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When you wake up next to the woman you love.

Five o'clock shadow was a gross understatement as the creature's once silken well kept fur rustled with dirt and weighed an extra thirty pounds with length. His face was nearly a matte of disheveled length, only his eyes were visible. Six days with no type of care would do such things to a critter.

Master, please... allow us to assist you. Let's get you tidied up, shall we? The noble Dane moved nearer to the creature, pure devotion and love emanated from his large eyes. Beast grimaced as he dared a glance into a broken mirror to his left, he hadn't realized his pitiful behavior had taken such a hold on him. He steeled his muscles from flinging the tiny cat the instant he felt her wiggle lovingly around his massive paws, any physical contact felt odd and painful to Beast, but she was merely trying to display comfort. Her purring grew even louder as he nodded in response to the great dane's offer. With a flurry of hasty commotion, his tenants scurried about gathering odds and ends while the great dane escorted Beast down from the tower towards his bed chambers. His inner spirits seemed to lift some as he allowed himself to let others in.

Once in his bed chambers he dutifully went into the giant glamorous washroom. Other ghostly beings grabbed combs to begin the process of combing out the knots, tangles, and dirt clinging in his body full of fur. The tub turned itself on, filling with steaming water, while soap and scents swirled into the stream. Meanwhile Beast's thoughts raced and churned as they pinched and stung him with the combs detangle work.

"Matthew, what should I do?" Beast's gaze landed on the dog, eyes pleading for answers. Clots of grime and filth fell to the marble floor around his feet, body oils and multiple hair knots came undone. All in all Beast looked so wild and frazzled it caused a little giggle from some of the younger phantoms that tended to him. Matthew promptly took a steady seat on his mighty haunches and looked the beast straight in the eyes.

As a Beast or as a man? he questioned severely.

"What ever do you mean? I am a hideous animal, surrounded by ghosts and beasts, living in a decrepit excuse of a castle gloom. What else could I be!" Beast snarled pitifully, the great dane had struck an already trembling nerve. He noticed the dog's breathing quicken yet the animal sat firmly, his head tilted in a most quizzical expression lit his shapely face. Matthew sighed heavily then he inhaled deeply, steadying himself for a near dangerous reaction to what he said next;

You can be a King once more, body, mind and soul... Majesty. At this Beast roared savagely throwing himself at the dog, big and menacing, raw strength and terror emanated from Beast as he nearly crushed the giant dog into the hard marble floor yet the dog muscled every ounce of strength and shoved back, a hideous growl sounded from the bathroom echoing through the massive castle. Matthew shoved the beast back snarling just as effectively, his rebellious act landed Beast tumbling back and into the hot bath water.

Matthew stood bracing on all fours snapping his teeth viciously as Beast came to a sloshy stop in the tub, a look a pure shock on his face. The great Dane moved forward to peer closely into Beast's untamed eyes, his features softening as he neared. Trembling in his own paws was not like him, yet Matthew had muster all his courage to confront his liege. An irritated huff sounded from the Dane.

I'm tired of this attitude from you Sire.

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