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Carol & Ralph have ample pleasure during a weekend

He noticed Kara was gone. {Maybe she is just using the restroom...I better hurry before she comes back} Cadogan quickly sprinted for the laundry room, but the sight before him stopped him dead in his tracks.

Kara was naked, pulling off her underwear. {Sweet Jesus...I knew she had a great ass} Suddenly her underwear got caught on her foot, and she started jumping up and down trying to keep from falling over. He couldn't suppress the gasp as his cock became instantly hard again watching her ample tits bouncing up and down, swaying back and forth.

Suddenly Kara stilled; he knew she had discovered his presence. Her head turned to the side and she saw him, and after a brief instant of shock, whirled around reaching for a towel. She forgot that her underwear was still at her feet and started to fall. {Oh no...}


Kara looked at Cadogan, her mouth going dry. To a simple girl like her, he might as well have been a Greek God. His hair was falling into his face, framing those intense green hazel eyes. That chest she had felt earlier certainly owned up to her suspicions. His chest was muscled and broad, his muscles lightly lined, showing he cared about his physique but did not spend hours upon days at the gym.

Her gaze drifted down to his thick...erect cock and she straightened up and whirled around reaching for a towel, only to fail miserably and start to fall instead. When she hit a hard object, her eyes slowly peeked open, gasping when she realized it was Cadogan's chest. "How did you-." Kara felt that cock against the inside of her thigh and stilled. Cadogan slowly lifted her up and set her down, reaching for a towel and wrapping her in it first.

Kara looked at him, and her mind was racked with thoughts. She quickly glanced at his cock, and then back at him again. Cadogan saw her quick glance and it sidetracked him from grabbing a towel for himself. {What is she thinking?} Kara knew he was aroused last night, but did nothing about it. {He stopped when I wanted him to, without saying a word. He saved my life yesterday, and saved me once again today. He cooked me dinner, did the dishes, tucked me in bed...gave me a dog...} Suddenly a voice popped into her head. {KARA! You have not been laid in years! Years! This is not a relationship! He cannot hurt you, you are not in love!}

Kara openly looked back at his cock, now feeling the sudden urge to touch it. She saw it twitch, and looked back at Cadogan's face. She could see his pain even as he tried to hide it from her. {Well, I always did enjoy it...} Cadogan saw something flash in her eyes, and then everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Kara dropped the towel and took a step closer to him. There was something forbidden in her stare; he couldn't quite catch it. Then she seemed to be falling again, but this time it was controlled; precise. When her hands touched his cock he moaned as his hips bucked uncontrollably. She looked up at him and smirked, loving the fact that she could do this to him. She started licking his cock up and down, all over like she was savoring it.

But little did Cadogan know she was just preparing his cock for her next move. She licked his head and in a smooth movement took his cock in her mouth. Cadogan gasped, not believing what he was seeing. Kara pulled back, leaving just the head of his cock in her mouth. She sucked in her mouth, (similar to drinking from a water bottle without letting the air in) and started to push down on his shaft.

The pressure in her mouth made Cadogan see stars. Kara kept descending, moving her tongue to one side so her cheek would massage the other side of his cock as she went down further, deep-throating him. Kara still kept the pressure, going down until his cock started going down her throat. Cadogan grabbed her hair as if to hold on.

She stopped at the base of his shaft, then suddenly released the pressure, causing Cadogan to moan loudly and buck again.

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