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Marie continues.

She looked around the small room while she waited for the drink he was fixing her. Guy stuff filled the room; a stereo, TV, VCR, several stacks of video tapes and a couple of men's magazines. She was already feeling a buzz from the drinks, but if she was going to go through with this she thought she needed one more drink. Richie came back to the couch carrying the promised drink and one of his own.

"You are a beautiful woman." He said, looking deep into her eyes as he handed her the drink.

Paula blushed at the compliment but did not look away from him as she quickly took a long drink from her glass. Her eyes followed him as he sat on the couch next to her and took her into his arms gently. They kissed. A long deep kiss that started slowly and quickly built in passion. Both wanted this. Both knew the other wanted it too, and Paula lost the last bit of reluctance as she felt his tongue slip past her lips and into her willing, adulterous mouth. The first kiss lasted until both were forced to breath. They shared excited, eager looks and then both sat their drinks down on the low coffee table in front of them and returned to their passionate embrace.

Richie moved slowly, savoring the moment, relishing her taste and feel, reveling in the passion arcing between them. He slowly removed her blouse and then her bra. She relaxed and pushed her shoulders back, exposing her breasts to a man other than her husband for the first time since she had taken her solemn vows. He gently kissed his way down her neck, letting his lips barely brush her soft sensitive skin, until he reached the gentle swell of her chest. He paused here and let one hand slide from her back around to her breasts. He explored them gently, feeling her firm softness contrast with her pebbly hard nipples and then lowered his mouth over one tit. He sucked her gently, holding her erect nipple between his teeth and swirling his tongue around it.

Her breathing quickened as Paula gave herself over to the moment. Forgotten was her husband, her vows, her love for Bob. All that existed was Richie's mouth on her breast and the spark of orgasm already blossoming between her legs. She moaned in pleasure and took her lover's head in her hands, guiding him down lower. She pushed his head down and he took the hint quickly, kissing his way down to the tight blue jeans she was wearing. He began to unbutton them and soon they were discarded on to the floor, leaving only Paula's thin cotton panties between him and paradise. He kissed down over the light fabric, enjoying the musky smell of her sex as his lips passed over her pussy without actually touching it. He kissed her inner thighs sexily, moving from one side to the other, teasing her, delighting in the little quivers his attention was drawing from her.

Finally she could take his teasing no more. She grabbed his head and forcefully shoved his face into her panties. "Eat me dammit! Eat my pussy!" She growled in mixed passion and frustration.

Richie did not hesitate. He sucked her pussy greedily through her wet panties. He tasted her juice as it soaked through the material and instantly loved her taste. Roughly he pulled her panties down and off, quickly returning his mouth to her, now gaping, hole. He sucked deeply on her dripping pussy, tasting her exquisite juices as they poured from her velvety lips and across his tongue. He lapped at her ravenously, as if she were the last meal he would ever have. He sucked her clit into his mouth and let his tongue play with it gently but vigorously.

Paula held his head between her legs, gyrating her hips in perfect rhythm with his tongue. Her orgasm grew from the fire between her legs to consume her entire body. she screamed as her climax mounted. A scream of relief and desire. An expression of lust and release.

She had never felt so wicked or so satisfied from any orgasm her husband had ever given her.

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