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A straight guy loves to get tied up

"Your penis tastes nice. But I'm not sure I'm ready for semen for breakfast."

Pulling her bottoms all the off she started humping my leg. "I love this feeling."

I reached down. She groaned when I got between her lips. "Hey Miss Hairy. Your bush is soaking."

"Shaking my fanny for you started making me moist. I get so nervous when I know you're staring at my naked buttocks. I think even if you didn't ask me to wiggle it I'd start to squirm. And then I start to..."

"What? What happens?" As if I didn't know.

"I start... my vagi..." She trailed off, trying to get a word like "cunt" out of her mouth. "I start leaking ... down there. It spills out of my... my hair gets so wet. I honestly don't want it too but it always does."

She let out a breath and pushed up further on my leg. She snapped back to a less frenzied pace.

"Tell me Alex. What do you want to do to me with your erect penis? Do you want to have intercourse?"

"Intercourse? Really Rachel? Intercourse? Don't you just want me to fuck your silly? Don't you just want to milk my cock dry with your tight cunt?" I was almost laughing.

She just moved on, evading my words, but at the same time getting more urgent with every minute.

"I think I know. You want to get on top of me and hold my hands down so I can't move. You want me to sit still and let you shove your penis deep inside me and push it in over and over again until you can't hold back."

One of her things is she didn't ever want it to be her initiating things that she thought might be kinky. That was my job, to make her do dirty things that 'normal' woman wouldn't do.

"*You* want that Rachel. You want me to tie you down tight and impale your ."

"You'll take dirty pictures of my naked body Alex. Just like in those porn sites you you masturbate to."

I guess that wasn't a secret. "I'm happy fucking you every which way I can make you come."

"I want you to be happy Alex."

"Why don't you pee all over my dick Rachel? My penis wants that."

I'd tried that before and got nowhere. Her momentary silence let me know that today wasn't going to be that day.

"Touch me Alex. Touch my lips with your fingers."

I barely grazed her clit. She almost jumped out of the bed. "More. Slower. Put them inside of me."

My fingers parted her hair away from her pussy slit and found their way inside. She sucked in so much air I thought she'd faint. Her G-spot as already so squishy that when I gently pushed it she immediately squirted all over my hand. Her entire body spasmed wildly and she was screaming.

"Oh my God Alex! What did you do to me?" More gulps of air. "I mean .., that was amazing. You're drenched. I'm sopping. It feels so good."

She hugged my entire body for what seemed like minutes before she let go and her panting became more normal.

"But I wanted to make you... And here you go making my... I want your hard penis to get happy. Please tell me what you want? Please?"

I stayed quiet. She was revving up her imagination again.

"I bet I know." What a lecherous smirk! "You want to stick your old hard penis up my bum, don't you?" Now I whimpered, she knew how to get a reaction. "You want me naked on my knees, my shoulders down, hips up in the air."

Go Rachel, she knew. "You want to open my cheeks -or maybe you'd like me to open them myself? Right?- and look right at my anus. Where you can stare at it and make me a basket case of anxiety wondering why you like my fat ... my gigantic behi... Oh... wondering why you like my fat ASS so much."

She stopped short. Surprised at her own outburst. Her hand was really squeezing my dick.

"You want to poke your nose and tongue in there, on my anus! Yuh want to smell it and make it wet enough that you can cram your big old pee pee in my big old rear end!"

Wilder. I felt like I was about to let loose right then and there.

"You want your sperm shooting inside my ... my..."

Come on, I'm thinking. You can say it.

"I know you want to jab your stiff dick up my teeny virgin asshole and fuck it until you coat the insides of my shit chute w

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