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Cindy gets to the Ball, but will the Glass Dildo fit?

I often joked how she was my favorite musical instrument. I was sure to keep alternating between hard rubs and gentle brushing. Bringing my fingers across the back of her neck, then down her spine always produced the most pleasurable sounds.

I decided to get a little riskier at this point and slipped my hand up the back of her shirt. The skin to skin contact was electrifying. I loved how soft she always was and I told her so. The soft pleasurable moan she let out in response was payment enough for now.

My hands mapped her body rubbing and stroking their way across her back, neck, shoulders and head.

At last I began rubbing her butt. Her underwear was soft and just a tad skimpy. I kept going back to it, brushing my hand over each side. "I love this butt." I whispered. I heard her giggle a little, which turned into another moan as I rubbed my hand across both cheeks, bringing it down to the back of her legs and back up again. I didn't touch anything naughty but the hint was there as I could feel my middle finger go a little between. Had she not been wearing underwear ... A shiver ran through her and I noticed she raised her bum up to meet my hand now. This was all the incentive I needed.

She was laying on her stomach. So I shifted positions to kneeling between her legs. I focused all my attention on her butt now. Kneading it with both hands. She let out another moan. Each stroke I brought my thumbs closer together pulling her cheeks apart a little bit and letting them slowly, so slowly meet in the middle. I could feel the heat coming out from between her legs.

At this point it was now or never, so I brought on hand down between her legs and stroked up toward her butt. Letting the length of my hand palm to fingertip stroke against her most private place. The only thing between us was the thin fabric of her underwear. Her body shook, she moaned even louder into a pillow. I went back to massaging her butt.

The tease was torture, I knew, but I wanted this to go on for as long as possible. No more vanilla quickies. I wanted this to be memorable.

I did this a few more times each time I added a little more daring to my touch. Slipping fingers just under the fabric, lingering longer on sensitive parts. But always bringing my middle finger up between her cheeks putting more and more pressure on the fabric of her underwear each time, so it would be closer and closer to the one place she had always denied me. I listened carefully to her reaction each time. I fully intended to stop if she asked but I wanted to see how far I could go. On the last stroke I extended my thumb out so that it started at her bum between the cheeks. Bringing my hand up stroking between her legs, her reaction was pure pleasure, it was like I had run electricity through her body. When the tip of my middle finger reached the end she raised her butt to meet it. I don't even think she was aware she was doing it.

Now was the time to get really daring.

I gently pulled the fabric of her underwear aside, and slid my other hand in. Four of my fingers were dancing across her now very wet pussy. I kept my thumb extended out, rubbing it across her butt cheeks in small circles getting closer to going between them each time.

As I got closer and closer I slid another finger inside her pussy. She let a sharp intake of breath, followed by another long moan as I began moving that finger in and out. Each time I pushed inside her my thumb got closer and closer to its target. She began shuddering slightly and raising her bottom up to meet each stroke.

At last I couldn't wait any longer. I pushed my fingers into her pussy as deep as I could. Her body met the stroke anticipating the moment. And my thumb still out stretched slid past both cheeks and up against her ass hole.

She would either freak out or enjoy it.

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