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A Man on a secret mission wearing the body of a sexy teacher.


The song lasted a few more minutes and we danced in silence. When it ended, Megan stepped back and asked, "I've another question, Jim. It's very personal and you don't have to answer me if you don't want to. How long has it been since you've made love to a woman?"

"It's OK. The last time was over two years ago, with Katherine."

"It's been longer for me... since my husband and I quit being intimate. Sex between us had been waning for years before we just stopped trying. I've had opportunities but couldn't bring myself to having sex with men I had no feelings for. You're not like them, Jim. Could you...would you..." Unable to finish, she dropped her head.

While I'd only met her, I understood why she couldn't finish. I touched her chin and lifted her head to look into her eyes and told her, "Meagan, I can't think of anything I'd like to do more than make love to you. But, I need to know if you're really sure you want to. I'd never forgive myself if we did and you'd suffer from guilt afterwards."

"I'm sure Jim. I want to...very badly. I need you."

I kissed her, shorter and less deeply than before. "Good. I'll do my best to be what you need. I'm worried because it's been so long for me and I don't have lots of experience with women. Katherine was my first and only lover. But, I'm yours tonight and for as long as you want."

Megan's face brightened. She turned and took my arm saying, "No need to worry. I just know we'll be good together. I'm sure YOU won't regret this night."

Everyone we passed, leaving the ballroom and the hotel lobby, smiled and even nodded at us. I was sure it was due to the beaming smiles on both our faces. Boarding an elevator together, Megan fell into my arms and we kissed passionately until the doors opened on our floor.

Quickly going down the hall hand-in-hand, we entered the room and again embraced in kissed behind the closed, locked door. Our desires mounted. Our hands roved each other's bodies. When we broke for needed air, I asked, "Can we slow it down some."

Megan stepped out of my embrace and before turning asked me to "Undo my dress and sit down."

She turned back around and I shed my jacket, sat and watched. She moved close, stood between my feet, and let her gown fall to the floor. She'd worn green thigh-highs, bra and panties - her dress color. The contrast, in the single bedside lamp's light, made her skin seem to emit a glowing softness. Never taking my eyes away, I loosened my bow tie, undid my shirt studs and discarded my cummerbund.

Megan reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders, slowly peeled it off and tossed it aside. She hooked her finger in the waistband of her panties, slid them down over her hip and let them fall.

In the faint light of the bedside light, her bare skin radiated a soft glow. Stunned by her beauty, I froze in awe. Only the red crests of her breasts and her trimmed patch of red pubic hair above her cleft broke the milky white softness of her womanly body. She stepped out of the discarding pile at her feet and shoes, kicking everything aside saying, "I hope you're not disappointed."

I managed, "Hardly, Megan. You're an incredibly beautiful woman." I spoke honestly, fully realizing what a complete fool her husband was.

She spun around slowly giving a total view of her nakedness. Completing her slow turn, she beckoned, "Please. Touch me. I need to be touched."

My arms rose instinctively to the bare sides of her legs above the nylons. Her creamy white skin felt soft and smooth. Dragging my hands up, I glided my outstretched fingers and palms over the edges of her hips. Veering inward, I skimmed the rise below her waist brushing through the soft thatch of pubic hair.

Megan inched closer when I ran my hands up to her cover her bare breasts. "Play with them, Jim."

I needed no encouragement.

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