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Car mechanic and the Lord's daughter.

That is what it is all about. I do my very best to look good for him. I have trimmed my hair down so that it much easier to manage. My clothing is professional befitting a couple of higher status. I was such a foolish you girl when we first met, exposing too much flesh. It was an unnecessary lure, because I love is forever. We adore each other and the comfort of being together only demonstrates -

Why is he checking his cell phone during our special date? What is that look on his face? He is concerned about something?

"What is it, honey?"

He dismisses my inquiry but is obviously shaken about something. Maybe it is trouble at work that he does not want to share with me, trying desperately to protect our romantic interlude.

Oh god! He's clutching his chest! Falling to the floor in obvious agony. No!

I am by his side, and others have come to help. "Call 911!" Did I say that or someone else?


The doctor says he is resting. A heart attack. Looks like he will recover. Just needs a few days to be monitored. Looking at his jacket, I wonder about the message that came in just before his incident. He is sleeping soundly and there is not harm in looking. I go to the other chair where his clothing is set aside. I pull the cell phone from his jacket, and read his last text message.

"I am finally wearing the hood you bought. I have locked myself in the cabin and await your inspection. I have left myself no way out until your arrival and your release. I know I should not have taken this initiative, but I wanted to move while I had the courage. I do not want to disappoint you again. Please do not make me wait too long. I am at your mercy."

Oh no. What is this? No wonder the distance and the extra duties at work. Hood? Inspection? At his mercy? What kind of twisted relationship is he into?

I forwarded the message to my own cell phone and return his to the jacket. My own heart races. Is he meeting someone at our cabin, the one where we had our honeymoon?

Who is this little bitch invading my world? He is resting. No sense waiting here when I can go greet this little slut myself.


The joints in my body ache and it struggles to stand. i am aware of these sensations, but i am detached and looking down on it. I cannot bear to stay within it lest i give way to the rising panic. He is testing me, leaving me to bear the consequences of my impatient willfulness. i should not have done this. How much longer?

Then my attention is pulled from that pathetic, heaving, struggling, naked body to the sound of His car coming toward the cabin and i am both afraid and relieved.

It is not He who enters the door. Oh god, it is His wife. How does she know? No, no, no, no. i retreat to my body unable even to beg for mercy. My life is in her hands.

. . .

Stupid little slut, does not even know that her life is in the hands of one pissed off woman. I thought I was the fool for not realizing that there was another woman. It does not compare with this brainless twat. Why would anyone do this to themselves?

As I look around the room I see that she has lain out and labeled the keys to her chains. This hood she was so proud of wearing blinds her, and I believe it also keeps her from hearing. I could do whatever I wanted to her and she would never know who it was. Here are her clothes and her purse.

So, my husband lies in the hospital because this cunt wanted attention on our date. I have no pity for her.

Oh she is twitching around, looking with no eyes, listening with no ears. She senses there is someone here.

I walk over to her vulnerable flesh and grab a handful of tit in each clinching fist and squeeze.

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