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Three friends come together, for a memorable night out.

Tina thought she saw him begin to lean toward her just a bit.

"Yes, I suspect I would like to be your customer." Bob admitted, trying to keep his voice level. "Is looking all you want?"

Tina smiled. "We'll see, Bob. I like you, so I might let you 'tip' me better than the 'average' customer." Tina glanced at her watch. "But for now I have to go." She stood, and reached her hand out to Bob, sorry then that she hadn't worn something with a looser collar so he could peer down her shirt. "I really liked this cafe, and I loved meeting you, Bob; I hope I'll see you again soon."

"Oh, I think you can count on it." Bob said. He hand was soft and silky, and it made him wonder how soft her breasts were. He sat and watched her walk away, mesmerized by the gentle sway of her hips.

Once home Tina changed into slacks and a button-down shirt and began to make dinner. Jim had been talking up this new supervisor, and she knew he wanted to make a good impression. She began to think seriously about Bob. He was, after she thought about it, a fairly attractive sort of man, in good shape for his age. She had never flirted so before, but then she had never been so overtly approached before, either. Would she have gone with him somewhere and shown him more? Would she go back? Could she let him touch her? She vascillated as she cooked dinner, certain at once that letting a man ogle was one thing, but touching was another, certain again later that if Jim wouldn't touch her as she wanted, it was his own fault if she sought it elsewhere. One thing she knew for sure, and that was that she hadn't been lying about seeing him again. She would go back to that cafe and see this intriguing man at least once more, no matter how far she decided to go.

Jim came home shortly after six with his supervisor in tow. Tina met them in the living room as they were coming in, the supervisor walking just behind her husband.

"Hello, sweetheart," Jim said warmly, for he was always attentive in front of company. "I'd like you to meet my supervisor, Mr. Torrence."

From behind Jim stepped Bob. They both tried to cover their shock; luckily Jim had his back to them, pouring drinks. "Pleased to meet you," Bob extended his hand. "Please, call me Bob."

"My name is...Tina." She said. "Jim, honey, I'll get those drinks, why don't you and Bob sit down? Dinner is nearly ready."

Jim seemed friendly enough when she brought the drinks, but he began to grow quieter with each dish she brought to the table. Tina just knew that Bob was telling him something, but what? Finally, as she came into the dining room once more, he said, "Tina dear, Bob tells me that you two met earlier today."

Tina froze for a moment, wondering what to say, how much to admit. Maybe Bob hadn't mentioned her dress, maybe it was still okay. "Yes, I went for a little shopping, and we met in the same restaurant."

"Bob tells me that you have an interesting hobby, and an even more interesting wish ... or should I say fantasy."

Tina stood stock-still, not knowing what to say. She looked at Jim, at Bob, at the floor, not uttering a word. Jim stood and walked over until he was right behind her. "Jim, I can explain, it's not what you think."

"Shhh," Jim whispered into her ear. "I'm not that mad, really. I want to help you realize your fantasy." Reaching around Tina he yanked her shirt wide open. She gasped involuntarily, but he held her still.

"Jim! You can't!" She cried.

"Now, honey, Bob tells me that you had promised him a show, I just think it's right that we give him one." Opening her shirt wide, he began to massage her breasts, lifting first one, then the other, free from her bra. "What do you think, Bob? They are nice, eh?"

"Beautiful," said Bob. He was watching every motion of her breasts, and watching Tina, too. He looked her straight in the eyes, just as he had that afternoon.

Jim began pinching her nipples, tugging at them until they stood full and proud. "See this, Bob? She loves it when you tug on 'em like this, don't you, honey?"

Tina gave a low moaning "yes," frustrated and exc

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