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She's used in a fight between werewolves.

All the women address each other by first name and the men formally. So your mother is Victoria and your father Mr. Smyth-Jefferson. The only exception will be Justin, whom you will mostly keep away from until his training is complete, and Master Harold, our senior adept. Now take your luscious little self outside where the food is and meet everyone else." A gentle push on her butt propelled the girl out into the huge, tree-sheltered yard. She didn't notice that the conversation behind her had dropped in volume but doubled in intensity as the adults conferred.

And as (bad) luck would have it the first people she met under the gas heaters and between the fireplaces were the McAllisters. Sonya was a tiny, birdlike woman whose pixie-ish little breasts still stood high and proud on her ribcage. She was a couple of years older than Deserea's mother and it was almost impossible to believe that this animated sprite was the mother of four strapping sons, of whom Justin was the last. She trilled a happy, Hungarian-accented greeting and kissed the girl soundly, cuddling her face as she did so. Deserea responded in like manner then turned to Angus McAllister. It was obvious where Justin got both his height and his shoulders but where the boy was lean and six-packed, his father was massive. Angus had been a near professional quality rugby player in the UK before coming to the States to attend law school and to end up as senior partner to Mr. Smyth-Jefferson. He still looked as though he could still run over anyone unlucky enough to get between him and the goal. He, too, kissed Dezzie soundly and warmly while running his huge hands down her back and over her buttocks. The girl decided that perhaps a little flirting was in order so she winked and stuck out the tip of her tongue at him before turning with sinking heart to their son.

It was in that moment Deserea realized that just perhaps she wasn't the most put-upon person there. If anything, Justin was more embarrassed and unsure of himself than she was. He tried to kiss her on the mouth but missed, hitting her left eye instead. His attempt at a caress consisted of taking one of her hands in both of his and holding it while gawking at her helplessly. Suddenly her heart went out to him and her loins melted. The poor boy was well known to be very shy outside of a pool and now he stood, flaming with embarrassment, in a backyard of nearly naked women. Worst of all, one of them was his mother! Deciding that firm action was needed here, Deserea took both of Justin's hands and placed one solidly on each of her ass cheeks. Then, throwing her arms around his neck, she pressed her bejeweled body against his and kissed him long and soundly rubbing her gold-adorned nipples across his bare chest. She felt his manhood rise through the baggy pants that all the men seemed to be wearing that night and responded by grinding her pelvis against it. As moisture began to dampen the silk between Deserea's thighs, Sonya gently placed her hands between the young people and pushed them apart.
"None of that, yet, you two," she smiled. "We have a long evening ahead and you two are too important a part of it to be wearing yourselves out so early. I know you are young and vigorous but stamina is what is called for tonight, not enthusiasm!" She took her son's elbow and pulled him off in the direction of a tall, blond Amazon and her even taller red-headed husband while Mr. McAllister, palming Deserea's entire left ass-cheek in one hand, directed her towards a slim, white-haired gentleman sitting in a full lotus position off to one side.

"Master-r-r Har-r-rold," Angus' lowland burr rolled like a well-tuned motorcycle, "May Ah pr-r-sent t' ya Deser-rea Smythe-Jeffer-r-rson."

Master Harold opened his eyes and smiled up at Des. In an incredible, but unconscious demonstration of strength, he smoothly rose to a standing position by merely pushing up from his ankles then stepped forward and took her in his arms.

"Sweet Deserea," he murmured, "the stories of your

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