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The rest of the family may tease Jake, but Mary never teases.

As the night progresses we move on to a club called Oak, we continue to drink and share stories, dance and flirt. At one stage while we are dancing, I feel something firm and hard against my ass, I grind myself backwards into him and hear a little moan slip out of his mouth. I turn to him and give him a cheeky smile and tell him I will be back after I have been to the ladies room.

I top up my lipstick and text my friend to let her know how I am getting on. I put my phone back into my bag and make my way towards the seating area where I see Colin has bought me another drink. I stand in front of the table where the drink is placed and lean forward to take a sip of the drink through the sweet sugar coated straw, I make sure that he gets a good view of my chest and then I come and sit next to him. Before we know it, it is 4am.

We both sit outside a recently closed pub and hug while we wait for our taxis.

"Well, tonight We should do it again." I say.

"I would love too Libby. Tonight was absolutely fantastic. One of the best nights I have had in a while. I have really enjoyed it."

I lean over and kiss him on the lips, he pulls me tightly into him and rubs his hand up and down my thigh. I can feel myself getting wet and I like it. I kiss him even harder, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He makes me stand up and pulls me around so I am in front of him then I end up between his legs.

I hear myself moan as he pushes his face into my chest and squeezes my ass. I pull myself away because I am getting a little bit excited and I can hear people approaching. I giggle to myself as I sit back down beside him. He has such a serious, sexy look about him right now and I know he wants it, I know he wants it so bad.

"So will you be going straight home or are you staying in a hotel?" I ask.

"I am staying at The Stand hotel tonight, booked a room for the next two days as I thought if our date went well, we could maybe go out again for lunch or something. Are you up for that?" He asks as he looks into my eyes.

"I would love that, I know a great place that is quite cheap but delicious near by, we could go there tomorrow. Speaking of delicious food, you will have to visit my place one day and show off your cooking skills. I do love a man that can cook."

He promises to do so and we then see my taxi approaching. I stand up to leave but as I do I find myself pulling him with me. "Shall we go back to your hotel?.."


I moan as we barge through the hotel bedroom door, we haven't stopped kissing since we got into the taxi. My legs are wrapped tightly around his hips and his strong hands are holding me up, they are squeezing and massaging my ass and I can't help but grind my wet pussy into his jeans.

He throws me onto the bed and I lay there as he kicks the door shut. He rips off his shirt and reveals his fit, toned and tanned body. I spread my legs as he approaches me and he climbs on top, places his hands tightly around my neck and pushes with a hard but comfortable force. With his other hand he runs it up and down the inside of my thigh and brushes against my pussy lips with a delicate touch. He lets go of my neck and kisses down my dress until his warm breath is right beside my soaking wet pussy. He kisses through my lace underwear and circles my pussy with his tongue. He pulls my pussy into his face by placing his hands on my ass to control me. I can't stop moaning and he then tells me to turn onto my front, I don't hesitate and I do what he says. He unzips the back of my dress and takes it off. I am just wearing my 6 inch heels and a black lace thong and a black lace bra.

As I lay on my front he pushes his face into my pussy from behind, I push myself backwards into his face and grab his hair and forcefully use it to push his face hard against my pussy.

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