so he could see my mouth full of the smoke before closing my lips and blowing a long plume of smoke back at him.

Then I said, ' I want to watch you wank while I smoke.'

He didn't hesitate, he dropped his trousers and underpants and I saw his big hard cock.

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