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She opens a mysterious package left by her husband.

" He joked laughing.

"And what reputation is that?" I said laughing

"I'm only kidding. I couldn't care less about my reputation, honestly. But, I am glad you said you'd go with me." He said.

"Well, Im glad you asked." I said, blushing again. I swear, this guy makes me turn more red than a cherry tomato.

He smiled, started his car, and started driving. "So, what music do you listen to?" He asked.

"Oh, anything really. Im not too picky." I said.

"Do you like rock music?" He asked.

"Some, yeah. Just as long as I can understand the lyrics. I hate when all you hear is screaming." I said with a laugh.

"Yeah, that can be pretty obnoxious." He said as he inserted a Shinedown CD in the CD player. As the first song came on, he started singing along to it. I loved his voice. He sang so well. I was in complete bliss. Eventually, we got to the Japanese restaurant. He parked, killed the engine, and told me to wait there. I nodded and watched him get out of the car and hurry back to my side to let me out. As I got out, he took my hand and led me to the main entrance of the restaurant.

As we were seated, he pulled out a chair for me, scooted it back in and sat across from me, as the table was set for two. We were shortly greeted by a waitress wanting to take our drink orders. He ordered a ramune, which was a Japanese soda and I ordered a Coke. She nodded, smiled, and turned to get our drinks.

"So," he said. "I take it, I'll be taking you home after this?"

"If you want, sure." I said. "I mean, I don't really have anywhere else to go." I said. I didn't want him to know how awful life was at home for me. My parents always fight and my step-dad is a drunk and attacks me any time he can.

He looked at me worried when I said that. "You don't have anywhere else to go?" He asked confused. "You say that like you don't want to be there." He said.

"Well, I'd obviously rather not. But I don't really have a choice." I said.

"You and your parents don't get along?" He asked.

"Not exactly," I said. "My mom got re-married and my step-dad doesn't like me."

"Oh," He said. "I'm sorry." He said. I shrugged, trying not to think of them. "He doesn't...... hit you, does he?" He asked almost sickened by that thought.

"He has," I said. "I'm okay though. Can we not talk about them?" I said getting uncomfortable.

He nodded. "I'm really sorry, Emily." He said. "I wish there was something I could do."

"It's okay, don't be sorry." I told him

"You're eighteen, aren't you?" He asked almost like he had a brilliant idea.

"Yeah..." I said confused.

"Then tonight, you're going to come home with me." He said.

I sat there in shock just staring at him.

"I want you to be safe. If you come home with me tonight, you will be." He told me.

"Are.... Are you sure?" I asked him still surprised.

"Of course. It's just me at my house. I don't live with anyone. It gets a little lonely at times and I would love to have you stay with me tonight." he said.

"Thank you, Jason." I said. "That really means a lot to me."

"Well, you mean a lot to me." He said. Just then, the waitress brought our drinks and asked if we were ready to order. He ordered his usual and then looked at me. I hadn't had a chance to look so I just ordered the first thing I saw. "I'll have a... Dragon roll." I said, unsure of what i really ordered. With a nod, the waitress turned and walked away.

"A dragon roll, huh?" Jason said laughing.

"It was the first thing I saw," I said. "I didn't want to keep her waiting." We laughed together. For the rest of the dinner date, we sat there getting to know one another better and flirting back and forth. At the end of the date we went back to his place and relaxed. He put on a movie and we sat on his bed watching it.

"I'm so glad you're here," he whispered to me. "I've liked you for a really long time."

I looked at him and smiled.

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