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Couple become much better acquainted - 'drinking tea'.

Becky was more than thrilled how hard she was making him. Poor boy, maybe she would let him get some relief? She wondered what his jizz tasted like and how much a feeling of power she would have if she did let him shoot a load down her throat. She had to figure out a way that she could get him off through some sort of innocent accident or such and pretend she didn't mean to. What a vixen she was.

Even though he wanted to rub up against her until his cock shot off in his pants, Tommy quickly extricated himself from the kitchen with an aching and throbbing cock in his pants. He went back to the living room to view Becky from further away, so she couldn't see how he was going to 'rub one out' before dinner while he stared at her.

Becky decided she'd keep it up. She would intentionally not look directly at him. That way he could gawk at her and rub himself as much as he wanted. She wanted to fill his erotic fantasies for years to cum, um, errr, come.

Turning sideways, she casually reached up, as if she was deep in thought, and stroked her left nipple. Tommy could clearly see what she was doing, and he trembled inside at the sight. She pinched her nipple and even twisted it. Then she slid her hand down to cup and heft her breast upward. Her palm was right at the level of the bottom of her tank top, right at the base of her tits. Her naked belly flesh looked so soft and smooth.

Then Becky turned towards him briefly, not looking directly at him to embarrass him because she knew he would be staring at her. She knew this would put her tits back on display, pointing directly at him. "Damn, but she's hot", he thought. "I've got to grab her and suck on her! I wish she would just rub my cock while I groped and kissed her." That's what Sally, his old girlfriend had done a few times.

Becky then turned sideways again so he wouldn't be afraid she'd catch him staring. She started gyrating to the music. She briefly just got lost in it and raised her hands straight above her head, cupping one palm within the other and writhing like a snake. Her thin young arms seemed so fresh and beautiful. Her naked belly tight and smooth. Her writhing, of course, caused her tits to thrust out boldly as she wiggled her hips and her whole body to the beat. What a sight she was. What an erotic dancer!

Tommy was rubbing himself frantically right now. She was just too much of a sexy wet dream to take in! "All of this, and her tits are just so damn big and firm!" he thought. He got harder still, as if that was even possible, and knew he was about to blow.

That was it for Tommy. He dashed upstairs to his room for a bit. He needed to get off, and quickly. Tommy looked up his favorite young, thin, busty, hottie Julia Boin and found a groping video of her on a bus.

This was one of his favorite videos because, for some reason, it seems you could grope any woman you wanted to on a Japanese bus, or so it seemed from these crazy porn videos, ha, ha. Due to some sort of weird social conventions, the women seemed to remain there passively, allowing men to do whatever they wanted with them. Or at least that's how the fantasy seemed if you watched enough Japanese groping films.

Well there she was, all dressed up properly with a gray skirt and gray vest. The vest had no buttons on it but was simply there to keep her warm and modest. Beneath that she had on a flowery pink shirt with a few large buttons on it. Her ample breasts, some glorious 34-E's, were apparent within her blouse but not blatantly exposed.

Some guy came up real close behind her and firmly thrust his cock towards her nicely rounded ass.

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