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Judy catches her kids in the act, so they make her join in.

Even on top of the car and the wonderful night with this woman. Here he was with a girl half his age. Didn't even know her last name or anything else about her. He was going to take off with her on a trip of several days with no real destination. This was just so unlike anything he had ever done. More like his uncle might have done, he thought. Still, the excitement flowed through him and, it was obvious, through the girl as well.

They found where they were and decided to get onto the interstate for a while and head east. In about a half hour they saw a sign for a Super WalMart and pulled off the main road. Don drove into the parking lot and stopped the car. "We can probably find most of what we need here," he commented. Jenny nodded as they both got out of the car.

Inside they went first to the men's clothing section and Don picked up a second shirt, socks and underwear. He started to get another pair of jeans but then changed his mind and selected a pair of short jeans shorts instead. Moving over to the women's section he told Jenny to get whatever she thought she'd need. She found another blouse and some more panties. Then she held up a pair of shorts which were, if anything, even shorter than the ones she was wearing. Holding them in front of her she turned smiling towards Don. "These OK?" she asked innocently. Don could only nod.

They went to another section and each selected a toothbrush, comb and a few other similar items. Don picked up a cheap toilet kit to hold them and then, almost as an afterthought, picked out an inexpensive soft sided case to hold everything. When they checked into a motel, at least they would have something that looked like luggage.

Before they were ready to leave, Jenny suddenly said, "Why don't we pick up a cooler and some food. We might want to eat lunch or supper as a picnic instead of buying something out each time."

"You don't mind? I mean, I certainly don't mind buying our meals out, but I'll admit that a picnic sounds like fun."

"I don't mind. I like picnics and hiking and things like that."

They bought a small cooler and planned to get some ice when they checked out. They also bought paper plates and tableware and even a nylon coated blanket to spread on the ground. While they were in that section Don asked, "You really like hiking? Would you want to do some?"

"Sure. You said we'd be going to some of the parks, didn't you?"

"Yeah. OK, let me get a small pack and a couple of water bottles."

They picked out a small selection of food they could eat without cooking. Jenny made a trip back to the pharmacy section while Don pushed the basket to the checkout. She reappeared quickly and dropped a couple of things into the pile already there. When the total rang up Don was not surprised to see that it topped two hundred, but considering he was talking about several days vacation, that didn't really seem too bad. Besides, WalMart took credit cards so it wouldn't cut into his cash.

They loaded everything into the Chevy and, with the top down, climbed back inside. Don had seen the things Jenny had added to the basket, but refrained from asking. She had picked up a package of condoms and a small jar of lube. She had said she was clean and certainly hadn't worried about things last night and she definitely didn't need any extra lube. She seemed to be wet and excited all night. He'd let it go for now.

They headed east, farther up into the mountains.

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