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Gillian looked horrified: "MOTHER THATS TERRIBLE, I hope you don't expect me to condone such behaviour?"

Susan looked sternly at her daughter: "Susan, you will be living under Father Francis' roof rent free and with food paid for. You're 27 now and a grown woman. At the very least, I expect you understand and just wear short dresses and let the Father glimpse your knickers!"

Gillian very reluctantly gave a small nod.

The days went by and Gillian grew quite fond of the priest and, to her surprise, found she quite enjoyed the teasing.

She secretly felt proud when she sometimes heard the priest give a gasp when she was bending over to let him see her knickers. On one occasion she wore no knickers and as she bent over she caught sight of the Father rubbing himself through his trousers.

Then one day, Gillian returned home unexpectedly. She had forgotten her purse. As she entered the back door she could hear noises in the adjacent kitchen.

Something about the sounds worried her and, rather than call-out, she walked quietly up to the kitchen door and peered in.

Her mother was bent over the kitchen table with her skirt thrown over her back. Father Francis was standing behind her mother with his trousers around his ankles. He was making grunting noises as he fucked Susan doggie fashion.

Gillian wanted to look away but something compelled her to keep watching. Suddenly her mother cried-out: "Harder Father. Fuck me harder. Don't stop!!!!!!" Father Francis responded by fucking her furiously: "God I'm going to cum." He gasped. "I'm going to shoot my load deep in that lovely cunt of yours Susan!" With a gasp he collapsed on to Susan's back.

Gillian saw to her disbelief that her mother was frantically groaning and rubbing her clitoris.

Then shudders ran through Susan's body as she climaxed. Susan turned her head to look at the old priest: She spoke in a submissive voice: "Thank you Father. I know I've been naughty and you had to punish me."

Father Francis smiled kindly at Gillian's mother as he withdrew his now limp penis and dressed himself: "I hope Gillian behaves properly whilst she is under my roof otherwise I will have to chastise her."

Susan giggled as she stood up: "I'm sure my Gillian will be a good girl for you Father."

Feeling very embarrassed from overseeing what her mother and the priest were doing, Gillian tip-toed down the back passage and left the house.

Some days afterwards Susan felt unwell and went to bed. It turned she had a high temperature and would need to stay in bed for a few days.

When Gillian went to sit with her mother one evening the conversation turned to Susan's housekeeping responsibilities and looking after Father Francis: Susan looked knowingly at her daughter. "Gillian, the Father gets very weary and stressed from all his parish duties. When that happens I do what I can to relieve his stress if you know what I mean. He's just come in from visiting a difficult family and he needs some TLC. He'll be in his bedroom. Go to him."

Gillian felt embarrassed but in a strange way proud and pleased that her mother trusted her enough to send her to look after the old priest.

She knocked lightly on Father Francis' bedroom door and on hearing "Come in" entered the room. Father Francis was lying on his side on top of the bed. He had recently showered and was wearing just his dressing gown. Gillian smiled at him: "Hello Father, You look worn-out. Mum's not too well so she sent me in to see if I can be of any service."

The priest laughed and rolled over onto his back. As he did so, Gillian could see the dressing gown gape open and Father Francis' throbbing erection standing proud. He spoke: "My child, I think you know what I want!"

Gillian went bright red at the priest's words. Leaning forward, Gillian wrapped her hand around the Father's penis and began to slowly masturbate him.

She could feel the Father begin to relax as she cupped the priest's testicles in her other hand and very, very gently massaged them.

Father Francis gave a groan of delight as Gi

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