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Kat comes to a realization with unexpected help from Claire.


It was 8:39, she felt a twinge of regret, but for some reason she was more comforted this year than before, "oh well" she thought, "Time heals all wounds." She sat and told him all about the year the goings on in her house and his parents house, including the wonderful news that his parents had been approved to adopt the twins they had been foster parents to for the last 3 years. Also wonder of wonders his Mom had allowed her to go into Kersen's old room, box up everything, repaint, and redecorate it since the twins were girls. Running out of things to say she just sat and thought about her bestest friend and how much she missed him. Then it was over at least for another year, she could go on with her life.

Becky waited until Gebriele sighed and started to lift her head, then slid into the bench across the booth from Gebriele, who looked up with tear-stained cheeks, and smiled, at her friend.

Becky said, "Hi!"

"Hi yourself."

"You Ok now?"

"Yea, for another year."

"Gebriele, I've been here with you for 6 years, you've never told me why you can't move on?"

"I've asked myself that exact same thing for six years Becky. I was the only one who didn't get to say Goodbye, to see him go, I'll not see him again to say it until I cross over, at the end of my life. I know it's stupid but I wanted, no needed to say goodbye. Trust me Becky, it's getting easier to live life afterwards, but, I am healing."

Gebriele smiled at her friend.

"I'll see you tomorrow for breakfast," Becky remarked, "gotta get home to my Hubby," getting up to leave she went out the back door to where her truck was parked and left.

Gebriele, sighed and allowed her head to fall into her hands, elbows on the table, tears flowing easily as she felt him with her once again.

Sitting with her head in her hands, she didn't see the two drunken college boys come into get a couple of 12-paks or that they noticed her. Bear was outside making sure the remaining six college rowdies all stayed in the truck; while Carla the regular night shift girl was watching the cash drawer and filling orders. The two Romeo's staggered over and sat down with Gebriele one sliding in across from her, the other one next to her moving his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her close to him.

Startled, she gave out a cry, "What the Hell do you want, get your arm off of me, get out of here and leave me alone." She was absolutely flabbergasted at the man's gall.

The man across the table slurred out, "ah com-on hunny, you don't need to cry over him, we'll make everything all better, now quite playin' hard to git." He winked at the guy who was still holding her.

"First, get off of me." Poking the guy in the ribs, he moved his arm as she pushed him out of the booth and onto the floor.

"Second, that is the worst southern drawl, and pick up line I've ever heard."

"Third, get out of here and leave me alone."

Both men got real quiet, then the guy who was sitting across from her snapped his hand and slapped her hard on her cheek. The unexpected move had Gebriele back on her heals so to speak, and she moved into the corner of the booth her arms close to her body, her hands up near her face guarding.

The man who had been deposited on the floor, crawled back up from the floor putting his knee on the booth seat, "so you like it rough bitch, well I like it rough too!" he spit the words out like they were physical barbs, then lunged at Gebriele.

She screamed, "No!"

The man stopped inches from Gebriele's face, then staring at her in obvious pain, mouth hanging open, no words coming from the evil smelling canyon that now dominated his face, he seemed to be frozen in place. He slowly slid backwards to the end of the booth.

The man let out a low groan of pain mixed with terror whispering, "My Balls, Oh my god, he's got me by the balls." He lowered his head to the bench and just shook.

Gebriele looked up to see a tall man of average build; he had a gentle look in his eyes she noticed as he met her gaze briefly, he smiled then nodded

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