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He meets horny pregnant babe.

"Jessica, you were such a bitch to me at work. Now, I refuse to take it easy on you at all," I said as I pounded into her. Soon I was ready to blow my load, so I pulled out of her ass and sank back into her cunt. I pushed as deeply as I could go as I began cumming. She hardly said a word, though, unlike Judith and Jackie, "You must be on birth control."

"Yes. I have been on it for years," Jessica replied.

"You won't be on it from now on," I replied. I allowed Amy and her to draw from the envelopes. They both drew girls. I went into my speech about the whole pregnancy thing as I did with the other girls.

Nancy had already told me that she would really like some time alone with Jessica to 'get her back.' And I really wanted to get Laurie and Amy together. Laurie had small tits, while Amy had big ones-I figured neither one had played with any size but their own. I got Nancy to go get Laurie and she escorted her to the bedroom Amy and I were already in. On the way to our bedroom, I looked in on Jackie and Judith-both were sound asleep. I guess they were still worn out from the day before. They would need their energy for later.

At 20 years old, Laurie is not as cute as the others. She is approximately 5'5, 130, dark blonde hair and a light skin complexion, B cup tits, and a nice, average-sized ass. However, she wears some of the tightest blue jeans-almost painted on-to get the most attention possible.

I was completely naked making out with Amy, with her thong around her knees when Laurie entered our bedroom.

"What's going on?" she said very scared.

"We are just getting to know each other," I replied, "Why don't you come join us."

Laurie hesitated but then moved towards us. Amy reached out, took her hand, and placed it on her large tits, "Have you ever touched another girl's tits?"

"No," Laurie replied unconsciously massaging Amy's tits. They both shared a kiss before Amy lifted the blue t-shirt over Laurie's head revealing her smallish tits encased in a full-cupped, white bra. Amy unsnapped and unzipped Laurie's jeans revealing white cotton panties. She pushed the jeans down to the floor and helped Laurie step out of them.

"Laurie, are you a virgin?" I asked believing that she was.

"No. I've had sex a couple of times," she replied.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman?" I continued.

"Of course not!" see replied quickly. I ordered Amy to take off Laurie's bra. Her breasts were very small compared to Amy's. They were very pointed with a large areola and smallish nipples. She was rather cute in her white cotton panties, but I was ready to see her naked and ordered her to take them off. Her dark blonde bush was trimmed, but there was still a good amount of hair-which didn't bother me a bit.

"Have you ever been forced to have sex?" I asked. She suddenly got quiet and I repeated my question, "Laurie, have you ever been raped?"

She teared up immediately.

"Come here baby. Lie back on the bed and tell me about it," I said giving her a hug. I placed her on the bed with her ass even with the edge. I then had her spread her legs giving someone full access, "Amy, eat her out until I tell you to stop."

I could tell by her reaction that this was not something she had expected, "Please don't make me do that. That's gross," she pleaded.

"It's not gross and I want you to do it immediately!" I said raising my voice. Without further hesitation, she sank to her knees, leaned over and quickly flicked her tongue across Laurie's slit, "Put your fingers on each of her folds and pull them outward. That gives you great access to her pussy."

Amy did as I told her. Laurie was tense when I first ordered Amy to eat her out. But soon she was thoroughly enjoying it. Before I let her begin, I paged Nancy to bring Jessica into the room. I needed someone to suck my cock while I heard another potentially fantastic story and Jessica needed the practice.

"Well, my mom died when I was three.

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