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Talos gets his revenge.

Sue gave a sigh of exasperation along with a look that I knew all too well and she just ripped the hooks off her bra and threw it on the floor. I unbuttoned her skirt and slid it to her feet and next her sexy little slip. I got on my knees to pull her panties off, it was so sexy I could smell her scent and her panties were soaking wet.

Shawn instructed her to lie on her back across the bed and put her feet up on it. He said nothing to me but merely pointed and I knew to bury my face in her steamy cunt. My wife usually has a hard time achieving orgasms and I swear I spend hours coaxing an orgasm out of her. However, this night she grabbed two handfuls of my hair holding my face in place and was moaning in the throes of a super climax within seconds. I looked up to see what brought this on and saw her head off the side of the bed and Shawn's large cock deep down her throat. I believe she was cumming not from my tongue but from his cock in her mouth. I'm sure she had at least three before Shawn pulled out of her mouth, I heard her give a little 'Oh' of disappointment. She turned to the head of the bed as he climbed on and I went to sit in our chair and watch. Her look was utter adulation as she came again when he plunged inside her. She rubbed her hands through the hair on his chest and he began his assault. He picked up his pace and she screamed for more begging him to take her. I could see his balls from where I sat, I watched them tense and knew he was ready to fill my wife with his seed. Once he was done he climbed off of her put his clothes on, then looked at me,

"You get clean up."

Then he gave me his card and said I should call him and we could do this again sometime.

Sue lay on her back still panting and I went between her legs and sucked out Shawn's sperm from her worn out pussy. After I coaxed another climax out of her, I lay down next to her and as she slowly calmed down, she said,

"Jon I have to do that again, I feel I couldn't live without having that feeling back."

I told her he gave me his card and I would call him tomorrow and invite him over as soon as he could make it. She kissed me then thanked me and then turned over and went to sleep. As for me, nobody worried about whether or not I had cum yet. This made me grumpy as I went off to the bathroom to masturbate.

I called Shawn the next day from work at about eleven.

"Hi Jon I'm glad you called, why don't you drop by for lunch?"

I agreed, got his address, and was there by twelve-thirty. He lived in a beautiful building in an upscale neighborhood. He opened the door wearing only a swimsuit; he told me he had just got up when I called and was enjoying the morning sun on his deck. He invited me to join him and then told me to sit showing me an extra large chaise. He went to the kitchen and came out with a pitcher of Mimosas, they looked so refreshing I accepted by saying I shouldn't. I was stretched out on the chaise still in my suit and tie and he sat next to me. He asked me how I enjoyed last night and I told him my wife really enjoyed it and couldn't wait for an encore.

"Oh I know she enjoyed it but what about you?"

I told him I was very turned on all night and I had surprised myself. I told him it was the first time I had been in the same room with another man having sex.

"Does that mean you've never had sex with another man?"

I told him no and then he reached over and kissed me on the lips.

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