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Two friends become lovers while watching porn.

your cock? Definitely not easy!

After Ms. Black had had her way with my rampant member-and I'd solved her problem-she told me I was perfectly suited for a position within her company. Lucky, submissive, me the position she had in mind was under her-literally.

As the official company pussylicker my job was literally beneath my boss as well as the other women in the company. My company uniform included nothing more than my mouth and tongue so every day was casual Friday for me. I would come into work, go below my first desk and immediately begin my job. Daily I had quotas set for me. Some days the quota was number of pussies eaten, some days total number of orgasms and some days it was just the length of time spent on an individual pussy non-stop.

I came to appreciate all types of pussies. Whether they were tight or loose, shaved bare or hairy, pierced or not I learned to love them all with a desire for them that bordered on obsession. For variety, from time to time, the women of the company decided to use more than my mouth to please them and thus I was promoted from company pussylicker to company slut.

With my new promotion came some new perks as well. For one perk I actually got an expense account for clothing. Of course the account was to be used at stores where appropriate clothing could be purchased. These stores included adult novelty and clothing stores, specialized leather stores, Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood and other similar stores.

As company slut, and thus company property, I was repeatedly used to further its goals. Sometimes, almost daily it seemed to me, I was sent out to "entertain" prospective clients. I would be rewarded for their business coming on board and punished if they did not (or if they complained about me).

First assignment: Venus Cosmetics, Inc

Venus P. Enise, President of Venus Cosmetics, Inc., was as beautiful as her name suggested, but about as ruthless as the god of war. Her enemies called her Venus the Penis; her friends simply called her a cocksucking slut and other more sexually explicit names-all of which were very appropriate since she literally fucked her friends. I was about to become her newest friend.

Amazon sent me to Venus Enise fully prepared. Of course that meant my style of dress was very minimal and all leather. Venus liked to dominate her men as she did her competition. I knew my ass would be smarting soon, but not just how.

Venus was as intimidating in person as her reputation would lead one to believe. This was an amazing fact given that she was only 4' 6" tall. Venus was an African American goddess with the attitude to match even given, or maybe because of, her short stature. I'd never thought I'd seen someone this in charge in my life. Now, at least for the moment, Venus was to be my life.

As Venus hauled my half-naked ass literally into the house I knew I was in trouble. Ms. Venus' house was a quaint Victorian style house on the outside and completely different on the inside. The inside of the house appeared gothic in nature. In fact, the inside of her house was as dark, dismal and dank as the outside appeared light, airy and inviting. The perfect trap!

She led me into her living room whereupon she lowered a set of cuffs separated by a spreader bar. Without the need to be told I got myself between them and began attaching them like the good slut that I am supposed to be. Mistress Venus finished attaching the wrist cuffs then attached a similar set that was bolted to the concrete heated (thankfully) floor.

Her hands roamed my body. She grabbed my exposed asscheeks and massaged them, kneaded them as if judging them on their feel. Then, her hands went to more personal places. The slaps were sudden, unexpected and harsh!

Mistress Venus told me that she was starting light and would work up to the more harsh forms of punishment.

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