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Male camper takes on three bikers.

He put the panties up to his nose and inhaled her musky scent and wished that the pussy that these panties guarded was open to him at that moment. He wrapped the panties around his cock and started pounding for all he was worth until he exploded all over the laundry. He then washed up the evidence and headed back upstairs. On his way up he heard the answering machine "Hi honey I'm sorry but I have to cover for Dr. Boyer tonight. I know how much you were looking forward to tonight but we'll do it again soon I promise."

Looking forward to tonight....what did that mean john thought to himself. He ran upstairs to the bedroom and started looking through the dresser drawers until he found her diary. Entry for today read: Rick was very secret about tonight. All he said that by 6:00pm I was to be waiting for him, and I was to be blindfolded, wear the tightest jeans I had, a tight t shirt and not to wear panties. I think I'm going to get laid tonight!!!

John closed the book and thought to himself that if he ever had a chance at Janice tonight was it. He knew it was wrong, sick and twisted, but he was consumed by lust and he wanted her more then anything else in the world. He ran downstairs and erased the message on the machine, put the chairs outside on the patio and left with the keys.

At 6:07pm John stood at the door shaking and after a few moments of fumbling with the keys got the door unlocked. He entered and heard soft music on the radio playing low and heard a husky voice say "up here baby I've been waiting all day for this." John turned and was stunned when he saw Janice she was a vision of beauty in skin tight blue jeans, a white sheer top and blindfolded by one of Dr. Murphy's ties. "Do you like what you see baby" All john could do was grunt approvingly for he didn't dare use his voice. He walked up to her and gently seated her on the sofa and began to gently rub and kiss her breasts through the sheer fabric, paying special attention to her nipples as she moaned her approval. He made his way down her chest to her stomach and began to play with her breasts, gently kneading and squeezing them.

Janice was moaning with delight and was pushing John down lower to her groin, all the while rubbing her fingers through his hair and calling him Rick. John had now reached his goal and began to unbutton her fly, the scent of her arousal evident in the air. When he was done he left the top button of the jeans buttoned, gently blew on her exposed sex and looked up at her as she said " Oh please god baby do it now....Rick baby eat me!!! Eat me so good baby please." With that John dove in, pulsing his tongue in and out, exploring every undiscovered pleasure spot she had. Janice began to grind her sex into John all the while moaning "That's it baby!!! Don't lose it, don't lose it!" John then found her clit and began to gently suckle from her until she could no longer hold back. "Oh Baby!!!!!!! I'm CUMMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!... Oh DON'T STOP BABY!!!!!!!"

With that a flood of juices hit John and he lapped them up as best he could until he could take no more.

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