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Her boss is her world.

When I found the lacy bra and panties, though, I couldn't help but smile. In my excitement Saturday night, I hadn't realized how sheer the top was. I laid them all out on the bed for her, anxious to see her reaction when she discovered I seriously wanted her to wear this to work. I suspected that she never thought I'd actually ask her to wear something like this to work... or to her surprise meeting that night with Daryl.

She finally opened the bathroom door, her hair dry and brushed out, her light work makeup in place, ready to get dressed. She saw what I'd laid out on the bed and stopped, looking over at me. "You're serious?" she asked.

I couldn't stop the shit-eating grin from appearing on my face. "You promised," was all I said.

With a bit of a frown on her face, she looked back at the clothes I'd put on the bed. "I did, didn't I?"

She dropped the towel that had been wrapped around her and put on the panties and bra, then the little skirt and finally the blouse. My cock had attained a large degree of hardness watching this little display. I don't know what's sexier, watching my wife undress... or dress.

When she finished, she stood in front of our full-length mirror appraising herself, "You know how horny I'm going to be all day, don't you, wearing this?" Then she went on, teasing me with, "I might have to call Ethan, see if he has an empty house we could check out; see if they've changed their minds about how far they're willing to go."

Would she do that? Without me there? Surely not. But, that was kind of what I was hoping for later that night, wasn't it? Before she left, she went back into our dressing room and then I noticed she'd put on a darker shade of red lipstick.

I knew it was going to be a long day. After Addie left for work, the kids woke up. I made breakfast, then took them to their daycare so I could be productive, too. Addie was going to spend the morning with Kayla in Boise, so I drove to Mountain Home and showed our manager there the pictures of the clocks we were getting so she could decide how best to display them.

Adriana had hired women managers for all her stores. The Mountain Home manager, Susan, was in her fifties, an extremely smart woman with lots of retail experience. She'd been thrilled when Adriana picked her out of the sixteen applicants. Susan had hired one part-time employee as well, to help out during busy times.

I spent the morning there, helping Susan move things around in preparation for her new display. After lunch, I picked up the kids and we went to the park/playground, then back home. My mind wasn't ever far from what Addie was doing, how she was coping with the sexy clothes she was wearing.

As evening finally came and I knew my wife had met with her old lover, I was a total nervous wreck with wondering how she had reacted. Was she already in his arms, or maybe even further?


My husband Matt had arranged a business meeting between me and a prospective vendor. The vendor was to supply handcrafted leather products for sale in our retail stores. Unknown to me, Matt had arranged for me to meet with my old high school boyfriend Daryl who was now in the leathercraft business.

Matt had encouraged me to dress sexy for this meeting. I had - but that afternoon I went home and changed. I built my business on careful selection of products, customer service, and integrity, not on sex appeal. I dressed like the professional business woman that I am and didn't follow Matt's boyish idea of dressing like a floozy for this meeting.

When I met our client and discovered it was Daryl, I was stunned. I didn't object to meeting an old boyfriend per se, but to have been tricked by my husband was tantamount to having been betrayed. I hid my shock from Daryl and explained our encounter as mere coincidence; that my husband knew nothing of Daryl's significance in my life.

The meeting actually went well.

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