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He shares his lover for the first time.

The room was dimly lit as the assistant in charge of the room had left. She found the file and signed it out with her card. She heard noises. From further in the room.

A woman's moan coupled with the rhythmic shaking of a shelf. She rounded the last shelf to find Dean thrusting into Tessa, the new HR trainee. They hadn't noticed her and she watched his cock slide into her wet pussy. The red head's skirt was pulled up to her waist and a lacy thong laid discarded a meter away. He had hoisted her naked butt onto the third shelf. Her legs were wrapped firmly around him and her shirt was opened with her bra cups lowered to expose snowy small but pert breasts capped with erect pink nipples, one of which Dean had in his mouth. Tessa bit her lips hard as Dean's thrusting came harder and faster. She was moaning loudly now.

Zara's eyes were glued to the scene as she found herself overcome with uncontrollable lust. She restrained the urge to touch herself and walked away forcibly. What was she turning into? Lately everything seemed to be making her lustful. She felt the moisture pool between her thighs as she heard Tessa emit a high pitched moan that she knew meant the secretary had cum. She bit her own lips thinking about how it would be to experience that. She was still a virgin at 22. It was a joke she thought. But she refused to let any man near her besides Dean, let alone have sex with one. After what her father had done to her mother, she decided to trust no man. She didn't want a relationship. She couldn't just have sex with strange men either. Maybe that's why she had been having the dreams she mused. Boy was she messed up, she thought to herself.

She packed up her things and left her desk deciding to leave Dean to his philandering. As she got into her car, he caught up to her. He got into the passenger seat. His Porsche was being used by Ashleigh today so he was supposed to get a ride with her. He was buttoning his shirt, his handsome face contorted into a wicked grin.

"Someone's a peeping tom," he said. He had just cum harder than he had in a long time. Zara had no idea how she turned him on. Just thinking about her watching him fuck Tessa made him stiffen again.

"Next time you want to rendezvous with a girl, please don't make plans with me and keep me waiting," she said archly.

He chuckled good naturedly. She joined him.

"So, was it good?" she asked saucily. "I never knew she had such great breasts." This was banter they often shared. Zara appreciated the feminine form and would join in the usual guy talk about hot girls and their bodies. Dean once again imagined his favorite fantasy of Zara and Ashleigh together. His hot blonde girlfriend and his sexy, breathtaking brunette friend.

"Yeah she was." He decided to add something risky. "They aren't nearly as great as yours though."

She stiffened a little. Her eyes meeting his. He felt like taking it back. The truth was he was mad about Zara from the first time they met. She blew him away. She had a stunning body that was comparable to any of the Sports Illustrated magazines he coveted. But more than that her personality was addictive. She knew so much about any topic he could bring up. She was intelligent. Not just worldly but deeply insightful. She seemed to be on another plane completely than the normal world. And no matter how much they shared and he learnt about her, he still felt like it was just the part of the iceberg that was above water. The 80% of her that was submerged intrigued him.

He sensed untold wonders that he wished he could unlock within her. He worked hard to get this close to her. It was why he never confessed his feelings about her. He had watched countless guys who expressed a romantic interest in her crash and burn and he knew to gain her trust and know her, he would have to hide his feelings. It was worth it now. Her friendship was invaluable. And just having this proximity to her was something he couldn't lose because he couldn't live without it.

'Trescott, when have you seen them?" she deman

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