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Julie wrestles with her conscience and loses.

She wanted him to touch more, but if she told him, Helen would be helpless.

"Oh yes and I promise that you'd love it!"

"Could you help, but promise nothing would go inside me?" Helen asked with a soft and innocent voice, hoping that he could help her. She was on fire and it was for her son. The man that came from her body and he made it very clear that he wanted to go back in.

He smiled and kept rubbing her butt and soft thighs. "I'll do anything you want, Mom," he said leaning over her, carefully laid down on her back and made sure that his stiff cock was resting in her ass crack. He started kissing her neck and shoulders, feeling her lifting her hips to his cock. Robert loved her soft moans of pleasure and he kissed more, plus he added a little nibble here and there to spice things up.

"Let me think it over." She moaned, enjoying his soft kissing and the tiny love bites on her neck. Helen knew she was so close to giving in to him, but she was going to hold out as long as possible.

"Don't wait to long, I might change my mind," he said with a laugh and knew he'd do anything for this sexy woman, all she had to do was ask. He went back to kissing and biting Mom's neck, but now, Robert was slowly humping her ass and Mom was pushing to him.

She couldn't believe what a breathtaking lover he was. No wonder why all of her friends wanted him. "I bet my girlfriends love you," she said loving his hard cock in her butt crack and his slow and easy humping.

"Hell yes they do! That's why I get so much money." Robert smiled as he humped a little harder, hoping that Mom would give in and let him love her. He knew that she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her.

"I heard you get two hundred bucks an hour."

"Yep and they get their money's worth too!" he said with pride in his manly voice and Robert would give his best to Mom. She would be begging him to stop.

"Cindy told me that you did her for three hours straight."

"Oh yeah, I wore her tiny ass out!" he said with a big smile as he thought of Mom's sexy, little friend and all the things he did to her.

"The poor girl couldn't walk or sit right for a week." Mom giggled and wondered how that would feel, plus as much as Robert wanted her, it was sure to be better and it would be so fun to find out.

"She loved it all and kept begging me for more."

"Lucky little bitch!" Mom moaned before she could think, but she figured what the heck. He was a big boy and Helen was sure that he knew what she needed.

"You could be a lot luckier than she ever was, all you gotta do is tell me," he whispered in Mom's ear and he softly kissed it, hoping that she would give in. He knew she wanted it, but it had to be on her terms. There was no way he'd ever force her to do anything. "Tell me and you'll never be lonely again," he said to Mom with need and he prayed that she would say it.

She just lay there, enjoying his very skilled hands tormenting her already excited body into a state of frenzy and when his words filled Helen's ears, she wanted to scream. "Behave yourself or I'll make you stop," she moaned, but deep down she wanted to say yes. Helen wanted him to screw her until she fainted in his arms.

Robert was a little disappointed, but he was not going to give up hope. He knew she was on fire and horny as hell, so he still had a chance. "I'll stop for now, but I'm never going to give up," he said as his hands carefully caressed her soft thighs, making sure that his thumbs moved as close to Mom's pussy as he could get.

She heard him and had to smile. 'That's my boy, never give up your dreams.' Helen thought as she felt his hands and his thumbs moving closer to her burning pussy. "You're amazing!" she moaned, loving his soft touch and Helen knew what she'd be doing later that night.

"I guess I should leave this pretty ass and find something else to tease for awhile!" he smiled and hoped that she'd turn over.

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