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Emily's long distance connection.

Ryan was amazed at all the cum that covered his face, but quickly recovered to wrap his lips around Coach's cock to catch the rest of his shots. Over and over Ryan swallowed cups of salty, manly seed, filling his belly to the brim. Ryan felt himself cream his pants hands-free. After about two minutes, Coach felt his loads recede and Ryan pulled off his cock with an audible *pop*. Cum dribbled down his chin, he looked down to see not a six-pack anymore but a small gut due to all the cum he swallowed.

He got off his knees to admire his gut. He removed his sleeveless tee, and pulled off his athletic shorts. He remained in his boxer briefs, his belly drooping over his elastic waistband, and soon felt a strange warm sensation in his groin. It felt so pleasurable, like getting a boner but with a stronger sensation. He looked down to see his boxers expanding with a bigger and bigger bulge. His cock stopped growing just when it reached the edge of his briefs. Ryan felt himself grow hard at the sight of his cock growing. Rob and John rushed over as they pulled down Ryan's underwear to get a better look at his poorly hidden cock. It was HUGE! Now, not nearly as big as Coach's black beauty, but certainly 13 inches of thick cock meat lay in front of the boys, his prominent pink head pulsing with precum. They began to stroke it, and asked how this could happen

"It's my seed boys, I hit the genetic lottery, my cum usually make some part of your body change and it usually makes you more attractive, but it's effects are potent only once, no matter how many times my seed enters you, it only changes you once."

John and Rob both had the desire to look even more attractive for Coach. Rob had an idea: he walked over to the bench press and got into position to start lifting when he called for someone to spot him. Ryan and Coach went over, their cocks slapping their inner thighs. They both hovered over Rob, their giant packages covering his whole face. Rob was in heaven, two of the biggest cocks in the school right at his mouth. He began to lift the barbell and, while showing off his biceps, he started to lick the underside of the two monster meat poles on his face. Both started to become more rigid, and Ryan began to rub his cock against Coach's.

Rob eventually couldn't take it: he placed the barbell down and turned 180 degrees and stuffed his mouth with each ginormous cock head. Wildly sucking these iron hard shafts, John came to join in, focusing more on the giant jewels Ryan was sporting. He nudged Rob over so he could share in licking and sucking these dicks like they deserved.

After a matter of minutes, Ryan found out that he now possessed even more skin to stimulate, and his best friend's tight warm throat sure did it for him. He started to thrust in and out until a he couldn't take it. If he had known how good his best friend's throat felt, he wouldn't have wasted his time trying to pick up girls all these years!

After several more moments of slow yet sincere pleasure, Ryan pulled his cock out and, at the same time as Coach, pumped his copious shots of cum all over the boys' pretty faces. Ounce after ounce soaked their hair, face and neck. They couldn't believe the sheer volume of these combined loads, puddles of sperm soaked the gym mats on the floor. It had felt like forever before Ryan and Coach felt their orgasms begin to finish. Rob and John used their fingers to wipe off the remaining cum, getting a taste for both bro's seed. They stood up and began to take off each other's clothes, they were eager to see another hot transformation.

Rob himself was out of it, he was still in shock that Coach and Ryan literally drowned him in cream.

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