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Grant wonders why his friends are jerking off over guy stuff.

She opened her eyes, and turned to her friend.

"OK, Arin. Here's how I see it," Molly began. "It's already late on a Friday evening. The lawyer's office is obviously closed at this point and will not reopen until Monday. In her letter, your aunt indicated that she wanted you to find a playmate. That she did not want you to live a solitary existence. Out of all of your friends, you called me for help. This indicates to me that on some level you trust me - you trust in my discretion.

"What I don't know is whether or not in your heart there is some glimmer of a feeling that you might want me as that playmate. I don't know how you feel about me, since we have not spoken in quite some time."

Arin started trembling with emotion, trying to find words to express how she felt. She wrapped her arms even more tightly around her torso. Looking into Molly's eyes, she blurted out, "I... I've... Oh Molly, I've always... I mean..." She finally stopped her stammering and dropped her eyes, unable to continue.

Seeing Arin's discomfort, Molly took pity on her. "Let me make this easier for you, Arin. Would you like me to be your playmate? Yes or no?"

Arin was afraid her face was bright crimson at this point. Looking down at the floor, rather than directly at Molly, she whispered, "Yes."

"Look at me, Arin," Molly commanded. Once they had eye contact, Molly pointed around the room at the various devices on display. "You want me to use these things on you as we play? I want you to be clear about this."

Arin visualized Molly restraining her in various ways. She considered the fact that she had never seen Molly angry or cruel. Therefore, in her mind she could only see Molly wielding things like the riding crop in a sensual manner. She was a bit shocked at her body's reaction to these possibilities as her knees weakened and a wave of extreme excitement washed through her. Sensing that Molly was not adverse to the thought of doing such things, Arin found the courage to look directly at Molly and answer in a more normal tone of voice, "Yes, I do."

"Good. I am glad that you are being quite lucid about this. But I want no misunderstandings, and you know that I am not afraid to be blunt in my questions when seeking clarity. Do you want our play to remain purely platonic? Or are you also hoping for it to turn sexual? Since I don't know your orientation, I really need to understand if you find me attractive, Arin."

Dropping her arms to her sides, Arin licked her lips before answering. Molly took note of her now more open body language and her unconscious oral display, and smiled at this revelation.

Arin found herself suddenly shy at this moment. She felt as if standing at the edge of a precipice. One step would change her world forever. She had never revealed her true feelings about Molly, uncertain as to how they would be received. But Molly herself was raising the question about sexuality. Surely she would not have asked about it if such behavior was completely unacceptable. As Arin wrestled with these thoughts, her pussy, trapped in its chastity belt cage, seemed to lurch and attempt to swell within its confinement. It was apparently 'voicing its opinion' loud and clear. Stiffening her spine, Arin took the plunge.

"Yes, Molly. I have always found you attractive and wished that I could act on my feelings," she stated. "But I did not know how you would feel about it, and I was too scared to ask. I did not want to jeopardize our friendship."

Molly's face softened into an expression of blissful acceptance. She stepped closer to Arin, gently took hold of her chin, and for the first time in their lives gave Arin a slow, sweet kiss. Arin emitted a sound halfway between a whimper and a moan. They gathered each other into a close embrace.

After they held each other for a few minutes, Molly whispered into Arin's ear, "Let's play together this weekend, and see how things work out." Arin nodded her agreement.

Now Molly was faced

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