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Jane: a second Penny found.

"You scared of ole Dennis? Nothing to be afraid of. Come here, boy," he said then quickly tried bribery. "I'll give you two more sticks for a little favor," he said with his expression bouncing between pandering and impatience. "I said come here!" he finally said and grabbed my wrist. Throwing the stick of butter on an end table, he pulled me into his bedroom and flung me onto a huge and very high bed.

I lay face up breathing fear. He stood with hands on hips to consider his approach. "Take off them pants," he said as he searched a nightstand. "Hurry up!"

Had I looked at his naked body as I climbed from the bed, I would have seen his cock curving northward like a sabre; I would have seen its overwhelming thickness; and I would have seen the copious precum oozing from his piss-slit like sap. But I kept a close watch on his face that hosted darkness with deeply set eyes whose black pupils seemed to spread over the length of their sockets. A spreading sneer slowly formed as he held up lube.

I stood shivering, then quickly looked at the floor when he approached. "You know," he began, raising my chin, "all you have to do is be nice to ole Dennis-Just be nice to me," he said and roughly pressed his lips to mine. Parting my lips, his tongue squirmed over mine like a serpent. I fought for breath, but he held the back of head with one hand and pushed me into him with the other. I prepared to faint.

Pushing me back on to the bed, he gave me little time to gasp for air before straddling me and tapping my lips with his massively wide cock. I stared at it, attached to the massive man holding it like an instrument of punishment. His face seemed contorted in sadistic pleasure, as he slowly and steadily pushed his cock past my lips. "Open up, boy; here comes the airplane into the hangar," he said in a terrifying sing-song. "Don't you want ole Dennis' sweet juice down your throat?" Then he alternated from the sinister sing-song to fuzzy domination. "I said, open up," he insisted and grabbed my head to push it on the pillow with his pelvis.

Darkness and deprivation descended like a curtain and I panicked. Desperately trying to free myself, I twisted this way and that, but it was no use. With my mouth beyond full, I thought my lips would split open, but somewhere in my mind, a voice, growing in volume, made suggestions: It's what you want, isn't it? Don't fight him, don't scare him away. Let him use you. Let him teach you. And with each suggestion, my body relaxed.

"Yeah, good boy. I can feel you relaxing. Good, I won't have to take that boy-pussy." He continued to explain, "It goes much better if you don't fight me. Yeah, that's a good boy."

Slowly, he withdrew and I rapidly gasped for air.

"You have to calm down," he said, stroking my hair and gently moving his cock over my tongue and toward my throat. "But ya still aint primed my pump," he said and shoved the length of his cock into my throat. . I gagged violently, which caused Mr. Whitney to hit me, not brutally, but with enough force to correct my efforts. The first hit surprised me, but strangely, the second and subsequent hits calmed me more. My reaction confused me but delighted Mr. Whitney. "That's it; just let it happen."

So, I found a rhythm that helped me get air and relax my throat-all seeming to help me take Mr. Whitney's huge cock. No longer did he use his weight against me. He seemed overtaken by my new-found talent at sucking cock. "Whoa, don't keep that up or ya gonna make ole Dennis cum." And that's what I found myself trying to do. Not to end the moment, because in a lustful but confusing way, I really wanted to please him.

"Now, let me show you somethin' to look forward to, son," he said and flip me over like a flap jack. "Spread those legs. Wider. Push that ass up a little-right there, yeah," he said with the glee of a kid, but it must have been my imagination.

Then I felt it.

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