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Manny smears his Cream on Kim, then fucks her.

That was just the beginning of a long and lustful relationship between my sister and I.

When we had a chance to be alone in the house again we talked about our experience. As I explained to her, ever since I can remember, I was able to suspend myself from the floor, let my shoes fall off and stiffen and shake until I had an orgasm.

Of course I wasn't able to cum until I was about twelve, but the feeling was the same. She said she did the same thing, and got excited when she saw me doing it in the cellar. Then she asked me if I ever did it with stockings on, and I said no, being a guy it just never occurred to me to wear stockings. She said it was wonderful to feel the air go through the thin material and she would rub her silken feet together as she did it.

The next time we were alone in the house, she produced a garter belt and a pair of stockings for me to put on. We went down to the kitchen and suspended our selves side by side from the counter and did the "shake" together. It was fantastic!

We both agreed it was better than sex but, of course, sex was inevitable! Our parents had to go to a convention out of town leaving Michele and me alone for the weekend.

I had a part time job after school and Michele had a full time job since she was already out of school. When I came home on Friday night Michele was in her room with the door closed so I knocked on it and told her I was going to take a shower.

She said, "OK, come into my room when you get done."

I went into my room and shucked off my clothes and went into the bathroom to shower and shave. In the bathroom I found a package of stockings and a garter belt on the vanity. It looked like Michele already had plans for us. I became very aroused at the thought of fucking my sexy sister in her stockings and could hardly wait to get into her room.

After my shower I slipped on the garter belt and stockings and knocked on her door. She softly told me to come in. She was lying on the bed donned in only her garter belt and stockings. She had lit several candles and the candle- light reflected the silken sheen of her stockings.

I was shaking like a leaf, I don't know if it was from nervousness or lust. The whole vision before me was mind blowing. I wanted to ravish her beautiful breasts and slide my hands and tongue all over her hosed legs and feet and suck on her lovely pussy all at the same time. I told her, "I don't know where to start."

She laughed and said, "Well, I know how much you love stocking feet, so why don't you start there?" And so I did. I knelt at the foot of the bed and lifted her legs straight up in the air and placed my face on the soles of her feet and ran my hands up and down her silken legs.

When I couldn't take any more of this I slid my face down her nyloned, legs put my mouth over her whole pussy. As I sucked and licked her pussy I reached up and massaged and squeezed her breasts. I lapped and sucked and felt I just couldn't get enough of her and I just wanted to devour all of her at once. All the while she was rubbing her stocking feet together behind my head and the sound was just driving me wild.

I had to get in her before I lost my load on the bed. So I scooted up to her and placed my hard cock at her entrance and slowly entered her, being very gentle. She engulfed my mouth with her own and our tongues duelled and she moaned and squealed and humped up against me in the throws of passion. We both exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm and as our passions subsided Michele said, "This is almost as good as the shake."

I laughed and said, "It's to bad we couldn't fuck while doing the shake."

I could see that she was lost in a thought when she said, "Hmm, we'll have to see what we can do about that."

The next day we both went to work. We met at a diner after work so we wouldn't have to cook and do dishes. When we got home we both showered, and dressed in our "preferred attire!"

Michele slipped her slippers on and said, "Let's go down to the kitchen," So, we did.

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