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Katy pays the price. you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes of course but why are we talking derri__re?"

Charlie delivered his killer smile at quarter throttle. "I haven't had a good look at yours yet."

She blushed and said she'd been warned about Charlie Chol.

"Hi, and you are...?"

"Diana Banks, um recently divorced."

"And he got the car?"

"And the boat and a wad of money but I got the house."

Good for you Di. Now about your derri__re, I mean your small accident? Pick up the bike Di and prepare to ride off."

"God it's heavy. How the fuck do you expect me to lift this?"

"What your language Di, you're a schoolteacher at Westbank school aren't you?"

There wasn't a female aged 20 to 45 in the county that Charlie hadn't details about in his memory bank.

Diana looked pleased he knew of her vocation. "Yes, and I apologize for my bad language. As you can guess I'm a little stressed."

"Of course. Fred Japps told me about you. Said you were..."

"Hush Charlie. He's the one who brought on my divorce, the loud-mouth swine."

Charlie lifted the bike with effort and pulled it back on to its stand.

"Look Di, save your money for a car but in the meantime let's look at this little beauty down here -- watch your derri__re on the handlebars as it's crowded in here because showroom space comes at a cost. This stylish 125 cc scooter is fitted with an under-seat shopping lockable grill stowage area plus a parcel tray behind the seat. I'll toss in an old girl friend's helmet and gloves and reduce the price, just for you, to $500."

"Only five hundred bucks?"

"It's second-hand and I'm being generous and it comes with a full year's warranty. Honest darling, it's made for you."


"Don't mind, that's just salesmanship. What about it?" asked Charlie, idly stroking the front of his jeans and that action caught Diana's eye.

"Oh lovely. I'll take it. How can I reward you?"

Charlie licked his lips. Diana giggled. "First you'll have to take me to dinner."

They decided Saturday night suited.

"Now, how do I ride this cute machine?"

"Did you ride a tricycle as a kid?"


"Well you can ride this machine. Now, allow me to demonstrate. First lesson: the front handbrake. Goodness, is that all you up there?"

"Yes, those are my breasts, no padding or inserts but Charlie ought you be talking to me like this amid an operational demonstration?"

"No, of course not. I apologize. Now let me get my mouth around...this is the horn."

"God Charlie, you are such a character."

Chomping through a piece of steak on Saturday night Charlie almost blew a gasket when Diana said sweetly: You know Charlie, in going through the trauma of divorce I thought I'd never get a man to look at me again at my age..."

"Which is?"


"Are you sure?"

"Thirty-six and that's the truth. Here, look at my ID..."

Charlie said he believed her, to stop digging in her handbag. He placed another piece of steak into his mouth and before he had time to close his mouth Diana said, "I've got so much to give you Charlie."

Charlie choked.

Diana reached in front of her plate delicately and handed back Charlie his piece of steak.

They kissed and grappled in the entrance to Diana's house as soon as she closed the door they fell to the floor and she struggled to unzip him while he battled to undo the hooks of her bra.

The practical schoolteacher said, "Look Charlie, you unzip and dig it out for me and I'll release my boobies."

It was a successful cooperative approach toward the commencement of sex.

"Oh my, what big ones," Charlie marveled.

"Oh what a big one," Diana breathed, looking at what spilled out beyond her hand.

They were entirely on the same wavelength.

Diana's eyes opened wide and her nostrils twitched as Charlie slowly fed it in.

"God, I haven't had anything up there for nigh on fourteen months."

Being familiar about mechanics, Charlie volunteered information: "It's a wonder the whole thing hasn't seized up for the want of lube."

"I suppurate naturally."


"It doesn't matter lovely ma

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