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Vanessa comes back into Nick's life.

One foot on each arm rest so that my legs are spread. Your head is level with my pussy now and wrapping my fingers in your hair I pull your face onto me. Onto my pussy and making you kiss it. I'm rubbing my pussy against your face as you kiss it, then I push you down a little so that your knees are bent, and tilting your face back I bring my pussy over your mouth. Grinding into your mouth as you hungrily lick and suck...

"Ahhhhhh.... Love.... I'm going to cum!!!!!!"

I'm going wild on your face, squirting onto it, as erotic sensual feelings run rampart inside me... shooting out into me from my pussy... rushing and gushing up like a geyser ready to explode... and explode it does! It burst into my head and I'm gripping you to keep from falling as I lose the ability to feel my surroundings. The geyser is double sided and as it bursts into my head it also opens my pussy and rushes into your waiting mouth.

My moans and cries fill the room.

"Ahhh..... Fuck me love.... I'm going to cum!!!!!!! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ahhh fuck me! God yes! I want you... don't stop! Keep touching me... ahhh I'm CUMMINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!"

I'm breathing so hard as I stand there over you, letting your face come out from under me and slowly becoming aware of where I am. You reach up and lift me down. Down to the carpeted floor where we wrap our bodies around each other and kiss... mmmmm..... wet kisses.... You're kissing me back to life, energizing me from the depths of relaxation and keeping me with you.

You're kissing down my neck and now your mouth is on my tits. First one nipple gets sucked -- and then the other. You're holding one of my breasts with both hands and pressing in on it as you suck. Ahh..... my back arches up to you. You take my small pink nipple between your teeth and bite it gently as your hand pinches the other one at the same time. Ohhhhhhh..... you're arousing me so much and I can feel your rigid shaft rubbing against me as well.

Suddenly I sit up and roll you over, your mouth is still attached to my tits so I have to roll with you, and I end up on top. I ease my tit out of your mouth gently and push a few fingers into your mouth in exchange. Taking your hand I suck on your fingers at the same time and you can feel my rough tongue rolling over them.

Then turning around I sit on your stomach, straddling it, and spitting on your cock I start stroking. I keep spitting on it... making it sooooo wet....sooo juicy... sloppy wet... squishy wet... my soft fingers are pressed around the shaft and slipping up and down in long tight strokes. My other hand is cupping your balls and pulling on them gently, often reaching down to feel underneath them.

Now it's your moans that fill the air. Moans and gasps that make my pussy drip onto you all over again. Nothing turns me on so much as to hear you unable to control yourself. Your cock is throbbing in my hand and I bend down and take it in my mouth for a moment. For a moment you feel my lips press in around it, you feel the warmth and wetness of my mouth. you feel deep inside my throat with the tip of your cock... and then I fuck you. I'm gripping your shaft with my lips until you feel like you're going to explode.

Listening carefully for the changes in your moans, I'm waiting to hear and feel you getting ready to climax - and when you're ready to cum I stop. I take your cock out of my mouth. And I turn around.

Looking at your wild eyes I watch you for a moment -- waiting for your gaze to focus on me. Once they do I lie down on the floor with my knees up and spread, opening my pink pussy for you, looking at you expectantly as I show you my cunt.

"Shit!" Explodes from you in a rough voice and you bring yourself up onto me really fast. You move in between my legs and grab my face with one hand to kiss me. Your cock head spends the time sliding up and down along my pussy lips as its precum mixes in with my juices.

And you know that I want you in me.

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