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It's not always good to catch the eye of a stranger.

I shook my head sadly.

"We're both too busy playing the field right now," I admitted. "Time enough for serious romance in the future."

As you can guess the girls weren't too keen on that idea. They were of the opinion that every man needed to be tied down as soon as possible.

"It's far better to have a steady girlfriend than to run around trying to seduce every girl you come across," observed Michelle.

"Oh, be fair," I protested. "We don't try to seduce every girl we come across."

"Just most of them?" asked Lou.

"Not even most of them," Andy said. "Really, it's a lot easier to just rape the girl you're with when you're feeling horny. It's surprising how many of them seem to expect it. I put it down to all this PC stuff that insists that every man is a rapist. It leaves women thinking it's going to happen anyway so what can they do about it."

"You're kidding?" said Michelle, sounding totally shocked.

"Why would I kid about something like that?" Andy asked her. "Ask Peter if you don't believe me."

"Do you seriously expect us to take his word for anything?" she said, casting a rather rude aspersion on my integrity.

"Um, now that you mention it, no," agreed Andy.

"Easy enough to prove, you know," I pointed out.

"How?" demanded Michelle.

"We'll just strip the pair of you and then stand back. Would either of you run out of the house naked, knowing if you don't you'll be fucked?"

"Ah, I think it's time we were going," said Lou, jumping to her feet, Michelle close behind her.

"Oh, but you haven't answered the question?" I said.

"We're not going to answer it, either," snapped Michelle.

"Doesn't matter," said Andy with a laugh. "We can find out with a simple experiment."

Unfortunately for the two girls we were between them and the door. I grabbed Michelle at the same time as Andy caught hold of Lou. It was a pleasant day outside and the girls had dressed accordingly. Basically t shirts and shorts plus standard undies. They squealed and wriggled a bit but it was a simple matter to undress them.

We stepped back, looking at the girls appreciatively. They both had very nice figures, quite shapely. Michelle I noticed was clean-shaven while Lou had shaped a small arrow. Both girls were blushing and trying to cover up and not really succeeding.

"The big question," I idly observed, "is how many people are likely to see you if you decide to run for it? And if you are seen, how many of the viewers will believe that nothing else happened? Oh, and how many will have smart phones with cameras?"

The girls gave each other a horrified look. They hadn't even considered smart phones.

"Give us back our clothes," demanded Lou.

"Certainly," agreed Andy. "Afterwards."

"You're not raping us and you know it," snapped Michelle.

"Well, we know it, but I didn't know if the pair of you did," I agreed. "Your staying here is giving us tacit permission, no matter what you say, because you can always leave."

"We're doing no such thing," howled Michelle, incensed to think I'd suggest such a thing.

I moved closer to her and started stroking her breast.

"Michelle, I'm going to lay you on the floor right there, spread your legs wide apart, and introduce you to my erection. To ensure that you both know that you're getting the same treatment Andy will lay Lou next to you. We will position the pair of you so you can both see the other being penetrated. Have you ever seen another girl getting fucked? Now's your chance."

I followed my words with the appropriate actions, pushing Michelle down onto the carpet, pushing her legs apart as I did so. Andy had performed the same little feat with Lou and, with the girls lying in opposite directions, they both had a close up view of their friends pussy and any action that might take place there.

It had been surprisingly easy to push Michelle down onto the floor.

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