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Matt and Dan face off for the first time.

"Wild horses couldn't drag it out of me Sheila" I smiled.

"What a gentleman you are Brock. Do you mind if I kiss you again?" she asked.

"What ever a real lady wants" I replied.

With that she swung her legs around and stood up to face me. She quickly hiked up her skirt to crotch level exposing her red lacy thong then crawled on top me with her legs on either side of my lap. Her warm crotch resting on top my now growing member, she settled in with her full small weight on top of me. Then putting her hands on each side of my head she pulled my face to her and gave me a deep, passionate kiss like I had never experienced before. Her tongue darting in and out, her breath warm and fresh. Her mouth was wet and sweet tasting, her strawberry lip gloss mixing in with our fluids. She finished by taking her tongue and quickly caressing my lips as she finished and then pulled back. I thought I was having some sort of dream for a few seconds. I had just met this woman and in less than 15 minutes we were kissing like teenagers on a bench in the back yard of the mayor of Colorado Springs. For a few seconds I just sat there, breathless with my eyes closed. When the shock of what had just worn off, I could feel her caressing my neck with her soft wet lips. Her hair falling around my face tickling me gently, her breath warm on my neck. From my Adams apple to my ear she gently nibbled her way back and forth. Then like something out of a high school wet dream she tongued by earlobe and then put her tongue into my ear for just a couple of seconds. All the time her 36 C chest pressed into me and I could smell her perfume, filling my nose with her body scent mixed with perfume.

My cock started to grow instinctively from the kissing and the heat of her crotch resting on top of my semi hard penis. She put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me closer rubbing her crotch back and forth rhythmically, exhaling on my neck and in my ear until my cock was as rigid as steel. She stopped grinding into me for a few seconds and looked into my eyes with that gorgeous smile. "If I am not too forward, I like your hardness Mr. you mind if I release the pressure or surely you will break your zipper if I don't" she giggled.

My mind was racing like a rabbit from a coyote and instinctively I softly croaked out a "no", then cleared my throat and shot out a firm, "NO....not at all" in my deepest voice.

She slipped off my lap, gently parted my legs and kneeled down in-between. Undoing my zipper in one long, slow pull, she reached her soft hand into the opening in my wool trousers. Caressing my rock hard cock through my silk boxers with gentleness unknown to me before for just a minute, then quickly unbuttoned the fly on them and slipped her hand directly onto my hot flesh. Her hand was so soft and slightly cool from the night air. I thought I might cum immediately as she rubbed my member with her open hand, slowly up and then slowly down. She curled her hand around my cock and pulled it out of my pants, exposing it to the night chill. She looked at me with that smile and licked her lips and leaned forward to gently kiss the tip. "You have a beautiful penis here Brock" she softly said. Her tongue started licking around the head slowly and deliberately, flicking her tongue around the base of the head and the sensitive underside with precision. I could feel the tension growing in my cock and with each careful lick of her tongue my hardness was sent bouncing up and down. She took my cock head into her mouth and closing her full lips over the head while her tongue ran circles around my head. I could feel my cock start to spasm and I was sure I was going to start coming any second.

Just then she took her hand and squeezed the base of my cock and slipped the head out of her mouth, her lips wet with saliva and pre-cum. "How are you doing?" she asked grinning from ear to ear.

"Honest to god I damn near came Sheila.

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