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"Well I hope that has explained everything that may be worrying you." she spoke with confidence and devoured me with her eyes.

There was little I could say with that and I rose to leave. As I turned to the door she spoke again," Paul I would love to get to know you better would you like dinner tonight?"

Again I found that I was agreeing to everything this woman suggested and agreed to a date. She would pick me up at eight tonight and with our business completed I left the office to prepare for my night out.

Dazed by how the day had gone I almost didn't notice you entering your house but I did see you and my heart lurched in my chest. I wanted to run to you to beg you to take me back and then I saw him. He was taller than you and was handsome. His hair was black and he kissed you tenderly on your lips. My heart broke as I watched you being kissed and with tears in my eyes I made my way back to the garage. Now I burnt with anger and I determined that I would have sex with Vanessa as you must be having sex with that man I saw you with only moments before.

Chapter 7 At eight o'clock I heard a car draw up to my house and rushed to the door to see the long legs of Vanessa slide from the leather seat of her Mercedes roadster and onto the white gravelled path. She was stunning, she wore a short black dress and sheer black stockings with high-heeled shoes. Her legs were long, muscled and slim the sort of legs you would see on a long distance runner. Her breasts thrust forward they seemed to defy gravity and she swung her golden hair to create a halo about her head.

Seeing me she smiled and I again saw that predatory smile, she kissed me on the cheek as I ushered her into my house and found that I was taking her on a guided tour. A question here and there quickly showed me that she was well-educated about the arts and antiques. Upon seeing the pool in the back she turned to me and spoke in a low seductive voice.

"I hope you swim and tan naked Paul I like an all over tan on the men I bed."

I was shocked she seemed so wanton there but even as she said it she turned from me not wanting an answer. Everything this woman did seemed to be trying to catch me off guard and inflame my desire. In an effort to gain control of the conversation I asked where we would have dinner and smiling at me I was informed it would be at her place.

Then as quickly as the statement was said we were in her car and I was being driven breath-takingly fast to her unit in a well-appointed block of units. It was in a Spanish stile with the cream adobe gleaming. I followed as she took me her front door and invited me in. I was impressed with the restrained taste the unit showed. It was large and I could see a patio and an outdoor dining set out the back. We walked across a black slate floor and Vanessa asked me to get her a drink while she checked the food.

I organised a dry martini for her and a Bourbon and dry for myself which I offered to her as she came out of the kitchen with some pate and other nibbles. We walked to the patio and watched the sun set as we drank and ate. The conversation flowed lazily, she did not try to push the words and it seemed better to be silent as we enjoyed the time together. I watched her with growing arousal as I admired her naked back, it was smooth, tanned and without evidence of a bra. She must be marvellously toned I thought to myself as I realised that her breasts were completely unsupported.

Each time she moved it seemed that she opened a little bit of her body to my view and teased me. She had quickly kicked off her shoes for comfort and had made sure I had a view of her superb legs as she stretched them. Over dinner she flirted with me outrageously but remained completely out of my reach. I was growing more frustrated with each moment and more under her spell with each second.

Therefore it was a surprise that we moved from the patio to her living room and the sofa for coffee and some sweet nibbles.

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