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On a lesbian vacation with my slave Martina.

Whatever was going on between Jack Nicholson and the lovely Amanda was really none of his business. And he could tell Jack was in no mood to talk about anything...


Fifteen minutes later, Matt and Jack were anchoring the line that Mark was using to lower himself down the bluff to where Amanda was waiting. It took Mark a couple minutes to get Amanda securely strapped to him and then he yelled up to Matt and Jack to start pulling them up.

Mark was doing his best not to react to Amanda the same way he had yesterday as soon as he'd seen her at the pool in that white string bikini. But it was even more difficult now because she was plastered against him face to face, her legs straddling his and her arms wrapped tightly around him. He could feel her generous breasts crushed against his chest and her face was buried against his neck as she whimpered nervously and struggled to hold him even tighter using her legs as well.

Then she gasped softly and raised her head to stare at him with her eyes wide. She'd inadvertently pressed her crotch against his and felt his hard cock. They both blushed.

"I'm so sorry," Amanda muttered and then looked away over his shoulder.

"It's not your fault... I mean... well... it sorta is your fault... But not on purpose! I mean... you can't help the way I react to you any more than I can help it! So... I guess I'm sorry, too... My name's Mark, by the way..." he said quietly when she shyly looked back at him again.

"Well... thank you so much for coming to my rescue, Mark. My name's Amanda."

Then he asked her curiously, "What did Mr. Nicholson mean when he said that I'd probably be hopin' for the same reward he got for coming to your rescue?"

Amanda snorted disgustedly and flopped her head on his right shoulder and replied, "Never mind! I can't believe he even said that!" she muttered angrily. "Two days... I haven't even known the man two days and already I want to kill him! He can't possibly still believe that we'd survive for longer than a weekend together!"

Mark's eyebrows went up when realization dawned on him as to what that "reward" was that Jack had referred to. Obviously he meant sex. If they'd just met on Friday and were spending the weekend together, what else could it be other than sex?!!! He couldn't stop the soft snort of laughter that erupted at the thought that he had, indeed, wished that he would get a reward like that!

Amanda lifted her head and looked at him again. "What was that about?" she asked him warily.

Mark had the good grace to blush and look away as he answered her honestly. "I think I just figured out what that reward was and I... uh... yeah... I wish I could've gotten it. But I guess you already know that." He looked back at her and saw her smirking, trying not to laugh. He couldn't help but grin and then they both chuckled softly, just as they neared the top of the bluff.

"Well, well, well... doesn't this look cozy!" Jack sneered as he peered over on his hands and knees, reaching down to offer Mark his hand and arm to help them up over the edge of the bluff while Matt held on to the rope.

With Jack's help, Mark and Amanda finally managed to roll themselves up over the edge. As luck would have it, Mark ended up on top of Amanda in, what looked like, a very compromising position. In his embarrassment, he fumbled with the gear, unsuccessfully trying to get them separated for almost a minute.

Jack stood looking down at them with his arms folded over his chest. "Would you mind getin' the fuck off my girlfriend?!!" he growled menacingly at the young, good-looking pool waiter who looked like he was unsuccessfully trying not to enjoy being trapped between Amanda's shapely thighs and on top of her curvy body.

Mark finally freed himself and stood up quickly to help Amanda to her feet, and then fumbled again when he tried to help her out of the harness that was strapped around her hips and thighs. When he finally got it off of her, she leaned forward and tiptoed to kiss his cheek softly.

Then she smiled coyly at

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