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Michelle's book signing tour.

Their mood was interrupted when dinner arrived. Sara was overwhelmed by the enormous quantity of food and its delicious aroma. They started eating with ravenous appetites but each had a nagging memory that would not surface until they were in their own bed on the verge of sleep.

Anthony had held Sara's hands until the food arrived. What nagged at them was how much their hands missed each other's when they had separated.

After dinner, which Anthony graciously paid for, he walked her to her car. They were both absorbed in thought; a germ of a plan for those Christmas ads was forming in their heads. As he held the car door open for her they had kissed before she settled inside. The first few miles on the way to their respective homes were spent on asking themselves "How the hell did that happen."

The following morning Miss Roberts came to their office and said, "Well?"
Sara and Anthony had discussed the project for ten minutes that morning and they both said "Maybe." They needed to know the clients parameters. What they had in mind was different enough that client consent would be needed.

Miss Roberts had them follow her to her office and called the woman that handled the advertising arm of the client company, a popular brand of coffee. Her name was Kate.

On their conference call Sara and Anthony explained their concept. Miss Roberts' eyes widened at the boldness of the idea. The silence at the other end of the line was broken by just one word. "Go."

Back at their office Sara began to have doubts about accomplishing what they had promised. Her nerves began to get the better of her until Anthony embraced her and whispered in her ear, "We can do this. Together we can do this."

Sara sighed and held Anthony tightly for a few moments before saying, "Right, lets get to work."

She went to the computer to write the script and Anthony went to the draft table to draw the storyboard.

Neither noticed a barrier had completely collapsed. Their embrace had been a welcomed necessity. It had not been questioned.

Arguments and points of views clashed as usual. During one telling argument they had gotten into each other's face so closely that their lips touched. Neither backed down and they were soon arguing while in a virtual long kiss.

They had never acknowledged the kiss but neither regretted it except for the fact they had forgotten what the disagreement was about.

They had often worked through lunch but now they worked through dinner, except on Tuesdays. Sara had a standing date on Tuesdays. Sara never told Anthony with whom but curiosity, (jealousy?), had driven him to follow her one Tuesday and saw Sara and an older woman hug as they met at the door of a restaurant. Anthony knew Sara's parents had died when she was a teenager so he surmised the woman was Olivia.

During their dinners Sara and Anthony kept their arguments to a minimum and mostly watched the interactions between servers and those dining alone.

Two weeks later they had a rough draft to present to Cole and Miss Roberts. The two started to give suggestions about this and that but each time their words trailed away.

Miss Roberts seemed to be somewhat emotional over the presentation. Sara saw her clasp Cole's hand, sliding her fingers between his. It was the first overt sign of affection anyone at the agency had seen between the two.

Finally Cole said, "Have it ready for production by Friday. You two are amazing." He kissed Sara on the cheek and slapped Anthony on the back while shaking his hand. Miss Roberts left them without a word, on the verge of tears.

Sara's show of concern prompted Cole to say, I'll take care of her."

As soon as they were alone Sara jumped into Anthony's arms and kissed him deeply.

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