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The seduction of a man in a hotel room.

Sometimes people ask "can you hear that noise?" when Jordan is walking around. She reckons that turns her on more that she might get caught out one day.

So we arrive at this hotel at Friday early evening and there are a lot of vehicles and trucks already parked in the car park.

We get out the car and Jordan's dress is already wet and sticking to her arse. She pulls the dress away from her arse and asks me if its very noticeable. I replied "yes a bit. It might dry out a bit." It was till summer so a fairly warm Aussie night.

We get inside the pub and its pretty packed with mainly men. There's a few females in the audience, but most women there were either bar staff or the girls putting on the show.

We made our way to the bar. It was pretty noisy with the music going and the guys cheering on a young lad on stage getting a lap-dance with a pretty hot stripper.

Jordan bends over to ask for a drink and every one got a great view of her naked arse and her lasered and pierced bald cunt. It was easy to see how wet she was. As soon as she stopped leaning on the bar and turned around, guys were chatting to her and asking if she was part of the show. Jordan replied "I'm the after show entertainment."

They said "well, I'm sticking around for that!"

Jordan is around 5'6" size 10, natural tits, brown eyes and long dyed blonde hair. She gets a lot of attention.

As we were watching the show Jordan was gyrating and dancing. Guys standing behind her were pushing their cocks up against her. Of course Jordan pushed back. One of the guys started to finger her and looked over at me as if tho say is this OK?" I leaned over and said "mate you can do anything you want to her." He asked "what for free?" I nodded.

Jordan bent over and pushed up hard against this strangers fingers. He said "fuck this." and pulled out his hard cock and slid it into Jordan's dripping, gaping, hungry cunt.

This created a lot of interest where we were standing. Next thing the 8 guys from the gangbang were around us.

"Told you we would...Oh wow shes into it already? Didn't wait for us?"

Next thing this stranger blows his load inside Jordan, wipes his cock on Jordan's dress and walks up to the bar for a drink.

Jordan stands up and looks around and asks "who's next?"

The guys all collectively look around and one guy decides to be romantic and tongue kisses Jordan. Other guys grab at her tits and finger her cunt. A couple hang their cocks out and try and get the guy to stop kissing her.

Jordan looks around and stops kissing the guy. "I prefer cock, sorry," bends over and starts sucking cocks. One of the guys slips his cock in and blows after 3 pumps. He also wipes his cock on Jordan's dress and goes to the bar. Must be what they do here!

Just as the third guy slips his cock in, a security guard comes over to see whats going on.

I said, "its ok mate, just and extra part of the show."

He replied "I didn't know there was live sex, just the stage show. I better check." He then walks away. The third guys slips back into Jordan and blows his load after 5 pumps. These guys are a bit premature! And-yes, wipe the cock on the dress thing.

Security returns and said we were 'distracting from the show' and would need to leave or stop. One of the gangbang guys asks "want to go into the car park?"

Jordan replies with "I just need to be fucked more and harder."

We walk outside with at least half the hotel patrons with us. We get to the rear car park and Jordan bends over and shouts out "fuck me! Rape me! Use me!" Then its on!

Guy after guy either blew in Jordan's mouth or in her gaping and swollen cunt. Mobile phones were taking footage or flashes were going off. Guys were pulling Jordan's hair while fucking her while others were trying at the same time to grab her head while getting their cocks sucked and face fuck her.

I asked Jordan "you ok?" Jordan panted as she took a cock out of her mouth "I'm fucking loving it! Keep it coming".

If I hadn't realised it before (which I kinda did!) It really sunk in that

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