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Husband and wife think they have some private time.

than thirty?"

Barbie avoided answering the question not wanting to reveal her true age; especially not after Jim guessed her to be so much younger than she actually is. His kindness was putting her at ease and she attempted to be humorous with her answer.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you; besides, a woman has to have some secrets" but when Barbie said 'a woman has to have some secrets' she was not referring to her unwilling to disclose her age to Jim; the secret was the true relationship between her and Jay.

"Oh, I meant no offense; I just thought as young as you are it explains why you are so nervous. You will have a good time, I promise, just relax and enjoy the party; you will find the openness here is actually more comfortable than you think."

"Really? Because right now I feel as out of place as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs."

Jim laughed at her colloquialism revealing Barbie was obviously from a rural area in the South.

"You'll be ok, Barbie, you are a very sexy lady, you will fit in just fine. When you first walked in my friend said I should check out the beauty in the blue dress and pink hair."

Barbie found it interesting he called her a 'lady' considering how she was dressed; she felt no lady would be seen in public wearing such a revealing dress with the word 'slut' up and down her legs.

"Oh, so you and Karen sitting with us was not just coincidence huh?"

"Well, it was and it wasn't; we needed a place to sit and what better place than across from a very attractive young woman."

Jim kept referring to her as 'young'; did he really think she was no older than thirty? His flattery was making her feel more comfortable. When the song ended they joined Jay and Karen at the table.

"So Barbie, Jay tells me he has known you all his life; but just recently became a couple. That is so romantic; the two of you look great together. You better keep an eye on Jay though; some of these women are ruthless when it comes to a handsome young man."

Barbie was not sure what Karen meant about keeping an eye on Jay; and what was she saying about some of the women being ruthless? Everyone at the party seemed to be couples and very nice; the women had their own men, why would they be so interested in Jay?

Karen asked Barbie to join her going to the ladies room, as females so often do; just like Jim, she could sense how uneasy Barbie was with the atypical atmosphere of the party.

"Are you ok honey, it's different than what you expected huh?"

"Yes it is, all I was told was the party could get wild and the women dressed risqu__. I have never been to a party like this, I mean where the women seem so open-minded about exposing their body to others. Sorry, no offense; I didn't mean anything by that; please forgive me."

"It's ok Barbie, I know how you feel; we've all had our first time at a party. We always dress like this at parties. But New Year's is different from our monthly socials, there are a lot more people here tonight than a regular party; and quite a few are like you, they have probably never been to one of our parties before."

"What do you mean 'one of our parties before'; there are other parties like this? This is normal?"

Karen could not help but laugh at Barbie's questions, "Yes, this is 'normal', but then who is to say what is normal; just be yourself Barbie and you will be fine. And whoever told you the parties could get wild, well, they were right; sometimes wild is an understatement for what can happen, there is no telling what you might see, and do. Keep an open mind and be respectful of others; you don't have to join in unless you want too, just watching is fine. Always remember 'no' means 'NO', there are no exceptions. If you have any problems with someone coming on too strong let Jim or I know, or other club staff members and the person will be dealt with."

The two women were back at the table when Karen whispered to Barbie, "Remember, keep an eye on Jay; he is fucking gorgeous!"

Well, that was more than a slightly inappropriate comment for another wo

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