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White housewife submission to black lover.

We massaged her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She found our cocks with her soft dainty hands and stroked them lovingly. We built her to a fevered pitch without ever touching her pussy. I finally started to caress her pussy lips with my hand, and she turned to face me. Michael massaged her breasts and kissed up and down her neck from behind. I increased pressure and speed on clit then inserted a couple of fingers into her slowly. She worked back against my hand and tensed as an orgasm rippled through her body. She kissed me deeply then took my face in her hands.

"You led us here, but I need to take the next step on my own."

I understood she wanted me to disengage so she could explore with Michael. I poured a drink and took a seat next to the bed. Jenny turned to face Michael. They wrapped their arms around one another and kissed deeply. It was very sensuous. Jenny adoringly moved her hands up and down Michael's shaft and head. He reached over her to massage her ass then started to finger her from behind. Michael stroked and kneaded her breasts with the other.

As Michael gently bit her neck, she whispered "You are so sexy. I can't wait to feel you inside me."

He rolled her onto her back, moved between her thighs and pinned her wrists above her head, "Your body is so sumptuous. I've been dreaming about kissing every inch of it since we started talking." he responded. They kissed deeply, and he started to finger her slowly but with force. Jenny loved being restrained and teased. She ground back against Michaels' fingers. He inhaled her nipples which are very sensitive, and she tensed as an orgasm swept through her.

"God I'm ready for you to fill me up." She growled through the orgasm.

"Don't be in such a hurry." Michael responded.

"Let me at least taste that magnificent cock of yours!" Jenny replied devilishly.

Michael moved to kneel by her head and laid his massive tool on her face. "Is this what you've been wanting?" he asked.

"Mmmmm god yes. It's beautiful!" she whispered as she wrapped her lips around his head.

She sucked it in deep. She worked one hand up and down the shaft in conjunction with her mouth. With the other, she massaged his balls. Jenny was working his cock vigorously. Copious pre-cum was leaking out of his cock. His shaft and balls slick with her spit and the pre-cum allowing her mouth and hands to glide up and down effortlessly. I don't think Michael was quite ready for her talent or focus.

"Oh God Jenny, you are going to make me cum!" he moaned as he arched his back and looked upward.

Jenny took his cue and deep throated as much as she could. She grabbed his ass cheeks and forced him to fuck her mouth. Just as Michael started to cum, she released him from her mouth and returned to pumping his shaft with both her hands. Huge ropes of hot cum exploded from his cock, hitting the headboard with an audible smack. Jenny gazed on seemingly hypnotized by the massive tool and in awe of what she had accomplished. When he finally finished, she kissed up the shaft and sucked the head clean. She worshiply sucked on his semi-flaccid cock.

Michael's body shook with the after-effects of his orgasm. He lay back down next to her. They kissed gently and returned to caressing each other's bodies. He rolled her onto her back again and straddled her. He started on her forehead and slowly kissed down her face, over her lips and nibbled on her neck. He continued over her chest pausing to flick his tongue over each nipple. He kissed down her stomach until his head was between her thighs. He kissed all around her labia and nibbled on her thighs. Finally, he started to move his tongue up and down between her lips subtly.

"Oh god that is good!" she moaned as her hips squirmed.

Michael increased his tongues pressure up and down on between her lips.

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