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A spoiled princess makes a dark bargain.

"Ali! Put him down, just wait and see what he says," Jasmine pleaded to Ali, pulling on his arm to let Luis go.

Ali roughly dropped Luis, opening his stitches.

"Talk," he said harshly as Luis coughed.

Luis turned to Jasmine, "Senorita, I swear, I haven't eaten anything, I've been sleep the whole time. If I ate all the food, where would I have put the fruit peels? I am too weak to walk, much less hide all the evidence!" he exclaimed weakly before coughing again.

"Ali I think he's right. He couldn't have eaten all of it, there's three days' worth of food we had,"

"Then what happened, you mean something just walked in here and took it all," Ali said looking at Luis with suspicion.

"No not something. Someone."

They all got quiet as the implications of that set in.

Jasmine spoke first, "We need to move. Now. Whether it was a person or an animal our location is not safe anymore and we can't risk this happening while we're all sleep and defenseless,"

"Ali but first, you need to apologize to Luis, this was not his fault," Jasmine said, looking at him sternly.

Ali turned to Luis and said, "Look man, I'm sorry I grabbed you like that, we're all in a tough spot right now and I jumped to conclusions," he finished as he held his hand out to Luis.

Luis hit his hand away.

"You think I know you don't like me. You got some big cajones giving me that fake apology when you really just want me gone, so you can have la senorita to yourself. I just want to leave this place and not die and you just want to flex your cock like a rooster!"

"Hey!!" Jasmine yelled quieting everyone before Ali could reply.

"I don't give a FUCK about either of your egos right now! I need to re-stitch this leg and Ali you need to pack everything so we can go. Or I will leave you both here to fend for your fucking selves!"

Jasmine yelled and turned to Luis to look at his leg. Luis looked up at Ali as Jasmine was bent over him and made a chicken face at him. Ali flexed his fist and turned away. He counted to 5 then began packing everything.

Within an hour everything was packed and they set out, Jasmine and Ali taking turns helping Ali walk.

The sun was past the midway point in the sky as they walked hurriedly, trying to reach the beach before it set below the trees.


They finally reached camp and collectively released a sigh of relief. After settling in, Jasmine went to start the fire and cook some fish they had caught on the way home. Ali took Luis into the hut and not so gently laid him down. Leaving Luis gasping in pain he walked back out and sat near Jasmine.

She ignored him as he stared at her, entranced by the fire light dancing across her honey skin. Once she was finished she abruptly stood and rolled some fish in a leaf and took some to Luis, Leaving Ali outside sitting alone.

She came back out and sat across from him and began to eat.

"So you're mad at me. What now?!" he asked incredulously.

She finished chewing then sat back and looked him, her eyes boring into his skin.

"You have anger issues, you know that. Not everyone is your enemy," she said calmly as she watched his face for a reaction.

He tried to keep his face smooth, yet failed and his jaw clenched and he looked away.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about. The way you attacked Luis was disturbing to say the least, when logically there was no way he could have eaten all the food I mean come on,"

"What do you want me to say Jasmine, I mean our camp was a total disaster, and he's sitting there with this 'I dunno' look on his face,"

"Well most people do have that look on their face when they don't have a clue what is going on," she replied sarcastically.

She huffed, "look I'm not mad I'm just exhausted alright. Today was crazy and you just go off the deep end so fast it's dizzying,"

He was quiet for a while as he considered her words.

"I remember back when I was in the army they used to call me Sargent hothead, I mea

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