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Wife goes out with her Boss but keeps control.

Steve shifted, embarrassed, in his seat as the woman's fingers travelled south, eventually reaching the top of her smooth pussy. Her fingertips danced over her clit as she closed her eyes, opened her mouth in pleasure and threw her head back.

The spotlight went out, casting the stage into darkness.

"Oh wow!" Sarah giggled "I've never seen a stripper before!"

"Got to admit, I didn't expect that!" Steve responded as Jane smiled at them both. The audience clapped.

"Erm...she's not finished yet" Jane murmured "Just watch."

The music started again, more aggressive, louder, pumping. The atmosphere became incredibly tense. The spotlight suddenly lit the stage. She stood centre stage holding two, tall, well-built black men by their hands. She was still completely naked, they wore nothing but smug smiles on their faces and short towels around their waists. Steve looked on, still open mouthed. Jane licked her lips and crossed her legs, her dress riding up, revealing her attractive thighs. Sarah murmured to herself in disbelief.

The spotlight went out, again casting the stage into darkness. Boos and angry shouts rang around the room. Sarah and Steve grasped each other's hand, fearing the crowd's anger bubbling. The spotlight flashed on again.

After a couple of minutes, the two of them managed to catch one another's eye. "Fucking hell" Steve mouthed, shocked. Sarah couldn't take her eyes off the events unfolding in front of them.

The stripper was kneeling in front of the two big men. Sucking and, caressing, stroking their massive, black cocks. They held their heads back as her tongue flickered up and down their thick lengths. It wasn't long before she was being penetrated, slowly, firmly, their shafts buried deep inside her. In her pussy. In her ass. Her moans and squeals of delight and the groans of the two black guys could be heard above the music, their balls slapping loudly against her. Fucking her... hard. Sarah caught the woman's eye as they screwed her from in front and from behind. The woman smirked back at her, then her mouth opened wide in ecstacy, her eyes flickered, feeling the insistent invasion of two hard, black cocks, pushing urgently inside her.

"Oh fuck me, Ste!" Sarah shouted into Steve's ear so that she could be heard above the music. "Just look at what they're doing to her!"

"Fucking hell" Steve responded, still open mouthed. He could see the man at the table in front. His hands rested now on the younger girls head in his lap. She pushed her blonde hair behind her ear and took his hardness into her mouth, her head bobbed, lubricating his stiff prick with her spit. The man's wife looked on in excitement, her dress pulled up, fingers down her panties, rubbing her clit furiously. "Oh God!" Steve murmured, noticing the older woman teasing her breasts out from beneath her expensive, low cut dress.

Sarah watched on and stroked her hand across Steve's lap. She could feel his hardness ridging in his pants with her fingers. She afforded herself a little smile. Jane turned to look at them and grinned. She put her hand over Sarah's on Steve's lap and danced her fingertips over his hidden erection. "Well..." she said as the music started to slowly quieten down. "What do you think?!"

"I don't know what to say!" Sarah giggled, watching intently as the two black men withdrew from the trembling woman, forcing her to kneel once again in front of them. They firmly pumped their glistening, thick cocks in her face, building to a climax. She looked on expectantly, licking her lips at their two quivering shafts, waiting to receive her reward.
"Oh Jesus...fuck!" Jane gasped.

"Fuuuuck!" Sarah murmured in unison.

"Oh God!" Steve moaned as the two men both unleashed torrents of thick, warm spunk over the woman's lips, over her shoulders and her heaving breasts.

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