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College tries to recruit sexiest man alive.

"Lex..." I looked up at Bill & he looked down at my for a moment before lowering his head & started kissing me. I always thought he'd be a really good kisser-he's got really nice lips-& I was right. It only took a few seconds before we figured out how each other kissed & then we were making out like mad-our tongues in each others' mouths, our hands roaming over each others' body. We stopped kissing long enough for him to pull my hoodie off me (I'm always cold) & then we were back at each other. After my hoodie was off I could feel his hand better on me even though he wasn't really touching my tits-I wasn't sure if he didn't like them or if he was just trying to be a gentleman at the moment, but I didn't really give it too much thought since he was sucking on my bottom lip & then kissing my jaw, my ear, down to my neck where he started nibbling. My knees were going weak & my pussy was soaked & I thought that he had to be tired of standing there so I took his hand & walked over to the couch & pushed lightly on his chest so he knew to sit down. I straddled his lap & felt his cock-god I couldn't wait to get to it, but I started kissing him again before kissing his ear & his neck, biting just a bit to see if he enjoyed it & I felt his cock twitch so I assumed he did.

Bill took the bottom of my shirt & lifted it off over my head. He left my bra on, but started kissing my chest & into my cleavage. "God Lex you have nice tits. I always look at them as much as I can without anyone else noticing. Even when Mike & other guys are talking about them I try to act like I don't care because I never wanted you to be pissed at me for looking." He unhooked & removed my bra & started sucking on my left nipple while lightly squeezing my right breast.

"Mmmmmm Bill..." I knew my panties were soaked & I wouldn't really be surprised if my jeans were too. After a few minutes of him going back & forth between my nipples & me not doing much besides running my hands over his shoulders & back & his hair, I stood up & removed my jeans, but I left my wet panties on-I wanted Bill to remove those later. I knelt on the floor in front of him & started to pull on his shorts for him to rais his hips so I could take them off & his cock sprung up. There was a little light from the laundry room plus some light from a street lamp coming through the front windows so I could see his cock was about 8" long & really thick-I felt my pussy spasm from just looking at it. I grabbed the head of his cock lightly & stroked my hand down & started to kiss & suck his cockhead. I sucked a few inches of his cock into my mouth & looked up at him. He looked at me, smile & then closed his eyes & laid his head back as I started working more of his cock into my mouth & down my throat. I couldn't get all of him into my mouth, but I know I'm great at giving head & he seemed to be enjoying himself. After awhile I looked up at him again when he looked at me he put his hand on the side of my face & I knew he wanted me to stop. He helped me stand up & then he slipped my panties off me, stood up & had me lay on the couch. I thought I was finally going to feel his cock in my pussy until he knelt down & ran his tongue along me wet slit.

"Holy fuck Lex, you weren't kidding when you said you get wet." We'd had sexual conversations before, but they were always in a joking fashion, I never thought he'd actually have any interest in me & I'd told him how wet I got. He started lapping up my wetness & then slipped a finger into me as he sucked on my clit-I almost came then, but I really wanted it to last.

"Bill, I want to suck your cock while you eat me.

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