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A young sorority initiate is pulled over for speeding.

My eyes bulged as I realized she was buck naked, and by the positioning of her hands and the movements of her body, she was having a lot of fun all by herself.

In the bright moonlight I could see her hands sliding over her naked flesh, she kneaded her quite large breasts and pulled her nipples, bringing one to her mouth I could see her tongue dart out and lick over the hardened tip.

I groaned a bit and my hand went to my cock, I rubbed myself through my shorts, squeezing the length as it grew to its full size.

Her hands dropped and her head turned, I knew she saw me as a little mischievous smile spread across her face. She opened her legs wide; her eyes looked right into mine as I watched her. Her juices almost glistened in the soft moonlight as she ran her fingers up and down her slit.

I moved a closer until I was standing at the foot of her blanket. I ran my eyes from her head to her toes, she was very nicely shaped, long brown hair, big full breasts, hard cherry pit nipples, a flat stomach, wide come fuck me hips. Everything I liked in a woman, not too skinny and curves right where they should be.

My eyes stayed on her mostly shaved pussy as her fingers slipped through its folds. I glanced around at the empty beach and tugged my shorts a little ways down my thighs, wrapping my hand around my now painfully hard cock I watched her bring herself closer and closer to orgasm. Her back arched off the blanket as she slipped two fingers into her wet hole, I could hear the little slurping noise and she slid them in and out. I squeezed my cock, running my thumb over the head and smearing the pre cum over the tip.

She moved and knelt in front of me, her hands sliding my shorts off the rest of the way as my heartbeat sped up a bit. I looked down at her face as I felt her hands running slowly up my thighs, I groaned as she blew lightly over the head of my cock and felt the warmth of her tongue as she licked me from base to tip.

I reached down and wrapped my fingers in her hair, I held her close as she opened her mouth over the head of my cock and slowly slid me inside.

I rocked my hips forward, forcing my whole length in her mouth, groaning as her throat closed on the tip and she gagged a bit. She slid up and down; slow at first then gradually faster. I held her head and moved with her, her mouth felt like a warm wet vice locked around my cock as her hands reached up and started to play with my balls. I felt my cum building and I pulled back, not ready to lose it yet.

I pushed her down and knelt on the blanket between her legs. I pulled her thighs over my shoulders and started to lick her slit, groaning at the salty sweet taste of her very hot, very wet pussy. I flicked over her clit until she was moaning and arching against my mouth. I pushed two fingers deep into her and rubbed the edge of my teeth against her clit, then sucked it between my lips as she exploded over my tongue.

Her muscles clamped down tight on my fingers and my cock jumped, I groaned into her pussy and didn't let up until the last spasm had racked through her body.

I couldn't wait anymore and I pulled her up and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Grabbing her hips and pushing my whole length deep inside her. I almost came as her sex squeezed tight around my cock, I pulled back slowly and rammed back into her hard. She cried out as I pumped in and out, I squeezed my eyes tight as I pounded into her, Using her hips as leverage I took out my month long period of celibacy on her tight cunt.

I moved my hand and pushed my thumb against her tight ass. I waited for her reaction as my thumb slipped slowly inside her tight little hole. She moaned and pushed back against me, forcing my digit farther into her body.

I pulled my thumb out and slid my cock out of her sweet pussy. I rubbed the wet head over her tight puckered asshole and gingerly pushed against it.

She rocked back into me, forcing the head of my dick to move beyond the tight ring of her ass.

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