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At the store. It had been a while since they'd needed this.

"There there," said Rachel. "Come on, tell me what happened"

"We were," Monica paused. "We were having sex and he-"

"What. What did he do?"

"He just finished," Monica said. "Left me and said I had to go"

"What a bastard"

"I know. He said he had work or something. I didn't even get know. I begged but he wouldn't"


"Make me... finish"

"Oh I see"

Rachel shuffled uncomfortably. The closeness seemed to be making her even more horny - she was horny enough that it didn't even seem to matter who it was that was close. Hell, even ugly naked guy had turned her on.

She resumed hugging Monica, hoping she wouldn't notice. But then events changed somewhat. She noticed a gentle rocking had begun. By chance, Rachel's leg had been under where Monica had dropped. And Monica was rocking on top of this loose appendage. She was humping her leg!

There was a slight groaning noise beginning to emanate from her, after a while. Rachel felt so sorry for her, she just resolved to let her get on with it.

"There there," she repeated. patting her hair, and then stroking it slowly. Monica continued to sob between satisfied groans.

This seemed to help, as Monica continued with a renewed vigour. The only trouble now seemed to be that Rachel wanted desperately to satisfy herself too, but hardly knew how.

Between sniffles, Monica was groaning openly. Her jeans looked fairly thick, but Rachel's bare leg seemed to be satisfying her nicely. Through the fabric, she could feel Monica's wetness on her leg. What a turn on! Monica fucking her juices onto her skin.

"Oh Rachel," she moaned. "Thank you Rachel"

She just continued to stroke her hair in response, trying to ignore her increasingly wetting pussy, coupled with her burning desire.

Before long, Monica's breathing became severe. Her groaning was loud. The bed was actually rocking steadily to Monica's thrusts.

"Ooooh Rachel," she groaned. "I'm going to cum. Thank you so much"

The continued thanks was odd, but Rachel supposed it was even more awkward for Monica than it was for her. It must be embarrassing to be so horny that you actually find yourself humping your best friends leg, just because it's there.

In an instant, Monica's body stiffened. Some sort of bizarre instinct meant both her hands grasped out, finding her breasts. And pleasure, as well as relief washed over her. She actually screamed with delight (loud enough that ugly naked guy probably got a second wind).

Rachel sat in awe of this beautiful woman groaning, grasping her tits in delight whilst her pussy throbbed onto her leg. God she was horny.

As she settled, she sheepishly relinquished her tits, embarrassed at the display of orgasmic delight, and slumped onto the bed beside her, exhausted. She panted heavily from her work out.

Rachel leant over and began stroking her hair again.

"I'm so sorry," Monica said after a while. "It's just that I-"

"It's fine," Rachel smiled. "I understand"

Monica smiled sheepishly. "Thanks"

The smile then evaporated as she looked at Rachel for the first time. She noticed the wetspot. As her mind clicked into gear, she recalled the positioning of Rachel as she'd burst into the room. That she was lying alone with no TV on. And with a wet pussy, and skimpy clothing. She even thought she might have seen her snapping her hands away too. The wetness could be explained by her display (had she made her best friend horny?) but not that frantic movement.

"Were you?..." she asked, probingly.

Rachel looked down, and a panic look came over her.


"I'm so sorry," Monica said. "I interrupted-"

"It's fine, really"

Monica paused.

"Do you want me to?..."

Rachel was surprised. She had an idea what she might be going to say. Is that what she was going to say? Is she going to suggest what I think she's going to suggest?

"I mean..." Monica continued. "I can help you out if you like? You're all wet down there and..."

"I guess so," Rachel said nervously.

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