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The Moon - 3755 C.E.: Brigadier Svenssen reviews security.

"I know that one is going to be hard. It will be a little easier for me, maybe—for the most part, I just do not lie to people, anyway—but I'm promising more than that with you two. If you ask me about something and I don't think it's your business, say, I'll have to tell you that, not say something noncommittal or misleading.

"For an example, though, Lynda, when you came to me and offered yourself to me—I mean, offered your body—you didn't want Martha to know about it. If we have a deal, you are committing yourself not to do anything like that, keeping something like that secret, with each other or with me, ever, as long as the deal lasts. So really think about it."

After a brief moment, Lynda said, "Sure, that's no problem." Martha seemed more hesitant. It felt like a long time before she said, "It's OK, except that I'm afraid that I just will say things without thinking about what I'm doing. I hadn't realized how much of a habit it is to kind of keep quiet, or offer noncommittal half truths, and let people think things. Now that you've brought it up, I keep thinking of a million examples. I'm going to have to almost turn into another person, I'm afraid, and I don't know if I can pull it off."

Scott said, "I think I can live with that, if you promise to try to never deliberately lie or mislead me, or Lynda either, and if you'll really, really try to be alert and say something as soon as you reasonably can if you realize you've slipped up. No waiting until you're found out to suddenly remember and fess up. All that goes for you, too, Lynda. And I don't mean that it will always be easy for me, just maybe easier than for you two.

"So. We are all going to have to mislead everyone else about this, the whole deal. We're going to try, hard, not to lie directly, understand. But no matter how careful we try to be, people, especially here at this company, maybe people I don't even know about, are going to pick up on the two of you being with me more. I guess I need to say something about that, don't I? When Martha and I talked, she made it clear that she wasn't talking about just sex, but that she was willing to do other, extra stuff, too. I'm going to expect you two to come in early, probably at least an hour early. There will be, um, sexual duties involved, but we're going to tell everyone that as part of hiring Martha back on you agreed to put in extra time, for a while, for a lot of office work that doesn't get done as regularly as it ought to. And you're going to have to make that true—the other folks will be able to tell, over time, if you don't. And you won't get paid for that, or for any other extra time. I just hope no one complains to the government labor people.

"So, is that a deal-killer?"

Martha instantly agreed that this was OK, and Lynda was almost as quick. Scott wasn't sure whether they saw the logic, or whether they, or Martha anyway, had already seen this coming. Of course, in Martha's case, it was still less than she had specifically offered, anyway.

5. Prudence and the Pill

Scott said, "There are only a couple more things I can think of, as far as conditions. The first may be a big one. I don't suppose either of you is on birth control pills."

Surprisingly, Lynda said, "As a matter of fact, I am." When Scott looked at her, she said, "Well, they were first prescribed years ago, because my periods were so irregular, and my gynecologist has never hesitated to continue them. Maybe I still need them, for that reason, and maybe I don't, but I haven't felt the need to experiment. I think she probably just assumes I'm on them for contraception, at this point."

Scott said, "OK.

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