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A girl gets ready for her lover to come home.

I gutted and cleaned them and then wrapped them and put them in the freezer. It was 7 A.M. and I was the only one awake so I made some coffee. Anne came down in a bathrobe. She looked hot because she was showing some cleavage. I poured her some coffee. She said thanks I thought you were going fishing. I opened the freezer and showed her the fish I had caught. Ugh she said and sat down on the porch and drank her coffee. I said I'm going to my room I have a model car I'm building. Maybe I'll come down and visit after I have some more coffee and change. Don't change on my account I said. She grinned and said I'll get dressed before I come down. I got some fresh coffee and l went down to the boat house.

I sipped the coffee as I worked on the model car. I couldn't get Anne out of my mind. I was getting a hard on just thinking of her big tits. I had to stop working on the model because I was thinking about Anne. I went down to the shale beach and sat in one of the chairs and started to read a book. I was just 18 and Anne was 18. I finished my coffee and went back up to the house and refilled my coffee mug. Anne was dressed in a tee shirt and short pants. I liked what I saw.

Anne's parents were just getting up I could hear them and my parents were on the porch drinking coffee. I had to make a new pot of coffee. My mother asked if I had caught any fish. I told her about what I had and she said we can have them tomorrow for dinner you and Anne will be on your own tonight we are going to a party there are some steaks for you in the refrigerator. Ok I said and when the coffee was ready I poured more for myself and went back to the beach.

A while later I was called up to breakfast. Our parents said that they were going to play golf and then they were going to go to a party at the country club and would not be back until late that night probably after midnight . They chatted until 10 A.M. and then went to play golf.

Anne said lets go swimming I love to swim. I said good idea I'll meet you on the beach. Cool she said. I went to the boat house to put on my trunks. I was very excited about seeing Anne in a swim suit. I had a hard on and was afraid of Anne seeing it so I decided to jerk off so it would go down. I was stroking my cock when Anne walked in . nice cock she said. I almost shit! Damn Anne you weren't supposed to see this. That's ok she said let me help you. She stroked my cock and I came almost as soon as she touched it. She giggled and said I didn't mean to scare you. That's OK I said . Anne took her suit off and said lets play before we go swimming. She had the biggest tits I had ever seen. I had never seen a completely naked woman before. In those days Playboy didn't even show pubic hair let alone a cunt. Anne had a big belly and an awesome big ass.

We started to kiss and Anne put her tongue in my mouth and I was surprised. I responded by putting my tongue in her mouth. Then I licked her nipples and she moaned. Yes Rick suck hard on my nipples. I sucked hard and she told me to pinch the other nipple. I did and she moaned even louder. Then she said finger my cunt. I said how? She spread her legs and slipped my finger in her wet cunt. I slowly stroked my finger in and out. She held me tight and said faster. I stroked my finger faster and she shook squeezing me hard as she came. Damn that felt good she said.

Now I want you to eat me out. I had heard of that before but didn't have a clue how to do it. Anne showed me what she wanted me to do. I was so excited that I would do anything she asked me. She had me lick on her clit and she came almost as soon as I touched it with my tongue. I kept on sucking on her clit and fingered he at the same time. She squeezed my head with her big thighs and said don't stop! Please Don't stop! I kept on going. she pulled my head deeper into her cunt and finally she came very hard. STOP! She screamed.

It took her a couple of minutes to settle down. That was the best I've ever cum she said. Thank you!

She said Oh a hard on! and she said now I'll get you off! She li

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