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Mother and son take on City Hall.

Katie stopped, and Bob, still looking around, walked straight in to her, knocking her in to the kitchen door.

"I'm so sorry" he said, turning her around to take her in his arms. They melted together, and Katie raised her head, looked in to Bob's eyes, and planted a light kiss on Bob's lips. Bob drew back in surprise, then returned the kiss with great fervour, running his hands over the back of Katie's lithe body. She returned his enthusiasm by cupping his balls through his work trousers. Bob moaned in pleasure.

"There's something you should know Bob" said Katie suddenly. "I'm a 19 year old virgin."

"We don't have to..."

"No, I want you to be my first, but I've got a kinda guilty little secret. I really don't know how to put this though..."

"Well, fire away, it can't be anything too bad"

"Well... Oh God this is tough. I've... I've always wanted to lose my virginity to Santa..."

"Sounds like fun. So if you've always wanted that, how are we going to make your wish come true?"

Katie blushed and began to stutter.

"You really...? You mean you don't mind? I bought a Santa outfit ages ago on the off chance. Should I go and get it?"

"Tell you what, we'll both go find it, you go in to the kitchen, and I'll call when I'm ready."

They entered Katie's bedroom, where she pulled out the most immaculate, impressive Santa costume Bob had ever seen! It was perfect, red fluffy fur, with even fluffier, furrier white trim, and a realistic looking beard too. Katie went back to the kitchen, and Bob stripped out of his clothes, including his boxers, and donned the Santa costume. Using the mirror in the bedroom, he adjusted his costume until it was just right, then entered the main living area, closing the door loudly to let Katie know it was time to come in. Katie entered the room and gasped;


"Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Katie! You've been a good girl this year, until now. You know it's very naughty to wait up for Santa, don't you?"

"I'm sorry Santa, but I've always wanted to meet you"

"Well, I'm sure I can forgive you. Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap, and let old Santa know what you'd like for Christmas?"

"But Santa, I look a mess, can I change quickly?"

Taking Bob's silence as a yes, Katie ran to her room, stripped down, and put on her slinkiest, shortest, flimsiest silk camisole. It was her favourite one, trimmed along the hems in white fur. As she walked back in to the room, Bob's heart leapt, and his cock went from flaccid to semi-erect in a second. Sashaying across the room, Katie sat on 'Santa's' lap, and gave a sexy little wiggle. That did it, Bob's cock was now fully erect, and thicker and longer than ever before! He strained to stay in character.

"So young Katie, what do you want for Christmas this year? A new mobile phone? A new wardrobe? Driving lessons...?"

"No Santa. I want you to make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you... That is, you to take a present from me..."

"And what present would that be?" Asked Santa/Bob

"My cherry Santa. I can feel that you want me Santa, and I want you. I'm sure Mrs Claus wouldn't mind..."

"Mrs Claus was a figment of someone's imagination young lady, I'm all yours!"

Katie slid down the length of his body, her camisole riding up over her pert buttocks.

"Well Santa, I'm new to all this, so could you show me where to start?"

"Of course. We start, my dear, by you lying back"

Katie lay back, and Bob pulled down the strap of her cami, and bunched the top and bottom around her waist. He started kissing her neck, pausing when she giggled. Realising the beard was tickling, he went to take it off.

"No, please, leave it on, it won't be the same if you don't..."

Bob continued his journey, suckling on her hard, pointed, 5p coin sized nipples, first the left, then the right, making sure they were standing fully to attention before continuing down, past her stomach to the sweet, rich smell of her virgin pussy.

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