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18-year-old takes away her father's stress.

True, it was mostly her own fault for being so cheap, but still...

Would she do it again? With bigger holes and that protective shirt? She wasn't sure. 200 bucks were an awful lot of money, and she just had to lie in that damp compartment to earn it, letting some weirdo play with her hooters...

"Hey, May! Was this your first trip?"


"Was this your first trip with this bus?"

"Not first trip. Many trip. Good job!" the native girl smiled, "I do again!"

Lily turned around to Erin. "Hey Erin, is this your first trip?"

"You mean if I did this before? I thought I told you already. It's my third. But this one was the worst so far. It pays more than the previous ones, too, but that road to Tat Mak? I mean, seriously? Glad my boobs are still where they belong!"

"Third trip... damn. So you would you do it again?"

"For 200 bucks? Hell yes! I just wish they would stick to real roads!"

Lily pondered. How would she decide, would she do it again?

The bus slowed down and came to a halt.

"Break for guests. Please be back in 10 minutes!"

Finally some break from all that fondling. She remembered the job offer from her 'customer'. What would he ask her to do? Certainly something related to her tits, but what? He seemed to enjoy her pair a lot, and it seemed like she really surprised him with those coke cans..."

Richie returned from the rest room and saw the two women laughing in front of the bus. "Ladies?"

"Hey Mister! So, how did you like this trip?"

"Spectacular. My girl was absolutely incredible! Her breasts are a true work of art, and her determination... I'll have to ask Gus to trick some more girls into taking too small holes again. That was really nice touch!"

"Hehe, good idea. So how is she doing? Heard anything from upstairs?"

"Not really. She was pretty calm in the past hours. Just a bit of moaning and whimpering. And her tits look a bit puffy and swollen. Wonder how she will ever get out of those rings again!"

"Those bandages... That was a great idea, too! I'll have to buy some of those and try them myself!"

"They're good fun!" Richie laughed, "I'm just sad the trip is almost over. Time to play a bit more with those hooters!"

"Yeah, will miss my stress relievers!" smiled Linda, "I got really used to those."

"Looks like the driver wants to depart again. Let's get inside."

Richie marvelled at the four dancing breasts, watched them jump and jiggle. This was dream material. He just had to convince those girls to start working for him.

"Hey girl, do you need to get out?" he asked, lightly slapping the constricted breasts.

"Ugh... I would like to, but I'm so stuck! Can you help me to get out of this mess?"

Richie chuckled, "I think it's easier if you just stay where you are. We're almost at our destination anyway. No clue why the driver wants to stop again, probably knows the shop owner or something."

Lily squirmed as she tried to pull her tits out. No fucking way. It was simply not possible to get out of there again!

The bus slowed down again. "Break for performers. Please hurry up. Back in 10 minutes!"

The driver released the locking mechanism. Girls around her huffed and puffed as they pulled their sleeve-protected tits free and crawled outside.

"I'm so happy this is almost over!" groaned Erin as she inspected her bruised breasts, "My boobs are demanding an extensive break!"

A small, thin woman with bright blue eyes and huge breasts nodded emphatically, "This time it's really a stretch."

Alice joined them, rubbing her pearly white breasts, and groaned, "If you ever consider the driver's seat, think again! That guy is an ass! Look at my tits! He mauled them endlessly!"

"I think it wasn't only the driver," Erin smirked, "They used your pair for demonstration purposes! Those two women... I think they ran some entertainment program or something."

"Really? I was puzzled about all that slapping and tweaking, but I really didn't get what the fuck was going on. By the way, how is that girl next to you doing?"

"Lily? The one with no shirt and too small holes?"

"Yeah, that one.

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