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Black lover posts his sexcapades with white girl.

Do you just read it or act on it as well?"

"I'm joking with you."

"Oh. What type of books do you like?"

"Mostly crime novels and technical stuff."

"What a pity. You don't get much inspiration from that."

"I don't need any extra inspiration," he said hoarsely as he turned to her and pulled her toward him. "I prefer to live out my fantasies instead of reading about them."

"But you have plenty of sex toys?"

"Nope. I'm large enough as it is, don't you agree?"

"You could still have sex toys."

"Where are your toys hidden? In the drawer, I suppose?" Before she managed to stop him, he bent down and opened the bottom drawer. "Books. Here as well?"

She laughed at him.

"I've always wanted a library, but I never had an extra room to spare. So, I used my bedroom instead."

"A ha."

"My sex toys are already hidden away in a safe place."


"I'll show them to you when we're better acquainted."

He glanced around the room as if he was trying to work out where they might be. Kate wasn't having any of it. She turned him a little sideways and pushed him backwards onto her bed. Feeling happy about the end result, she soon followed and climbed on top of him.

"You never told me that you liked to be in command," Scott said teasingly as she started unbuttoning his shirt.

"I'm into a lot of things, and variety is one of them," she smiled, before landing on her back with Scott sitting astride above her thighs.

Leaning forward he grabbed her arms in his and lowered himself slightly to her.

"How do you feel about bondage?" he asked suddenly as he pushed his erect shaft against the vee of her thighs.

"I think I can deal with that -- if you let me tie you up afterwards."

"Sounds interesting," he admitted as he let go of her hands and leaned down to pull up her skirt.

He removed her shoes and stockings, before grabbing a hold of her panties and removing them so slowly she felt like screaming for him to hurry. In the end, she used her legs to push the fabric down her legs and threw it on the floor. She turned over on her stomach, wanting him to remove her dress as well.

"Can you unzip me?" she asked when he had stopped moving. Turning around she saw him looking at her naked bottom, before lowering and kissing her there. "What are you doing?"

"Kissing every part of your skin," he said hoarsely, before climbing on top of her.

She heard him unzip his pants and just as sudden she could feel the smooth surface of his cock against her backside. She pushed her bottom toward him and felt his thick shaft against her aroused pussy.

She nudged him again, before retreating and pushing back another time. She could hear him breathing deeply before he slowly entered her. The feeling was so exquisite that she gasped before pushing her bottom toward him again, trying to push him further inside of her warm channel.

He responded immediately and pushed even deeper, before retreating and pushing back inside again. She could hear a wet sound as he retreated all the way out of her, and she wanted to scream in frustration for him to return when she felt him push inside again.

The tension in the outer centimetres of her pussy was so intense that she longed for him to repeat the motion. At the same time she felt him push all the way inside of her body, and she shook with the intense pleasure surging through her body.

He placed his hand on her stomach and lifted her up so she stood on her knees in a perfect doggy style. She spread her legs wider and felt the strength in his thighs against hers as he bent over her and pushed his cock deep inside of her.

The primitive stance made her feel like she could lose all her inhibitions and just enjoy what this large man was doing to her. She could do nothing than take what he had to offer and move when he moved. Seldom had she felt as small and waiflike as she did now.

She trembled in excitement as she tightened around his shaft, feeling the friction as he withdrew and drove into her again.

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