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They emailed each other fantasies.

She didn't say anything. She had felt very sad that Harry had allowed the men to treat her so bad at the show, but she thought that if that was the way her man wanted things to be, then she would do it. But tears came to her beautiful blue eyes...

"Baby..." - he started. Then, he didn't know how to go on. He wasn't used to apologize. He finally managed to say:

"Baby, I'm sorry of what happened..."

She looked at him, very surprised.

"No, baby, I had nothing to do with it. It is true that I'm dominant, and that I want you to be mine and obey my commands... but that was too much, even for me. I had nothing to do with the roughest parts of it. I swear I didn't"

"But then who..."

"I don't know exactly. If I did, I'd kill the man. But I think it wasn't a single man's decision"

"Sam and his... friends he brought!"

"Right. It was them "

"I never liked those men, Douglas and the other ones he brought with him. You are rough, but they are MEAN. I can see it in their eyes"

"I know, baby... Baby..." - Harry hesitated again, and then, the words he said, it was the first time ever he said those words to anyone... " Baby, I love you"

Ashley couldn't believe what her pretty small ears were telling her, at first. Then, she fell to her kness and held Harry's legs with her small hands.

"Thank you, my love " - she said.

"Get up, baby. Baby, I was so foolish I can't stand myself. Baby, we are in danger here. We are in serious danger here. I fear all of Sam's friends are ex- cons, and that they all were in prison for serious crimes..."

"They certainly look like hardened criminals" - said Ashley.

"Yes. It is my fault. I am very sorry, baby. I'm always playing with life, and now life is playing back with me... only life can be much tougher than I..."

Ashley felt very sad to realize that Harry was actually scared. She offered bravely:

"I will do as you say, my love. I am yours"

"No, no, you don't understand, baby. We have to get out of here. I just saw hatred in Sam's eyes. If I'm not here, who knows what they would do to you!!"

Ashley shivered, terrified to death. It was true... She could sense it in Douglas' mean eyes. Who knows what she would do to her if he laid his hands on her.

"Then let's go away, Daddy!! Take me away!! I'll go with you wherever you take me"

"Yes, baby, we'll do just that. But not now"

"Why not now? Daddy, I can't stand that goddamned show! " - she said boldly - " I wanna be your slave, not other men's!! I hate them!! They are mean, you care about me but they just want to make me suffer" - she cried again - " I am not an animal!!"

"Yes you're right. I'm sorry that I put you through that. I... "

Harry felt to his knees. She caressed his dark hair.

"You don't have to say you're sorry with me, you're my owner. But please let's go away. I was happier when I was a waitress. Please stand up. It's me who's supposed to be at your feet, and not the other way round..."

She managed to make him smile. There were tears in his dark eyes now. Before standing up, he bent and kissed her pretty small feet many times.

"Yes, baby, I promise you I'll take you out of here. But I can't now"

"Why not?"

"I don't have any money left. Stupid me, I put all of my loan and all of my savings into the night club. Now I'm ruined... "

"Oh God. Then what are we going to do now? Can't you take all the money from last night, and we'll just get away?"

"No way, with all of the bouncers armed and ready to attack"

"Yes. I'm sorry, baby. That was stupid. I shouldn't have said that. I just want us to go!!"

"I know. Don't worry. I'll go do a... special job"

"What job?"

"Don't ask. I'll be back soon. Meanwhile, try to endure the shows. I'll talk to them in a minute too, I'll ask them to tone it down" - he looked very sad - " I'll go now, baby"

Her eyes were filled with tears again.

"Don't leave me here, please. I have a horrible feeling in my guts"

"We can't go away without money.

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