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The night of Day 2 has come.

During their talk, Vanessa spoke of how she broke up with some author. She then spoke of how she attended a few rallies protesting the war in Iraq. Lisa's father was a veteran and wanted to sign up to go to the front lines. Nick decided early on not to take a side, he didn't like death, but he didn't like cruel and unusual death and torture. He was about as in the middle as you could get on the issue.

There was a fatal mistake during the exchange of conversation. Nick smiled when she spoke of the author. That smile would be the finishing of Nick. As Nick watched on with his silent audience, everything froze around the smile. Everything was a stage of ice sculptures and soft glowing lights. She smiled back and he was lost in enchantment of scents that belonged to Vanessa and ungrounded coffee. Both aromas are awakening to the senses and one is very deadly.

Now, what is this? Oh, look! She's asking him to head back to her hotel. Say no Nick. Nick is actually yelling this at the images of his memories flying by. Yell louder! Haha, silly boy... Vanessa is breaking down what's left of your pitiful defense against her. In the other world, he's actually just counting three Monarch cigarettes left. He needs more, I think. I'm quite sure now. Here comes some more. The stage is being set for a new act.

They walked down... what street is this, God Nick didn't know. He thinks its 5th. He can smell fresh baked bread from a nearby sandwich place that delivers to the university nearby. They walk and it only took the wind shifting once before they are in front of a door. "The key..." Vanessa said smiling a dark smile at him.

This is your last chance, Nick. Run! Run away from this! Go home to Lisa. We all know he won't. But, we must try to stop him none the less. Nobody likes to watch someone damn their soul. I would hate to see a good ole boy like Nick ruin his life.

He enters. The door closes. Darkness collides with a soft creek of the door. Vanessa almost reaches him threatening a kiss. He tries to back away but knocks his shoulder against the door.

"V...I can't," is what he's managing to say.

"Sure," Vanessa responds. Her voice is far smoother then Lisa's at this point.

Before he knows what's going on, he's against the wall. He can feel her dark skinned hand moving under his pants, tugging against his boxers. Grabbing at him, squeezing him, moving down to his balls and rubbing them.

Nick tried to resist, for Lisa, he tried to resist. Closing his eyes and holding his breath, backing against the wall. He is pretty much helpless. She wraps her hand around his stiffening cock. So this is it. He tries to move once more but all he does is help her undo his pants. She leans up against him tracing her lips up and down his ear. He's tries to shake his head to get rid of the sensation but she's rubbing his cock, licking his ear. All his senses are gone His cock is now very hard; it feels so good back in her warm hand. He lowers his head as he feels his thoughts leave him, his skin being moved against her hand.

"No, V...please...no..." His head falls back against the wall as she goes to her knees smiling. She runs her mouth over the head of his cock. Nick is still shaking his head, his hands trying to form a fist, failing to do so. Her mouth goes down on his cock; his last defenses are being destroyed. There are moments of her head moving up and down and his moans escaping. After this she is taking a load of Nick, and smiling as she cleans her self for a moment. He came all inside her mouth and there is nothing left for him to do but say something to the remaining shadows.

"No, No I'm so sorry..." he says to the room and Vanessa.

Vanessa smiles and licks her lips again.

"Mmmm... Nick best ever... of course... I believe you owe me..."

What can he do? He could leave, that's what he could do.

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