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A cop takes home his fourth-of-July bonus.

They were too forward. Too cocky. And, Iwan was no exception to this fact. She was, indeed, a lesbian.

Audrey shrugged Iwan's hand off of her shoulder, and stepped backwards, intent on not stumbling.

She found Dylan, who then walked her home, and tucked her into her bed before passing out on her coach.

* * * * *

It had been two weeks since Iwan Maguire had been hired at Enzo's, and the kitchen had never run smoother. Dishes were high-quality and came out in a timely fashion. He was a master in front of a stove, and the way he lead the kitchen was effortless. He seemed happy there at Enzo's, and everyone who worked around him was happy.

However, Audrey talked very little to Iwan. When she did, it was about a dish she was waiting on. He did attempt to have small chat with her, and she was very courteous, but she was often too bus trying to get through the busy dinner services to carry any type of conversation with Iwan.

Yes. She still found him attractive, and he seemed to be an overall nice enough guy; but that encounter she had with him at the bar really turned her off. It jolted her back to her senses.

Audrey's life in those two past weeks had been quiet. She worked. She slept. She hung out with Jaime and Dylan. She even ran into Thalia at the same supermarket they had met at for the first time. They chatted for a quick while, and Thalia even told Audrey that she could call her sometime.

Tonight, Audrey was off of work. Another waitress at Enzo's was turning 27 and was having a birthday celebration at her house, of which she invited every single employee to. Despite how classy the restaurant was, when the entire staff congregated in a private area where alcohol was present, it was guaranteed to get rowdy.

Because the party was being thrown outside of the city, in Prince George's County, Audrey decided to hitch a ride with Drew.

Audrey wore a strapless sweetheart cut red and white polka dot dress, that cinched under her boobs and flared out slightly below that. She paired it with a simple leather jacket, and high heeled back Mary Janes. She wore her curly hair in a high pony tail, and applied hot pink gloss to her lips.

She heard her iPhone quack, and she knew that Drew was texting her his arrival. She grabbed her cobalt blue clutch, and hurried out of her apartment.

She saw the familiar beat up 1980-something Toyota sitting in front of her building. Once Audrey was seated, Drew sped off, out of D.C.

The 30 minute ride to the party went by quickly. Drew and Audrey were so comfortable with each other, they could easily carry a conversation and their silences lacked awkwardness.

Before finding the house where the party was happening, they could hear the music thumping loudly through the neighborhood. The bass seemed to shake the block.

People were spilling out of the front door of the house into the yard, red plastic cups in hand. It was loud. It was crazy.

It always amazed Audrey at how people don't change from college. Parties and how they were divided always seemed to be the same. The potheads congregated in the backyard. All the "hot" girls danced, while the "hot" guys either danced with them or watched them from the wall. All the others were busy getting drunk or making fun of everyone else within their group of friends.

She immediately saw the birthday girl taking shots, and she went over to hug her and wish her a happy birthday. And, of course, her and Drew took two shots.

The alcohol made her feel loose and warm and happy. Just as she was taking her third shot, one of her favorite pop songs began blasting through the stereo. Grabbing Drew's hand, she pulled him into the middle of what looked like the living room and began dancing.

Dancing with Drew was always fun.

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