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A Canoe Trip leads to lots of Naked Fun

Sarah's bra was pushed down exposing her firm nipple and her skirt was hiked up around her waist and her tiny blue thong was pushed to the side and her pussy lips were visible all puffy and swollen and slick with her juices. They both hopped to their feet, Sarah immediately crying and running to her room, the boyfriend scrambling to button his shirt and head for the door. When I went in to talk to Sarah she apologized and asking me to not tell her mom. I held her and assured her I wouldn't but I was hoping she wouldn't notice my swelling cock.

I knew that the problem was greater then I thought when I started touching Sarah more when I tucked her in at night or when we hugged hello or goodbye, her firm breasts burning into me. I also started fantasizing about Sarah as I fucked her mother. Many nights as I felt Lauren's lips slide up and down my cock, I thought of Sarah's sweet lips and her tiny tongue wrapped around me. And those nights when I slid my cock into Lauren from behind and then pinched her rubbery nipples, it was Sarah I was fucking, her pussy I was violating and filling with my cream to overflowing.

Then it happened. It was Sarah's eighteenth birthday. Sarah and I and Lauren had planned it all out. Sarah had always wanted to go on a cruise. So we booked a luxurious suite on a top of the line ship. We would be gone for ten wonderful days visiting the Bahamas, basking in the sun and relaxing. We had a great time planning and an even better time shopping. As part of her birthday present, Lauren took her out and they bought bikinis and wraps and sexy island wear. Both Lauren and Sarah looked like models out of the swimsuit issue of a magazine. Both tall and tan, both with blonde hair and blue eyes, both with sculptured bodies of firm flesh. As each tried on another outfit, my cock became more and more engorged. Then when Sarah came out in a tiny thong bikini with a small gold embroidery that said sexy, I thought I would loose it. "I thought this was a family vacation" I said. Sarah jumped in "Mom told me to get it; she said if she had my body and was 18 again, she'd wear it!" Lauren appeared "What John, you know she's a hot, let her have some fun on the beach, anyway, we won't be far behind."

"Okay" I said "but I'm not going to spend the whole vacation chasing guys away, you'll wear it at your own risk." Sarah giggled. "Do you really think it will cause a fuss? Where we're going there will be so many women, probably in less then this, no one will even notice." "Oh, you mean like this?" said Lauren, unsnapping her top and letting her breasts fall from out of the cups. "I might just decide to wander the beach topless and if I do, Sarah's going with me." Sarah blushed. Lauren looked at her and said "Come on, you know you have a great body. John, tell Sarah that she'll be as hot as any women there!" Sarah immediately looked at me; her eyes seemed to be searching within me, burning into my soul. She was still flushed and it seemed like her breathing was more rapid. "Sarah, let's compare tits" Lauren said, and she stepped behind Sarah and undid her top. Before Sarah even realized it, her breasts were exposed and her nipples instantly hardened and began to peak. Sarah was still looking at me and I thought that I saw her eyes wander to my crouch to where it was now evident that my cock was straining against my jeans. I was just hoping that the pre-cum that I could feel starting to ooze from my cock, wouldn't soak through my pants.

Sarah instinctively started to cover her breasts, but Lauren gently held her arm and said "It's okay, it's just your dad and I, you don't need to worry about us.

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