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While we stay in a hotel, Jade has fun with a new companion.

Marissa quickly withdrew her hand and plunged her face into the pink hole that oozed juices; she licked it up, tasted the other female coming inside her mouth, felt her shudder with orgasm, Marissa felt primal, and liked it.

The stranger lay back on the ground near the edge of the pool. She lay shuddering in post coital glee, touching herself as she slowly calmed down. Marissa watched her, she had succeeded, she was pleased with herself, she had just touched another woman and made her come. This was something she would love to try again, and she couldn't wait to tell her husband.

While Marissa watched her stranger lay peacefully back on the side of the pool catching her breath, she was aware of a noise in the pool behind her. She knew who it was. James had dived into the pool, and Marissa could feel him underwater making his was to her. He surfaced directly behind her, wrapped his arms around his beautiful wife's waist and slipped both hands down the front of her bikini, and grabbed firmly, gently at her pussy. She moaned at the touch and lay back into his chest.

He whispered into her neck, "Did you love that honey?" he sweetly enquired. In answer, she turned and faced him and began to kiss him feverishly, deeply, her tongue searching out and finding his. She wondered if he could taste the stranger's juices in her own mouth. She wrapped both legs around him and began to grind herself against him, she wanted to fuck.

Her husband responded, and walked with his wife to the edge of the pool. James pushed his wife firmly up against the wall and slipped his hand once again into her panties; even in the pool he could feel how incredibly wet and warm his wife was as he slid a long thin finger deep inside her. As Marissa threw her head back and cried out, she felt another pair of legs, softer, female, wrap around her from behind. It was the stranger, Marissa had forgotten all about her. James stopped, pulled back, Marissa introduced the woman to her husband, "James, this is…………."

The stranger smiled, ""Hi, I'm Chrissie"

"Hello Chrissie," James answered, and smiled knowingly at Chrissie.

"How about we go over there to the step babe" James suggested to his wife, and as he carried his wife thru the water, he also ushered for Chrissie to join them.


The threesome took up position on the pool steps, James directed them. Marissa giggled as she realised that James must have been orchestrating this little scenario in his mind for quite some time. He knew where he wanted these two women, and he was going to make sure they were exactly where he said.

He told Chrissie to sit on the second stair from the top, "With your legs together," he instructed. The water lapped at her waist and her large breasts bobbled in the water. "Marissa, I want you to sit on her lap, facing me." The two gorgeous women giggled as they positioned themselves. James stood in front of the pair in waist high water, admiring their beauty, their individuality, their womanliness, and silently, secretly excited by what he knew he was about to participate in. A sense of power and control surged through his veins and the blood in his body thickened and charged into his penis, lifting it high and erect; it throbbed with anticipation.

"Chrissie, reach forward and grab my wife's knees" Chrissie did as she was told, Marissa could feel Chrissie's breasts push up against her back, it was fantastic. "Spread my wife's legs" he ordered. Chrissie obeyed, and slowly, deliberately pulled apart the legs she had hold of.

"Wider" he said, and she complied. Marissa's legs were spread as wide as she could get them, she suddenly felt vulnerable and exposed, even though this was her husband standing in front of her.

He said nothing, he just stared at h

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