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George's strange adventure continues.

"Oh, Torm, I had no idea..." Cat knew using his first name would be the right play either way.

He pulled away and Cat had thought she had made a mistake - until he put her face down on the vanity to lift her dress and pull down his trousers. She squealed as she was quickly filled up with his manhood, and could look in the mirror as he yanked her hair back as he thrusted. Cat watched as her breasts bounced with each thrust behind her shook them and her torn dress.

"I always want to be your lover, Torm... I don't care who says otherwise."

"Yes, Siva, always your loving brother."

Cat moaned in excitement at her correct guess. It was surprisingly common for siblings to lust after each other if they had grown up separately until they were older. She started to moan the word 'brother' as he continued to work inside her. When he stopped, it was to put his head between her legs as he sat her on the vanity. Cat pulled on her own breasts as she enjoyed the movements on his tongue.

It didn't last long before he pulled her legs off the vanity so he could penetrate her again. Cat wrapped her legs around him as he thrust into her while taking her to the bed. He threw her down and used the headboard to leverage himself inside, staring at the choker around her neck. Cat climaxed, digging her nails into his arms as she used them for support. He pulled out and pressed her breasts around his shaft as he worked it in between. Cat helped, pressing her own breasts so he could support himself as he finally burst with seed over her neck and chest. Seeing the choker covered caused him to shudder and climax yet again despite having nothing else to put on Cat's body.

He stumbled off the bed and laid down on the floor catching his breath. Cat laid on the bed, happy and wondering if she would get to keep the choker.

Liddy was watching Mari talk with a client and making suggestive indications towards Hannah. She wondered why she hadn't seen Hannah taking any clients when a light rifle tap on the deck indicated a new arrival. Liddy turned to see Juno admitting a well-dressed man who lacked any indicators of nobility.

"Lady Captain Liddy, sir." Juno introduced.

"M'lady." The man bowed. "My Duke has sent me. I was wondering if..."

Liddy watched the man turn as white as a ghost as he glanced into the lounge after his bow. She looked and saw Hannah serving drinks and Emma being carried by a client down the hall. The only other women in the lounge at the moment were Mari and Conna, aside from Foxy standing guard.

"Someone catch your eye?" Liddy asked, still puzzled as to why he looked so terrified.

He jumped back as Hannah approached.

"Alright. People have been regarding me oddly all day," Hannah huffed. "Am I wanted for a crime or something?"

"Oh my, no..." he mumbled.

Liddy wasn't sure if he was answering Hannah's question or muttering in denial. "Sir, collect yourself and explain."

After a deep breath and swallow, he responded. "She bears a resemblance. Uncanny. Whatever her price is, I will gladly accept. Please, my Duke would be most eager to meet her."

Liddy was about to argue when he produced a stack of bonds, in the amounts only a Duke could authorise. It was her turn to be in shock, as well as Hannah's when she leaned over to look.

"Though, perhaps, a more modest and subtle dress. Something that won't attract attention."

"Right," Hannah agreed. "That means Liddy's closet."

"Not once I spend this, it won't." Liddy countered.


Mari watched Hannah trot off to the back of the ship. "So she looks like someone?"

"Yes. The Duke gets rather jealous when he sees men who remind him of... well, let's just say there is a reason the Duke sent his most trusted servant."


Emma loved the look on a man's face while he watched her fit him entirely down her throat.

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