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Brighetta returns to Asmodeus to collect her reward.

I video taped about another hour until they were all spent. Quietly I left the back yard and headed for my bike.

I wanted to drive out of town and not come back but knew my business would suffer. Heading home my plan was getting clearer. Back at the ranch, I put in the tape I just recorded to check it out, and the images were not much better the second time. I recorded this tape next as I felt it was the most important. I grabbed a beer and made a list of things that needed to be done. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

Before I tried to lay down, I started to record and watch the rest of the tapes. I still could not believe it was my Suzie on the tapes. All the signs told me we were finished. She was letting Bill on one of the tapes titty fuck her, and blow his load all over my wife's face. She licked it up and started to ask for more. Paul could be seen putting the camera down on a table, and the two men took her over and over in every hole. They even doubled teamed her in the ass and pussy. The third tape was about two hours long, and was more of the same. Sometimes Donna was nowhere to be found, and I realized Suzie was doing it all on her own. I finally finished all the tapes, even the fourth. This was the worst yet. Suzie was on our bed at home, and she was double teaming some new guys that Donna had meet. Again she was not using any protection. Donna would tell them what to do, and they would obey (even Suzie).

The two guys would call her names like "bitch, whore, slut and cunt." Suzie seemed to love it and got more excited. She had become some super slut, no thanks to Donna. Oh Donna, if you only knew what was coming.

The next day I was gone before Suzie came home. I wanted it that way. The first thing I did was see my friend and company lawyer, Tory. I told him of the situation, and asked if I was OK. I told him I would be in time, but for now I had to keep my eye on my business and my money. He said he would start the divorce paperwork but would not submit it until I gave the go ahead. He told me my business was started before I married Suzie, and that it was in my name only. He was pretty sure it would stay in my hands.

He told me the money in our joint accounts, if any (he then gave me a wink) would be split 50/50, as would the house. I could care less about the house as it didn't feel like a home anymore. The money however I worked very hard for and I was damned if I would give it up as easily as Tom Thomas did for Donna.

I called into work and spoke to my accountant. He said the examiner he hired found something going on with a Donna Thomas, Paul Greely, Bill Fielder, and my new hire Sarah Fielder. He told me it looked like Sarah was the inside person who opened up false accounts and was sending bogus checks to the above names. I asked the question I was dreading. Did my wife get any checks or deposits? He hesitated and said that as of last week, she started to get $50 thousand dollars a week. At that rate, I would be broke in a half year. I told my accountant to talk only to me and report as soon as the auditor was finished. I also said there was a huge bonus if he kept his mouth shut. He said that it wasn't necessary, but I told him loyalty meant a lot to me. He thanked me and said the report should be done by the end of the week at the latest.

I then saw my bank officer who helped me when I was starting out. Kevin could be trusted, and I told him of my situation. He recommended that I take small amounts from our joint account over the next week but leave a little in it so Suzie would not know. I just got a statement last week so I knew it would be another month before she read the next statement. Lately, she had been interested in our finances, and I chalked it up to her wanting to help with the business and at home. Boy was I wrong. Normally, I was the only one who took care of all the bills.

Next I got a recommendation from my lawyer for a good discrete private eye.

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