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The tricks Harry learned in jail are put to good use.

We parted as friends. She even apologized for agreeing to marry. She wasn't' the marrying kind."

"Yeah, Stan also. He's never remarried though. Got to give him credit for that. He pays child support but isn't too involved in Sandy's life. He does go to some of her games, though."

"Dani should have never remarried, but for some screwball reason she did," I added.

I told her about my occasional trysts with Dani even after we were apart. She practically choked on her food when I told her that Dani called me a few weeks after getting remarried and wanted to do it again.

"I hope like hell you told her no," said Sara, with emphasis on the word "no".

"Absolutely. I was angry with her. We split because she cheated on me repeatedly. We were still friends at that time, though. She tried to convince me that her new husband was getting some on the side and that it was only fair that she can do the same. I told her to find someone else."

Everything changed after that incident. I wanted nothing more to do with her other than being Ricky's mother. I can't even consider her a friend now. She's never asked again, either."

"I may not be a choir boy, but I don't want to be a party to a woman cheating on her husband...although there was one exception...but that was under false pretenses."

I explained my night with Janice. She shook her head in disbelief.

"Let me make this very clear...right now, Roger...I am as single as single can be. I haven't even had a date in nearly two years. I went with a guy named Claude for over a year. I thought he was serious, but I learned that all he wanted was the bedroom benefits. I'm not sure he cheated or not, but he valued his time with his buddies more than being with me."

"He seemed to get annoyed with me when I had plans with Sandy and he wanted to get laid. I told him, and I'll tell any guy, that as long as she's a kid that she's my priority."

I respected that immensely. I was always there for Ricky growing up. Even my pursuit of pussy came second to my parental duties. I was beginning to like this lovely waitress a lot more.

3:30 came upon us quickly when Lou and Keni were ready to leave. Sara took her plate and silverware to the back and washed it. She also cleared off the counter where we sat and visited.

"Sara, I'd like to continue our conversation soon. What if I came by about the same time tomorrow?"

"I'd like that, Roger. We can hang around until Lou throws us out." She said that loud enough for Lou to hear her. She was smiling. Lou and Keni laughed.

"By the way, Lou and Keni are my aunt and uncle. Lou's my mom's older brother. They all live in this area. They've been my world to me, along with my parents...and of course my Sandy."

We did the same thing the next day. I learned that she had a second job, janitorial, that she did on weekday evenings at a large office in the downtown area. It was a flat fee of 20 dollars per night and it usually took her much less than 2 hours to finish the work.

This information came forward when I began to discuss a possible date to a real nice steak house or Italian restaurant. She seemed willing, but weekdays were difficult for her.

I also told her about Connie, a bowler in the same league I'm in. She's single and we've hooked up in the past. I also took her on a Riverboat Cruise on the Mississippi River one week and we shared the room.

I brought up her name specifically because I knew that if Sara ever went to the bowling alley, there was a good chance that she'd see Connie.

To be fair, Connie only has a very nice body going for her. She drinks too much and gets kind of loud. Other than being compatible in the bedroom and enjoying our bowling, we have nearly nothing else in common. Giving her up for a potential permanent partner would be easy.

The fact that Sara still seemed willing was good enough for me. I originally thought that I wasn't the kind of guy she was interested in dating. Once we began to go back and forth about our backgrounds...and baggage...we had both learned some lessons in life the hard way.

She was r

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