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An alternate version of a classic West Wing episode.

We soon arrived at her house, down a long country lane miles away from the nearest neighbour. "My names Sharon by the way."

"Brian" I introduced myself.

"Well Brian, you probably want to go straight in the shower, it's upstairs on the left. Don't worry about your stuff, I'll bring it in."

I refreshed myself with a nice warm shower but when I stepped out I couldn't find a towel. Also my clothes were gone. I stuck my head out the bathroom door.



"Where's the towel?"

"In the washing machine."

"You don't have a spare?"

"Nah, I live on my own here so only needed the one. I put your clothes in the wash too."

The realisation of being in a strangers house with nothing to wear had rendered me speechless. She noted my embarrassment and walked to the bathroom.

"A little shy? Come on, the naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. I walk round the house with nothing on all the time and I'm not wearing anything now. Look."

I opened the door and she was indeed completely naked. Nothing was hiding her huge breasts, her fat belly nor her big unshaven vagina. She didn't glance at my private parts, only looking at my face and smiled as if to say I was getting worried over nothing.

"I bet you must be starving, sit down and I'll cook us some grub."

I sat in the lounge, still in shock upon what was happening. I was in a strangers house where we both had no clothes on. That she was carrying on as if it was completely normal was making it even more surreal, but also made it easier to accept the situation.

Dinner was nice but nothing fancy, and afterwards we shared a bottle of wine and talked for a couple of hours and got to know each other.

I was getting a little tired and tipsy so asked where the spare bedroom was. but she replied it was just her room and I'd have to share the double bed. I replied that I would sleep on the coach but she was insistent, stating it wasn't a problem for two friends to share a bed.

I still found the prospect a little awkward but not wanting to appear rude I reluctantly accepted. After all we just shared the past few hours naked in each other's company so why not share the same bed? Not only that, the alcohol had lessened my inhibitions a bit and I was too tired to argue.

We reached her room and I waited for her to get into bed first. She led down on the near side so I walked round and got on my side of the bed. She pulled up the doona over us and switched off the light.

Though I was tired I didn't instantly fall asleep, but as there had been silence in the few minutes since the light went out I presumed Sharon had. Then I felt her hand on my cock, holding and gently playing with it. She must have thought I was asleep. I was too embarrassed to say anything and just hoped she would stop. But she carried on and soon my penis was becoming erect.

"This is very naughty of me, I shouldn't be taking advantage of you like this. But you clearly like it."

She resumed fondling my dick and with her other hand took my right hand and placed on her big fat cunt. It was already moist and without protest I started fingering her. She started moaning and in return gripped my cock harder and tighter. Then as my actions increased in speed and her feelings more intense she gave up with my penis and simply held my thigh. She was on the verge of climax when she told me to stop.

"Fuck me."

This had gone too far. This whole evening had got weirder and weirder and now this fat bitch wanted my cock inside her. I wish I had never accepted the lift, and wish I had never allowed myself to be naked and drunk in someone's house I didn't know. It occurred to me how stupid and naive I've been.

"Come on big boy fuck me"

I knelt up looking at her in silence.

"What you waiting for?" She snapped, sensing my reluctance. I remained speechless.

"I've got lots of bondage gear in there, if you don't put your cock in me soon I'll chain you up and keep you as my slave. Plus I've got a chastity cage so not only will you not leave this house again but you won't cum unless I say so."


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