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They thought the party was over, but it was just beginning.

Victor was gone. A sudden respiratory infection had ended his life, far before his time. His oldest friend, his buddy, his brother - was gone. The world made a lot less sense now and although Chris knew he had to get through it, it wasn't going to be easy. Victor's other friends all rallied around Chris and they gave Victor an appropriate, heart-felt send off. Every day went by and it still didn't feel real. Victor's family sold the business and it wasn't the same. One of the centers of Chris' universe was gone and he felt adrift. In the past, when something awful like this happened to him, he had someone to talk to - Victor. Now he had lost two people close to him and there wasn't anyone to talk with. Chris was isolated and unhappy. He still went to the restaurant and tried to maintain a semblance of his previous life, yet Melinda's disappearance remained a mystery that gnawed at him. He didn't even know if she was still in the city. He didn't know her friends and he hadn't run into her, not even once.

Chris knew that hanging around at the restaurant, waiting for his old life to come back was a fool's errand. Victor was gone, Melinda was gone and he was just biding time. He thought that he would use some of his spare time to get in better shape, so he walked almost everywhere. He made a point of it and walked for almost an hour every day. At first, it felt great and he lost weight, over 50 pounds. When it started to hurt, he walked to the hospital and got another whammy - he needed an angioplasty and to his shock, he'd had a heart attack and not even known it! At 41, despite the ease of the procedure and the doctors' assurances that he would be fine, Chris felt like an old man. He no longer had any zeal for - anything. He was just going through the motions and barely, at that. Only when he was out with other people did he seem to display any of his old personality. His home life was dull and he actually wondered why he was left alive if this was the peak of his existence. He had his cat to look after, so he didn't fall further into despair, but he didn't shout joy from the rooftops either. As far as Chris was concerned, life was a casserole of crap.

He was working on some ideas for some new stories when Marie walked by his table with an offer to freshen his coffee. He still went to the restaurant, as it was one of the few parts of his routine left. He nodded yes and she poured him a new cup. "Can I ask you something?" Marie said to him.

He looked up at the redheaded server and nodded. "Are you ever going to ask me out?" She spoke up, stunning him. "I must have left my number 5 or 6 times on your bill and you've never called." Chris looked down and to his astonishment, there was a phone number scribbled at the bottom. Not once had he noticed it before.

Trying to wheedle his way out of an embarrassing situation, Chris turned around and smiled at the young redhead. She was cute, so why would she want to date him? "I honestly never noticed until now, but why would you want to go out with me? I'm a lot older than you are, at least ten years."

"I'm 25 and I like older men, my roommate was always telling me older guys treat you better and she's right," Marie smiled. She had an expressive face, a lovely smile and pretty emerald eyes. "So, what do you say, buy a girl dinner?"

Chris looked at the smiling redhead in the ugly uniform. It wasn't a put-on, he could tell that she was serious. He wasn't sure. Did he want to risk going through all of that again, dating a younger woman and having her reject him if it didn't work out?

He thought for what seemed like a while and realized that any dating situation ran risks. He had enjoyed happiness when he had been seeing Melinda. If he only got a few nice evenings out of it, why not enjoy those. "Friday, 7 PM," he smiled at Marie. "We'll go somewhere nice, so don't be afraid to dress up."

"I love to wear nice clothes and heels," Marie grinned at him. "I hope that you can handle it, I sometimes dress to kill."

With his recent health issues, Chr

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