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A lie and a break?

ase suck it, pretty please?"

"Well, I mean-I just, um-who can say no to that, right?" Donnie laughed nervously. But as his manhood slipped between her soft wet lips, he bucked forward. "Oh!"

Adrianna worked her neck, bobbed on his flaccid cock. She scratched her hot pink nails down his thigh. She slurped, handled the tip while kissing down the shaft. She cupped his balls in her mouth, sucked. Yet, his cock remained a cooked noodle.

Donnie fell forward, braced his hand against the door. As he did, he pushed it opened. They both tumbled out of the closet to the floor. His crotch buried in her face.

Adrianna deep-throated him, gagged, before shoving him off. She hurried to her feet but froze.

Three skeletal androids stood at the end of the metallic hallway, guns aimed at her.

"Donnie," Adrianna said, "we've got company."

Donnie's eyes were fixed on three androids at the opposite end. "Second that."

Adrianna glanced over her shoulder, then back to the androids at her end. "Follow my lead," Adrianna whispered while rising to her feet.

The red robots approached, weapons outstretched.

Within arms reach, Adrianna snatched the gun barrel with cat-like reflexes. The android pulled the trigger, but Adrianna shoved it to the left. The laser blasted the other robot. It collapsed back into the wall as sparks emitted from its burnt chest.

Donnie didn't move. He remained submissively on his knees, hands in the air. One android stood over him while the other two helped with Adrianna.

Adrianna tore the android's gun away, kicked it in the chest. She fired two quick blasts, clearing her aisle. Before she could turn, she was kicked in the back of the knee. She collapsed forward, fumbled the LG-3. She crawled after it, but two androids pinned her belly-down to the carpet. "Donnie!"

Donnie felt the barrel of the android's gun upon his temple. He looked to the ground, mind churning and palms sweaty.

"Donn-" Adrianna tried to scream but one muffled her mouth. She wiggled underneath them, kicked her legs. But there was no use.

With a glowing laser-like zip-tie, the androids bound Adrianna's wrists behind her back, tied her ankles together. Then, they proceeded to hogtie her.

Donnie glanced up. His girlfriend's eyes pleaded for help. She appeared frightened, vulnerable. Before he could think, his actions took over. Donnie snatched the weapon over his shoulder, spun around to the android's back, and shoved its face into the wall. The android had a seizure, short-circuiting. Donnie rotated the LG-3 to the androids apprehending Adrianna. He fired, and the blast knocked one robot off its feet.

The final android shot back, clipping Donnie in the shoulder.

Donnie flew to his back, skidded across the carpet. He didn't budge. A bright burn mark appeared on his shoulder.

The android carefully nudged Donnie's leg. No movement. It leaned down, poking Donnie in the chest. Nothing. The red robot eased closer. Donnie's cock twitched. The android cocked its head in confusion.

Donnie's eyes shot open. He moved the weapon away from his neck. The android fired, burning the carpet next to Donnie's head. Donnie thrust his legs in the air, trapping the android's head between his thighs. He rotated his hips, bringing the robot down. He locked the android's elbow between his legs, leaned back, and snapped the arm in two. The exposed wires smoked.

Adrianna fought with her binds, but as Donnie stood to his feet, she stopped. Her eyes widened.

Donnie stood underneath the overhead light. His muscles glistened in sweat. His cock began to rise with the beat of his heart.

"Oh, Donnie..." Adrianna said breathlessly, leering at his growth. She shook away the lewd images in her head. "Give me a hand-"

"Not so fast," a voice called out.

Donnie looked up as more androids cluttered the hallway. "Fuck..."


"Donnie! Donnie!"

"I'm here," Donnie said. "They have something over my-"

A cloak was pulled from Donnie's eyes.

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