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Getting reacquainted with an old flame.

Thirty minutes later, Keise's car came speeding through the driveway. She heard the door connecting the garage and the house slammed open and shut. Moments later, she heard her boyfriend's heavy footsteps approaching the bedroom. Lying on the bed draped in see-through silk that clung seductively to her well-rounded breasts and hips, she felt that familiar stirring in her stomach as her lover drew nearer. Keise finally reached the door and forcefully opened it. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw her partner framed by the door with his magnificent nakedness revealed to her gaze. God, Keise is gorgeous!

She did not have more time to appreciate her boyfriend's looks though because he was on top of her in a moment, taking her clothes off. The hard plains of his abs and groin got in contact with her tingling skin. She could feel his manhood in its full, glorious erection between her legs, sending her to the depths of arousal faster than a bullet train. Her descent to the swirls of stimulation increased a hundred times when Keise started kissing her. His tongue played with her lips - sometimes gentle, sometimes demanding. When he started kissing and nibbling the lobe of her ear and the side of her neck, wave after wave of euphoria assaulted her brain.

Then Keise touched her, down there in her most intimate part. She was about to be sent mindless with desire when he whispered to her, asking where she placed the lube. With every ounce of sanity, she handed it to him from the nightstand. Taking a dollop of the luscious cream, Keise rubbed it on her and she thought she could die right there. His fingers are so nimble, spreading the slickness all over her crevices. Of course, he saved the best for last. He took another serving of the cream and rubbed it on her clitoris. She was so hot already she could not stop all the moans of pleasure escaping her mouth. Then she felt the build-up of the volcano wanting to go off inside her. Keise's hands just felt so good rubbing her and he did not stopped kissing her at all. The guy just knew where all her pleasure points are. Finally, she could not hold it in. The millions of cells in her nervous system were telling her to let go, to explode. Who was she to argue? She let go. And the pleasure enveloped her whole being. She soared to the highest peak accompanied by the spasms of her body that has turned liquid in Keise's expert arms.

When she returned to earth, she could feel Keise's hands roaming the gentle swells of her breasts. Not long after, one nipple got subjected to the sweet torture of his tongue. She felt the desire stir within her again. But this time, she controlled her arousal and applied herself vigorously to the task of pleasuring her boyfriend. She pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him, straddling his huge manhood and letting it rest between her soft, wet folds. She looked him in the eyes and gave him a saucy smile. She could swear the vein in his neck throbbed faster.

She too knew his erotic zones. She starts her lover's journey to the gates of bliss by tracing the line of his collarbone with her tongue. At the same time, she stroked his tight chest, hips, and thighs. She then lowered her kisses towards his chest. Since she could not help it, she planted feathery kisses on her man's nipples. Then she played with them using her tongue. Keise loved everything she was doing that he grabbed her hair, holding her in place and demanding for more. Not to deny him, she started nibbling down his abs until she came face to face with his fully erect manhood. There it was, strong and proud, seducing her to give it the worship it deserves. So she took Keise's penis into her mouth, licking it, kissing it, loving it. Keise moaned in satisfaction and she felt his organ grow harder, fuller. She stroked his balls and kissed those too, further sending her boyfriend to his peak just like he did with her.

Then she pulled out the surprise for her man from under the pillows.

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