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OK. Maybe. Yes.

"I sure did," I said, "It's probably the best birthday present I've ever received."


"Well, yes, there are things that I haven't told you that play into this."

"Your wife wore stockings for you and fucked your brains out?"

"No, someone else did."

"Oh, I've got to hear this. I've got to get back to the front desk, but I'll be back around lunch to hear this story of someone else wearing stockings and fucking you on your birthday."

She kissed my forehead. "Are you really okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. You're a wonderful fuck."

"I'll take wonderful," she said as she opened the door and pranced out of my office.

"Zip up before you go out," she said, leaning back into the doorway.

I looked down at my limp dick and realizing the door was open, jumped up to put it away.

"Thanks Thelma," I yelled out the door.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, returning to my office to try and get some work done.

At lunch time, there was a knock at my door and Thelma stepped in my door.

"Come on Birthday boy, we're going to lunch."

"Okay but it's on me. I won't have you buying lunch when you gave me such a wonderful birthday present this morning."

"Sounds good to me," she smiled. "Let's go."

We went down to my car and I drove to the restaurant that I had picked. Thelma was being playful by raising her skirt to show her stocking tops. I started getting hard again. It was also hard to drive!

"Are you getting horny?" She reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants.

"Shit Thelma, you need to stop, or I won't be able to walk into the restaurant."

She laughed. "Your second wife wants to make sure her hubby's happy today."

"Well, you're succeeding."

I pulled into the restaurant parking lot and Thelma leaned over and bit my ear lob and then stuck her tongue in my ear.

I laughed and got out of the car. I went around to let her out and she gave me an all the way from pussy to toe leg show.

"I don't know if I'll live through the day if you keep that up," I said as we walked into the restaurant.

"I hope you left me something in your will," she whispered in my ear.

We went in and were seated near a window. Thelma looked good in the muted light that was coming through the window.

During the meal we talked and laughed about a great number of things. She was constantly rubbing my leg with her stocking clad foot.

After lunch we were headed back to work when Thelma said, "Why don't you go down to lake park for a few minutes."

I instantly turned down the road that led there and parked in a shaded area near the lake.

Thelma leaned over and unzipped my pants, pulling my hard cock out.

"This is the first time I've seen it hard. You look very nice. I like the veins that bulge out." She looked at it a little more and said, "You're circumcised!"

"Yes, is that bad?"

"No! I love circumcised cocks. They're usually a lot cleaner. I notice you smell of soap."

"I cleaned up the best I could after we had sex this morning."

She kissed the head of my cock and licked under the head. I almost fainted. She engulfed my cock and went all the way down on me and started bobbing her head.

"Oh, shit Thelma," I moaned loudly.

She doubled her efforts and was making a lot of sucking and slurping noises that got my hips to moving. I was bouncing up and down on my seat, trying to penetrate her mouth further.

"Thelma, I'm about to cum. You need to pull off if you don't want a mouth full of cum."

She went all the way down on my cock and I could feel her tongue was moving around my cock. I unloaded in her mouth. It felt like I was pumping a gallon of cum into her mouth. I know it was that much, but it drained me.

She let my dick out of her mouth and laughed. "Is that all you've got?" She licked my dick and slurped on the head of my cock as little droplets of cum continued to push out.

"Yes, I'm sorry to say. That's all I've got," I laughed as I let the seat back down some and leaned back to relax.

"I bet you've still got some more," Thelma giggled, while ru

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