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He noticed she wore snug black sweaters.

"Hmmm, looks like i'm not going home yet." Said Jennette before spreading her legs and wrapping them around my waist. The head of my dick penetrated her and slowly went into her.

"I guess not!" I finally replied as the warmth of her tight cavity drove my brain insane. I wrapped my arms around her and pumped my hips slowly. Enjoying the tightness and wetness of her pussy. This time i was much slower and deliberate with my movements. I wanted to get Ariana off her mind for a little bit so i did my best to bring her pleasure. I drove my dick deep into her, pulled almost all the way back out before driving it all the way back in. I would change the speed on almost every other stroke. I would go between a long slow deep stroke to a very hard quick pound. Jennette loved it. It had her completely off guard and her hands were practically clawing at my back. We continued to kiss and my hands were now firmly playing with her hard nipples.

I lifted one of her legs and put it on my shoulder so i could get deeper into her pussy. I sped up my pace a little bit. I looked down and watched her awesome breast just bouncing all over the place. It was really a sight to see. I lowered my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth as i fucked her. "AHHHHHHH" Jennette screamed out. "Just like that!! I'm GONNNAA FUCKEN CUM!!"

I kept the pace as it was. I stared down at her cute face as she got closer and closer to cumming. "AHHHHHH, OHHHHH SHIT!!" Her eyes were shut tightly as her orgasm overtook her. I continued slamming my thick dick into her enjoying the way her pussy would contract as she came so damn hard. I lifted the other leg and put it on the same shoulder as the other. I was fucking her hard now. My dick was practically ramming into her sending ripples across her ass cheeks. She bit down on her lip as another orgasm rocked her body. I was almost there as well. I kept pumping into her until i could feel my cum about to burst through my cock head. I pulled out of her pussy and she knew just what to do. She spun around and clamped her mouth on my dick and i shot my load down her throat. I could feel the cum slowly pump into her mouth as well as how her mouth was swallowing every last drop.

I was sated and was breathing deeply. Jennette and i just smiled lazily at each other before i took her to my shower and washed us both from head to toe. When we were done, we both got dressed and i walked her down to her car. She gave me a hug before getting in.

"Thanks for everything again. I really needed this." She told me again.
"You're welcome. You'll do great tomorrow. Make sure to let me know how it goes okay?"

"I will! Goodnight" We kissed before she jumped in her red convertible and drove off. I stood outside and watched her drive away until she turned the corner. I nodded at James before heading back into my apartment and lying in bed to get some sleep. A few minutes later my phone buzzed. It was Gary!

"Hey. Everything okay?"

"Yeah can you meet me at the usual spot in about 15 minutes?"

"Sure see you there!"

I jumped out of bed and headed to the garage. I got in my car and drove down to the garage where Gary and I usually met. He was already parked and waiting. I locked my car and walked over to his.

"Whats up?" I asked him with anticipation.

"Have you ever heard of someone called Connor Jennings?"

"Nope, never!"

"You are new to this town! He was a big agent back in the day. Affleck, Damon a couple of cast members from friends. He was a heavy hitter and on the path to being one of the most powerful agents in the business."

"What happened to him?"

"Well rumours began spreading that he was shorting his clients of their money. That ruined his reputation and his partner took over his clients."

"Three guesses who the partner was!" I finished his thought.

"Yup. Stamp took over and never looked back, After all you've seen from him it wouldn't surprise me Stamp set up Connor."

"Any idea where we can find him?"

"I already did.

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