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Dave spent most of his time away from the island fishing. Matron her stomach now showing her growing baby accused him of going fishing to escape from the scrum of workers and visitors.

He defended himself, "We need lots of fish for the fish fry stalls if we are to make any money for the trust. Anyway, someone must do it," he laughed. "And it might as well be me."

"The African women want to go fishing with you," Debbie told him as he dropped her off at the shack on the oyster lease. Debbie had blossomed in recent weeks. She had been thin and drawn when she joined them after her husband was lost at sea. She had put on weight and lost the worried look that hid the beauty of her smile.

"Set you nets and come back for a cup of tea," she said as she waved him off. Dave finished setting his nets along the mangroves and motored back to the oyster banks. Debbie saw him coming and lit the BBQ. By the time he had negotiated his boat through the racks of oysters to her hut she had the kettle boiling and a few pieces of fish on the Barbie.

Dave was hungry; the smell of cooking fish filled his nostrils as he jumped into the water to clean up. Debbie watched as he climbed up on the deck and wrung out his wet shorts before putting them back on. She wet her lips at the sight of his cock it was much larger than those she had seen.

Back in the shack, Dave watched Debbie as she moved around. The extra weight had improved her appearance. Her tiny fawn shorts and open necked short sleeve shirt highlighted a body that shone from its years in the open air.

He was in the mood to tease." My god Debbie you have changed. You are becoming more beautiful every day. Come over here and give me a kiss." She blushed, "eat your fish first."

Dave watched her every move as they ate. He could tell she was nervous. I have embarrassed her, he thought as he stood and washed his plate in the sink. She was still sitting at the table. "I've finished eating," he whispered. "I know," she said as she stood and waited.

He moved over and put his arm around her. "Don't be nervous I won't do anything you don't want." She looked up at him, "I want," she groaned.

"You promised me a kiss," he whispered. They kissed sedately at first then more hungrily. His tongue filled her mouth as he ran his hands over her body. "Too many clothes," he murmured as he ripped her shirt open and let it fall to the floor. "Yes," she groaned her hands pushing his shorts down over his hips.

Debbie was not in the mood for foreplay. She had not had a man since her husband died. The island was too public. Here in the oyster shack away from people she knew what she wanted.

She pushed Dave down on the bed. Licking her lips, she dropped her shorts. "I've dreamed of this," she whispered as she sat astride him and pinched his nipples. Dave watched as she positioned her body so that she could hold his cock and ease her wet pussy down. "Do you like that?" she asked as her pussy swallowed his cock. "Oh yes, he groaned, "that's lovely."

Dave held his breath as she started to move. He could feel her pussy tightening its hold as Debbie quickened her pace. He gasped as she rode him hard. Her face was flushed. Her eyes were staring down at him as she shuddered and slowed. Then as if nothing had happened, she started to rise up again and again until he felt his balls harden and his come rush up his cock.

"I'm going to come," he grunted. "do you want it inside you." Her pussy muscles answered for her as they closed on his cock and milked it dry. Debbie collapsed forward her breasts on his chest. She kissed him hard. "I needed that we had a very active sex life before my husband died. That brought back great memories."

She lay in his arms talking until is cock grew hard. "Dog fashion?" she asked with a grin. "Why not," he whispered as he lifted her up and bent her over the table. "Ram it in," she groaned. "I like it rough." She squealed when Dave did as she asked.

She was noisy now.

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