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While Dawn and I chatted, Diana added seafood and broad beans to the paella and then set the table for three. 'Twenty minutes and counting,' she said. I remember that the aromas wafting from the gently simmering paella had my taste buds tingling. And I was also starting to get a bit of a buzz from the wine. But then -- before the wine had done too much damage to my equilibrium -- we were eating.

After three or four mouthfuls, I decided that Diana's paella was just about the best thing that I had ever tasted. Or maybe I was just in the mood. After all, there I was, away from home for the first time, drinking exotic wine and eating exotic food with two very attractive older women. It was almost better than sex. Mind you, the moment I started to think that, I got to thinking about Diana sitting on the edge of her bed, with her nightgown pulled up around her waist, strumming away on her glistening pink pussy. I wondered if maybe we would get to do it all again. Maybe even that night? After Dawn had gone home?

'So what do you think of the new layout in the sitting room?' Diana asked Dawn.

'I like it. I like it very much,' Dawn said.

'Yes. It works, doesn't it? Jamie helped me -- didn't you, Jamie?'

I remember kind of nodding.

'In fact you helped me quite a bit on Saturday morning, didn't you?' Diana said.

I think I just nodded again. It was probably the wine, but I could feel myself getting a bit hot and flustered. I'm sure my cheeks must have been getting a bit red.

'It's nice to have a good-looking young man to help out about the house -- you know, for a bit of variety.' And Diana winked across the table at Dawn.

'Do you think Jamie might help me as well?' Dawn asked.

'Oh, yes, I think so,' Diana said. 'You could give Dawn a helping hand, couldn't you, Jamie?'

'Of course,' I said. 'If you have any little chores that need doing ... you know ... just ask.'

Dawn and Diana both smiled and nodded -- a little conspiratorially, I thought. 'Thank you,' Dawn said. 'Yes, I'm sure that I can find something you could help with.'

To follow the paella, Diana had made little individual orange flans. They too were delicious. Even after the paella, I managed to eat two of them.

'Why don't we move through to the sitting room,' Diana suggested when we had finished eating. 'I'll get some more wine.' And then, as she joined us in the sitting room with the second bottle of wine, she turned to Dawn and asked her if her shopping trip had been successful.

I remember Dawn's eyes lighting up. 'Very successful,' she said. 'What do you think?' And she raised her skirt to show us her (presumably new) red satin-and-lace knickers.

'Very nice,' Diana said. 'Very, um, sexy. And is there a matching bra?'

'Oh, yes,' Dawn replied. And she began unbuttoning her blouse to show us her red satin-and-lace bra. One button. Two buttons. Three buttons. And she didn't stop there. Soon her blouse was draped -- elegantly -- across the back of one of the chairs. And then the skirt came off too. 'What do you think, Jamie?' she asked.

I thought that she looked fucking fantastic -- but I couldn't really say that. So I just said something like 'Very nice'.

'This satin is so smooth,' she said, gently caressing the satin panels that were supporting the underside of her breasts. 'Come and feel.' Dawn was looking at me when she said this, but I remember being sort of glued to my chair. 'Come on,' she said. 'Don't be shy. Come and run your fingers over this nice ... smooth ... satiny fabric.'

I got up and took a couple of steps towards her.

'Here,' she said, and she took my hand and placed it on her bra-clad breast. 'Doesn't that feel good?'

It certainly did. It felt fucking fantastic -- smooth and warm and slippery. And her breast felt firm and yet slightly soft.

'Do you like my new bra?' she asked.

I nodded.

'Yes, I thought you would,' she said.

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