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Mother goes to far to help troubled son.


I laugh softly, taking her hand in mine again while the other lightly grazes her cheek, her chin, her shoulder, the small of her back, as close to touching without allowing either of us satisfaction of touch. "The state would never dare speak falsehoods about council, my good lady. It is in the best interest of the state to do as you say. You musn't be so humble."

"Humility is what is called for, is it not?" Her breast heaves as she asks.

"Were I in your position I would far less modest." I raise an eyebrow and see her gaze darken.

"Not all of us have that luxury, sire."

"Perhaps I have not made myself clear. I will require immediate assistance in mandating your orders this afternoon. Will you attend me in my private study, Councilor?"

"If my liege insists" She finally smiles, a genuine grin, and takes my hand when I offer it to escort her to the study.

"And for the record," I whisper, as we leave. "My lady may stand above me if she should like."


Her touch sends lava through me as we walk together down the corridor. A million things race through my head but all of them drown in the memory of Elias' mouth on my now-stiffening member.

"Prince Escalus," she raises an eyebrow, "you seem troubled. Was it something I've done? Have I displeased you?"

"Hardly, my lady."

"Highness, of all people, I hope you will not lie to me."

She has my heart, mind, and now my tongue in her possession. "There is...much on my brain." I manage.

"If it is the treaty that troubles you, I assure you it will be under my control."

"I have no doubt, Councilor."

"Is it my appearance?"

"Of course not, Councilor."

"Enough of this."

Lady Ronan charges down the remainder of corridor to the study, forcing me to hasten over her to make it appear as though I am still escorting her.

I open the door with my free hand and an attendant rushes to the pair of us.

"Leave us." She speaks with a power I've never seen within her. The attendant looks at me for approval, startled by her authority, and I nod.

I try not to flinch when she slams the door. Swiftly, Ronan whirls around so her eyes meet mine.

"My Prince. Tell me what has you so vexed that you cannot focus on the task at hand. Verona does not have time for any one person's feelings."

"It's nothing of concern. I assure you." A response I hardly believe myself as it comes out.

"Tell me," she commands gently, causing me to stiffen further. I'm beginning to strain underneath my britches and I pray to the gods she doesn't notice.

"My lady..." I look up at her, the lovesick fool that I am. "It killed me to rise with an empty place in my bed."

"Caleb, please. It's childlike to think we can go on like this with no scrutiny. I owe it to you as your advisor to maintain your image as well as mine. I cannot jeopardize your birthright because of my own feelings."

The nerve of her, to presume I didn't want her as bad as I did in this moment. "I'll be the judge of that." I growl, cornering her by a bookshelf. She puts her hand against my chest; I ignore it as my lips go to her neck. Sucking, biting with just slight pressure, I smile into her skin when I hear her moan and feel her grip on me tighten in pleasure.

With a hand on her waist to pull her in close to me, my free hand finds her breast. Even under the brocade, I feel her nipple hardening under my palm as I caress her. My lips travel down her neck, planting deep kisses on her throat, her now-exposed shoulder and her collarbone. I feel her breath getting heavier as my mouth finds the skin that just meets the edge of her bodice.

Her body gives into me, her legs parting slightly as I grind against her with my hard-on. I have forgotten the work we had set off here to do; all I desire in this moment is to pleasure the goddess I have trapped in my study.

I must tell her of this morning's events. The guilt presses a start of a sentence from me. "My lady, I want to-"

A surprising amount of force throws me against the wall when the world "No!" boils out of my lady.

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