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A fantasy night with a couple.

The three men behind the ladies had not been idle during this time. Their inviting asses high in the air, the ladies were being treated to caresses and touches, which were beginning to center increasingly on their blossoming flowers. Aaron had his hands on either side of Jennifer's sex, and was gently spreading her open, gazing into her shiny pink depths, and landing kisses on different sensitive spots that presented themselves. Each time he spread her open, her hungry hole opened momentarily, revealing it's dark dripping depths. Meanwhile, Stan and Buck, one on either side of my wife, had been using their fingers to explore her inner lips, gradually stretching them open. Using her now abundant wetness as lubrication, they were tracing soft little circles in the pink velvet insides of her labia. With each circle, their fingers were making small incursions into the widening entrance of my wife's vagina. I could see it's mouth contracting as they teased it, making my wife wiggle as she tried vainly to draw them into her pink hole.

The atmosphere of the room was filling with the scent of wet cunt, and the heavy primal field of goddesses aroused. Kim, unable to bear it any longer, turned to face the two men. Taking their cue, they both reclined back on the pillows at the head of the bed where they were soon joined by Aaron. Though distracted by the visuals, I had been quite enjoying Jennifer's warm, soft mouth on my cock. She gave me a quick kiss, and turned around on the bed.

For a moment, the ladies were facing each other, seated on the bed. Jennifer craned her head in engaging Kim in a deep tongue kiss. The sounds of appreciation it elicited from the men, myself included, were second only to those heard when Kim, grasping the hem of Jennifer's dress with both hands, pulled it up and off of her. For a frozen moment in time Jennifer's lovely breasts bounced freely, and I am sure everyone in the room watched with their mouths open. I had no idea that my wife was so inclined, but she immediately partook of the feast before her, devouring Jennifer's dark pink nipples like they were delicate little candies. After momentarily being rendered immobile with pleasure, Jennifer regained her senses, reaching over to grasp hold of my wifes dress. Foreseeing the impending disaster, I moved in quickly to free the zipper on the back of Kim's dress, and in a flash, Kim was free of her clothing as well.

Stan moved aside to make space for Kim as she moved up to join the two men.. In spite of their efforts, their two large cocks presented formidable obstacles. As she moved in between them, Buck's ultimately found a natural resting place pointing downward against the soft skin of her belly. Likewise, Stan's got stuck in an upward position in the small of her back, until Kim kindly adjusted it to point over her hip. His girth filled her hand fully. Both of the men seemed only semi hard at this point, but their cocks were already displaying impressively sized heads. Now face to face with Buck, Kim began nuzzling, beginning with a few hesitant kisses, and then proceeded with increasing passion. Stan encouraged her from behind, showering the back of her neck with kisses, as he traced his fingers lightly over her breasts. Kim had maintained her hold on Stan's cock, and had been making slow strokes up and down it's expanding length. Her efforts were producing a steady stream of clear fluid at his tip, which she had been spreading along his shaft with each motion. As you might expect, this was having quite the effect on Stan and as he began making small thrusts with his hips, Kim began guiding him so that his sensitive head was brushing the soft skin of her hip, where a shiny patch of precum had begun to pool.

Kim then lifted her long slender leg over Bucks hip, causing his long cock to nestled up against her crotch. In this new position she was up higher, offering her hard nipples to his hungry tongue. Buck licked them with skillful relish, while she rode along the length of his cock, glazing it with her pussy cream.

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