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Bad news, but compensation - Katherine's proposal.

An hour into the party, I saw him, standing with his wife talking to a prominent local businessman. Raj eyed me, and beckoned me over. I obeyed.

"Hello Mrs. Parikh!" He smiled. "Do you know my wife Pooja?" I shook my head no and Raj made the introductions. As the conversation petered out after several minutes, Raj took me aside and said, "upstairs hallway in 5 minutes. NO BULLSHIT!!" I nodded `yes'.

I didn't want to do it, but was afraid of his power over my husband's business. I was upstairs when I was supposed to be. I waited several minutes before Raj came up. "Where's the bathroom?" He asked. I pointed to it and he pushed me inside, locking the door. "My, you look pretty!" He laughed gazing at my young firm body in a low cut, short party dress, "dressed up for me?"

I hated him but nodded `yes'.

"GOOD! and your undies?" He asked lifting the front of the married woman's dress. I had on stockings, a garter belt and sheer string bikini panties. "Good, you do like your told!" He laughed. "Now take off your panties!"

"In here!!" I was shocked.

"Just do it!" Raj commanded. I obeyed, lifting my dress and putting my hands under it to my waist, I pushed my panties down and stepped out of them. My dress fell back down.

"Pick them up!" I bent over and retrieved my panties. Raj took them from me. He put his hands on my waist, lifted me and made me sit on the sink. He sat down on the toilet. "I want to taste you!" I was shocked. I enjoyed being eaten, but not by this hateful man?

"Lift you dress!" I obeyed. Raj turned to me, parted my long shapely legs and stared at my naked cunt. It was beautiful, covered with soft hair, barely hiding the moist, pink line of my young cunt slit, perfectly framed by the lacy garter belt.

He took a deep breath of my cunt odor, savoring its smell. Then he extended his tongue and took his first taste of my luscious cunt. The flat of his tongue swept between my widespread cunt lips and brought an involuntary gasp from my throat. Almost against my will, my hand moved behind my head and I tilted myself down so I could watch directly. His mouth glued itself to my pussy lips and he sucked hard, letting his tongue curl deep into my moist cuntal passage and then twitch as my interior muscles closed around it. He worked it around then out, seeking the tip of my clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, expertly with his teeth.

Raj lapped like a crazed man at my clit. I moaned and squirmed in revulsion on the sink. He moved to my open cunt slit and took deep penetrating licks of my glistening cunt. He tongue fucked me hard and deep. He continued to lick and suck, driving me who was a married woman wild with his thrusting tongue. He loved the way my silken thighs clenched around his face knowing I loved the way he sucked my cunt, even if I didn't. My juices flowed freely from my pulsing cunt into his mouth.
"Nooo,, please,,, don't,,, please,,, stop...." I sobbed. But they both new I didn't mean it. Even if I did, Raj didn't care. I was flailing my hips wildly as he continued to slaver at my wet throbbing cuntal slit. The tormenting wet licking kept on and I heard the lewd "slurp-slurp-slurp" of his tongue licking against my most secret parts even above the wild pounding of my heart.

I could hardly believe that it was really me, sitting on my bathroom sink with a near stranger, debasing myself, letting him lick my pussy.

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