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She welcomes men, rich and poor to campus.

The cold nearly killed his hardon, but the site of Daphne's nipples responding to the cool water breathed new life into it... and him.

"Absolutely beautiful," he breathed. She heard his words and blushed.

They swam about, never once really losing sight of the other. Henry was glad his hardon finally decided to yield to the cold and fade into the background. He was also amused at the single thought that filled his mind. He was a shark stalking his pray. The twisted humor of shark-whale wasn't so much cruel as it was a reminder that he wasn't cruel at all. He was truly interested in helping Daphne realize just how beautiful she was.

Daphne could not shake the image from her head. A strong, powerful shark circling a fat beached whale. Or the peculiar twist to being eaten. Henry swam over to a wall and draped his arms over the edge, facing her. His head lay on a towel and he let his body hover beneath the rippling waves. She smiled, then swam towards him. This time the killer whale was after a cute and tempting seal.

"Why did you invite me over here, Henry?" She asked as she slid her body against his.

"Uh.. well..." His mind could not focus on words. She felt so... good... against his body. His nostrils flared. His hands itched to caress her round body. He could see everything. Feel everything. The flavor of her nectar... He opened his eyes... when had they closed?... and looked at Daphne.

He was gone. Here was an eighteen year old desperate to fuck someone. her. He wanted to fuck her!! There was nothing stopping either of them... if one discounted common sense. Fifty-three years old. She could be his grandmother!! She knew it would probably be best to stop teasing him. She did... and kissed his lips softly.

He felt the chain snap. He tried to warn her, but knew it was futile. The Beast Within was loose once more. Yet he refused to let it go unchecked. He wouldn't try to contain it, but he WOULD see to it that Daphne didn't get hurt in any way.

So. You've finally decided to join me. Wise decision. Your family is a strong one indeed. I chose wisely. Now come. This beautiful woman is in need. And we shall provide.

* * * *

His hands felt so good as they slid around her back. His arms, powerful coils of lust, squeezed away all doubt and inhibition. Daphne surrendered to the raging lust within her. She threw her arms around his back and kissed him. Hard and passionate. His cock tried to ram through her belly... a situation he remedied quickly. One moment she was scrambling to get comfortable... the next... In one long, slow, agonizingly delightful moment, her cunt was being filled with eight inches of thick, young, BLACK cock in a pool.

"Sorry," he growled. Then he spun around, plastering her against the pool wall.

This was fucking. Daphne wrapped her legs around his bubble butt and whipped her hips into him. He was snarling like and animal as he mauled her nipple. His hands gripped her ass tightly, kneading the mounds as he continuously pounded her long neglected nest. her hands roamed freely over his body and head, encouraging him to take her. All of her fantasies... now reality. And the real was so much more. Then... he jerked away from her. Daphne whimpered and looked at Henry.

"My room. Now," he snarled. That look. he was totally committed to fucking the shit out of her. Here was the Beast given form. If she wanted him, then she would get him. The real him.

Daphne obeyed. She wanted to be as comfortable as possible while he fucked her senseless. her heart no longer felt heavy. Life would no longer be just one day after the next. Even if he left her, and she was sure he would, she knew someone found her exciting. And where there was one...

* * * *

They made it as far as the second set of stairs before he could not resist.

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