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Two lovers explore glory holes.

Your clothes say business, but your face says pleasure, I added quietly.

What do you mean, Emma snapped. Well, the way you've been looking at my crotch for example, I started, makes me think you can't wait to have my big hard cock driving into your pretty little pussy....which by now is probably nice and damp....I trailed off. Emma momentarily appeared lost for words, then came back in a husky tone, well, yes, I am wet, I am hot and I can't wait for you to pound me with your fat cock, just like you did to Linda!! A moments silence ensued, before Emma continued, I am new to this kind of dating, just going out to meet a guy with the prospect of just jumping into bed with him...hardly knowing him and all that.

So let's get on our way then, I said, as I got up and paid for our lunch, taking Emma by the arm and walking towards my car. I opened the car door for her, she got in and as soon as I got in alongside her she pounced on me, grabbing my face and kissing me passionately.

In the next few minutes she kissed me, tongued me, grabbed my crotch roughly as I returned the favour, sliding one hand under her skirt to find a nice and wet pussy...barely covered by a lacy pair of knickers....fingering her tight cunt briefly, she stopped kissing me as she sat back in her seat, letting me finger her to orgasm. Woohoo, she went, cumming loudly as her body thrashed mildly against my fingers. Let's go to my place, she just about demanded. Hey, a lady must be obeyed, so off we went.

Walking in the front door to her house, Emma closed the door and promptly pushed me back up against it. Kissing me passionately, she only paused long enough to just about beg me to fuck her like I did Linda. OK, I said, as I took over...taking her firmly by the waist and pushing her against the hallway door, firmly kissing her while yanking her skirt up....undoing my chinos and dropping them to floor, stepped out of them and kicked them aside...grabbing Emma's knickers by the crotch I pulled them down a little, then with my foot I pushed them to the floor....my rigid prick now touching her on the thigh, much to Emma's delight...

As I began to lift one of Emma's legs, she begins to moan low and loud, oh yeah, shove that big prick into me, ram me with that beautiful big cock.....oh yeah, Linda has told me how you fucked her...so often....I want you to ram me ...she's probably so close to cumming I only have to finger her....

As my cock touches her juicy cunt, Emma moans and shudders slightly, then when I drive into her she cums instantly....just about collapsing as her orgasm hits home. I manage to hold her upright and on my cock, eventually getting her legs wrapped around me as I bang her against her hallway wall...her cunt gushing all over my cock and balls...when she cums again I know I gotta get her tight arse onto something solid.

In the absence of a hall table I let her slump to the floor and crawl in between her legs, position my cock at her beautifully tight and wet cunt once more, drive into her as she's now kissing me passionately and wrapping her arms around me to hold me close and keep my dick buried in her. Her legs are spread wide, my cock is sliding in and out of her as I unbutton her blouse to get at her firm tits. With her bra cups pulled down, I can now suck on her rock hard nipps....

For about twenty minutes or so I keep shafting her slowly and teasingly, speeding up occasionally to make her cum...sucking her nipples as I drive myself into her hot fuckhole....when I finally feel I can't hold back anymore I pound her hard several times...then stay deep inside her as my balls pump a nice load of spunk into Emma's well used fanny....

Staying in her pussy I slowly continue to stroke her with my now only slightly softened cock, much to Emma's surprise.

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