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Complications arise in the love lives of step-siblings.

Tonight was it. I couldn't take it anymore. We were working late, the last two ramp people left, and our boss, who was in his office finishing up the night's paperwork. I offered to help Tiff finish up, and when we got on the plane, we were hacking around as usual. I accidentally "bumped" into her and the moment I did, I felt all the blood rush to my cock. I had gone too long without a good fuck, and Tiffany was driving me wild.

As we messed around, I managed to grab her wrists and gently put them above her head. I didn't want to scare her off, despite the fact that if she'd let me, I'd rip off her clothes and fuck the shit out of her right then and there. Instead, I knew I had to take it slow.

As soon as his lips touched mine, I felt an urgency inside me that I had never known existed. I had been out with a few guys, but I was still a virgin. No one had ever really interested me enough to give my self to them. Jake's kiss sent a stream of moisture between my legs, and I knew that tonight, if he asked, I would make love to him.

He lifted his head up from mine, and I saw an intensity in his eyes, as well as felt his quick breath on my face. The moment of being startled had worn off, and while he still had my hands above my head, I moved my face toward his. He released me and put one hand behind my head and one hand on my ass.

"Oh my God, you have such a nice ass," he groaned into my mouth. "Touch me, please."

The slight beg in his voice sent another wave through me as I felt my own pulse quicken and my panties growing wetter. Unsure of myself, I let my hand move down his chest and lowered it until it rested on his rock hard cock, imprisoned in his pants. He groaned again I jerked my hand back, thinking I'd hurt him. "God, please, Tiff, rub me." His voice was husky and a bit shaky. I felt like an incompetent fool around him.

"Show me what to do." I said as his mouth sucked in my earlobe.

He released my ass and took my hand, moving it around his penis. He unbuttoned his pants, and in a swift gesture got them unzipped as well. At that, he took my hand and inserted it inside. His underwear still blocked me from actually touching it, but I managed to weave my fingers around enough to release it from its confinement. I had never before touched a man, and the size of him startled me.

"Don't stop now, sweetheart," he pleaded.

"Jake, I..." I started. He lifted his head up from the tantalizing things he was doing to my neck.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked looking me full in the face. As I glanced down in embarrassment, he cupped my chin, lifted it so I was looking him in the eyes, and gave me a slow smile. "I promise I won't hurt you."

"I just feel stupid. I don't know what to do," I whimpered.

"I'll show you, baby. Don't worry." His endearment made me feel better.

Christ, I had never in my wildest dreams figured she'd be a virgin. She was way too hot. But there was no way I was going to stop now. My cock was out, and ready for some lovin'. Not wanting to scare her too much, I took both her hands and let her massage me for a minute. It was all I could do to hold back and not cum in her hands. Jesus, she was hot.

"That's it, slow," I told her. She moved her hands about, awkwardly, at first, but then taking the cue from me as to what felt good. I wanted her to taste me, so I gently pulled out from her grasp, and told her to lower down to her knees. She looked petrified, so I said, "It's ok, trust me."

When she had gotten in position, I think her curiosity took over as she started looking at my cock from all angles. Then, she surprised me by taking the head of my shaft in her mouth, and suckling it. After a minute, I had a hard time believing she had never done this before. She was stroking and sucking and I fought the urge to cum in her mouth. Good, she was good.

I used her hair to help guide her head back and forth and she gave a little moan of pain as I shoved my cock too deep one time. Her mouth was so fucking hot.

I decided that she needed to experience the joy of oral sex, so I pulled her up and swi

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