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A new stage in their relationship has begun.

I brought David's face up and kissed him again as I rode him, grinding my cunt and wrapping my collapsed pussy walls around his raging hard on. He wanted me to bounce hard, not only to feed his aching cock but to watch my sexy heavy tits bounce like corks in water. This only made me hotter, I had always loved showing men my tits.

"God, your pussy's hot, Roxy," he groaned, staring right up into my eyes.

"I could be your slut on the side, David," I groaned, feeling his cock burrowing deeper with every thrust, "I'll do anything you want."

"You'd have to be my secret slut, Roxy, you're not good enough to be my girlfriend, only my piece of ass when I need it," he hissed, curling his top lip.

Now, to most girls, this would have been an insult, but not to me. If all I could be was David's slut, that was fine with me. It was better to be his slut then just a girl he knew in school. Besides, I wasn't looking for anything steady anyway, not even from him. I'm 19 years old, I just wanna have sex and party. So, if slut status is what I had reached, then party on!

Just then, the front door flung open and there stood David's dad, Bill.

"Dad!!! What the fuck are you doing here?" asked David, almost pushing me off his lap.

"I came up here to work on a settlement for the Larson case, I didn't expect anyone to be up here," said Bill, shutting the door and throwing his coat and briefcase into a corner chair.

David frantically shoved his stiff cock back into his jeans and zipped them up, tossing me my shirt to cover up with.

"Who's your friend?" asked Bill, looking at me with a puzzled stare.

"This is Roxy, Roxy, this is my father, Bill," said David, completely embarrassed.

"Nice to meet you, Roxy," he said, extending his hand.

"Nice to meet you too, Bill," I said, almost in a whisper.

"Well, looks like I walked in on a party," said Bill, taking a seat on the other couch and loosening up his tie.

"Dad, could you leave us alone, please?" asked David.

"This is my house, David, and there are other rooms. Besides, how was I supposed to know you'd be here? Last thing you told me was that you were going to the movies with your friends," he said, tossing his tie over on top of his coat and briefcase.

"Yeah, well, change of plans," said David, throwing his head back and looking up at the ceiling.

Hard as I tried, I couldn't keep from making eye contact with Bill. With all the confusion, I had not even bothered to sit like a lady, and Bill noticed. There I was, shirt over my bare tits and my legs open just enough that you could easily see my panties. I glanced down, for just a second and noticed a bulge forming inside Bill's pants. And, of course, me being me, I did what all "sluts" do, I dropped my shirt and gave Bill a perfect view of my tits.

"You have a beautiful body, Roxy," he said, then looking over at David, "You're a lucky boy."

"Roxy, what the hell are you doing?" said David, very upset at this point.

"Well, David, I see no reason to be shy now. Your dad knows what we were doing," I answered.

"It's not hard to figure out what you two were doing," said Bill, "And there's no reason to stop on my account."

At first, the room went silent and David's head shot up in surprise.

"Are you kidding?!?!" asked David, totally shocked.

"No, I'm not kidding, son, go ahead, finish what you started," said Bill, sitting back in the chair and getting more comfortable.

I liked how Bill's mind worked. I didn't see any reason to stop, I mean it's not like Bill's never seen a naked woman before and besides, my pussy was aching to cum. So, I made the next move. I stood up and finished taking off my clothes until I was completely naked. I finally convinced David to unzip his pants again and pull his still rock hard cock out. Behind me, I could hear Bill's zipper being let down as David stood up and got behind me.

"Have you licked her pussy yet, son?" Bill asked, reaching inside his pants and pulling out his cock, too.

"We didn't quite get that far, Dad," answered David, pressin

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