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Luna goes to the movies with some "friends".

So slowly it disappears deep inside me, I can feel it spreading me wide open as my ass hole takes its full length into me. Just his balls are in sight as I marvel over what just happened to me.

Mom used to call this the sex room and I have to agree, looking at the reflection in the mirror, I know why they liked watching so much. Now, I want to see every detail too.

"That's it, fuck my ass." I say teasing him further.

I have to admit that talking like a little girl is getting me hotter too. Who ever would have thought I would actually be fucking my own father, let alone taking it in the ass. Now, I just want to be impaled by this prick deep inside me.

"It's ok baby, watch it come all the way out then all the way back in your little ass." He says to me.

This is the best part now; I just slide up and down like I'm riding a horse in a slow trot. I know he can last forever this way, making him cum before just lets him cruise in me unless I get him so excited, then he pops really fast.

Just closing my eyes, the sound of his dick and the KY lotion making slurping noise is so erotic. I was so afraid of anal before but can't go long without it. My friend Vika said it was the most erotic way to make love.

I'm sorry that she is going back to Russia next week, the year went by so fast, and we just started to get really close to each other. As an exchange student, she is my age but somehow she seems much older. None of the boys in school appealed to her, she said only a man can earn what is between her legs.

She puzzles me so much, yet she is the one who finally enabled me to start talking care of Daddy. She knew Mom died two years ago, and would remark how handsome Daddy was and how men his age need a woman to take away all the stress of just coping with life. Quite a few times, she would ask me if I was relieving his stress, being so na__ve, it took a while before I realized what she getting at.

"That's it baby, ride my cock." He moans as his dick glides in and out of my ass.

God, I love fucking like this, I'm turning into a little slut. I wonder if Vika likes to fuck like this too. I know she knows I'm fucking Daddy now, she said can tell how much more relaxed he is now. No other words were said but our eyes staring into each other's tells the whole story.

She and I could be taken for sisters except that my jet-black hair is so opposite her strawberry blonde, closer to red actually. Being five foot seven and both of us barely weighting one hundred fifteen pounds, we certainly turn heads when we are out and about.

I used to be so jealous when she would come over and she'd flirt with Daddy. I wonder if she was interested in something more, I wonder if Daddy was interested too. Maybe, I should find out, that could be fun for the three of us.

"That's it fuck my tight little ass, I wonder though if you ever thought of fucking Vika's too. I know you stare at those long legs and little tits, do you want to fuck her too, Daddy." I whisper.

That made an impression, he's shifted to cum mode, he must really be excited about Vika. I thought he was attracted to her, why wouldn't he, we look like sisters. What guy wouldn't want to fuck her, actually, fuck both of us.

He's goanna cum any second now; I can tell how his dick is reaming me now that he's close. I'm so bad; all I want is too feel that hot cream shoot in my ass. Doesn't every girl?

"C'mon on Daddy, think of fucking Vika in that tight little ass of hers, you know you want too. You can fuck both of us if you are able too." I moan as I feel his cock starting to shoot inside me.

I can feel every convulsion of his dick as it spits deep inside my ass, the hot semen coating the walls of my bowels sends shivers through me. Do all women feel the same way as they feel cum shooting inside them? A question that I bet isn't discussed much, I bet.

This is the best part, watching his cock ease out of me as thick white globs of spunk stick to his shaft.

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