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The making of a cuckold husband.

I raised my hand up like a school kid saying,

"Me, Me, Me, I will!"

With a hearty laugh, Mary told me, "Well if we do it again, we are going to bed, the floor was really a rough go yesterday."

"Well let's go then!"

And we did. As I got to the bedroom, I looked around and saw some family pictures on the walls, smirking to myself, knowing that I had fucked their mom. I sat on the bed and told Mary,

"Help me take my clothes off!"

She rushed over and pulled my shirt over my head, and then went to her knees and undid my pants. Kissing my stomach and nipples when she did. I raised my hips for her to pull my pants off as Ron sat in his chair to watch.

When Mary saw my cock she put her face to it kissing it, admiring at how it started to grow as she did, her hot breath drafting over it in the cool air of the bedroom. My balls had shrunk up trying to stay warm, so she put them in her hot mouth sucking them like a hard candy. Mary had me lay on my back with my hips on the edge of the bed as she raised my legs over her shoulders and licked my asshole.

My dick jumped as she did that, her tongue licking the puckered rim as she jacked my cock off. Then she tongue fucked me, it was driving me crazy with lust, as my ass wiggled against her face trying to get as much of her hot tongue inside my asshole. Ron was now jerking his semi-hard cock his eyes locked on her face in my ass.

"That's right you shit eating whore, suck my ass, lick it clean! Fuck me with your tongue you nasty fucking whore!"

She went wild as she tried to bury her face between my ass cheeks, jacking me faster. Ron's hand was in time with hers as she jacked me off.

"So Bitch, you like the ass huh? You want my cock in your fat asshole cunt?"

She mumbled something unintelligible and continued sucking and licking my asshole.

"Yeah, fuck the slut in her ass, Fill her fat ass up with cum!"

"Then get it ready for me!"

He jumped up and got some lotion from the dresser and splattered it on her asshole, jamming his thick finger in it. Mary ground her hips towards him as he did. Grunting like a fat pig as she licked my ass. I had her get on her hands and knees,

"Ron, hold the cunts fat ass open so I could fuck her."

He had put enough goop on her asshole that I didn't need any on my cock and it slid in with ease as she relaxed her sphincter for me. I gave it to her hard, not caring if she was ready or not, I slammed my cock fully in the depths of her bowels watching her ass cheeks jiggle as I hit bottom.

"Spank her fat ass, Spank her good, a fat ass fucking whore needs her ass whipped!" Ron yelled at me. So I slapped her ass.

"Harder, hit her HARDER!"

With a weird look in his eyes. I hit her harder and she began fucking me in earnest with her tight asshole. I continued to spank her and she rocked against me, her huge tits flopping around under her. I grabbed her by the hair pulling her head back until it would go no further back.

"Fuck me you whore, Fuck my cock you nasty fucking ass fucker!" I screamed at her.

I looked over at Ron, his hand furiously jacking his cock and he began to cum, his load dripping on his hand.

"Feed it to her Ron, Make the cunt lick it off for you!"

He shoved his hand in her face and she dove into his warm cum, licking the puddle that had formed in his palm clean, before sucking his fingers clean also. Her moans were extreme as she began to Cum, her ass bouncing to me her ass cheeks jiggling like to fat bowls of JELLO!

"Yes momma, fuck him momma!" Ron told her as she screamed out she was Cumming.

"Oh FUCK, I'm Fucking Cumming!!"

As I fucked her harder, her asshole slick as I slid in and out of it. I had never stopped slapping her ass and her ass cheeks were a bright red as they shook. Her Cumming made her ass squeeze tighter on my cock causing me to have my own orgasm, shooting my hot cream in her bowels,

"I feel it hitting my inner walls of my ass."

Then she fell face first on the bed, smashing her large tits flat, some of them shoving out her sides.

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