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Barriers come crashing down.

I owe you. What have you in mind, O Serena the Merciful."

"Well, first of all," she began with a devilish twinkle in her eye, "I think I prefer the epithet: Serena the Just. Hmmmm?" I gave her a sickly grin to match my sinking feeling, and she continued, "I've had a pretty hard life. What I need is a little pampering. A love slave! Say, for the next five hours? You have to do any and everything I tell you to, no matter what, right? Oh don't look so worried. Who knows? If you're so terrific and spectacular in the performance of your duties that I am impressed beyond measure, well, just maybe I'll become your love slave the next time we get together."

"Gee whiz," I gulped, "Isn't 'any and everything' kind of a strict requirement?"

"I don't know," she said as she inspected her fingernails, "You came into my apartment under false pretences, seduced me into compromising myself legally and morally with a minor, and maybe broke my heart in the bargain. Do you really think I'm too strict?"

"No," I sighed, "What is your first command, O Serena the Just?"

She clapped her hands and laughed, "My first command, slave, is that you will address me as Goddess. And when I speak, you will listen and obey, but if you wish to say something, bow and lower your eyes when addressing your deity. Got that?"

I giggled and bowed, "I hear and obey, goddess."

"Excellent," she purred, "Now, slave, you will perform my toilet and bath." She had me strip completely, since she was already naked, she pointed out that it was improper for me to adorn myself with clothing when she was without. Then we went to the bathroom. When she said toilet, she meant it, too! First, she had me kneel before her as she sat on the toilet to pee. It did give me a great view, and I even enjoyed wiping her dry. Then there was a bubble bath where I scrubbed her all over. I also shaved her legs and armpits. I patted her dry, rubbed her with oil, she even had me paint her toenails and trim the hair on her bush. Finally, I gave her a gentle massage all over - just hands rubbing, no fresh stuff - she was Serena the Strict, all right!

Throughout this entire trial, I was intimate with every area of this sleek, sinuous woman's pale, smooth body, from head to toe, and I wasn't even allowed to kiss any of it! And I wanted to very badly. Finally, after the massage, she led me to her bedroom. With a sigh, she stretched out in the middle of the bed her legs spread wide and her toes pointed outward. "Okay slave, let's see how good you can lick my ass."

She was looking at me over her shoulder as I stood at the foot of the bed, watching my face carefully for my reaction as she commanded, "Fuck my butt with your slick little tongue, my sweet slave, and if your best efforts please me, maybe, just maybe, I'll let you eat my pussy. And if you do that better than I ever had it before, maybe I'll be your love slave, next time." I'm sure she was expecting me to balk in at least some little way, or perhaps even to look as pleased as I really felt. Being a canny kind of girl, I know it pays to do the unexpected. I immediately dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed and pressed my face to the bedspread.

My voice was a little muffled as I spoke, "You do me a great honor goddess, but I feel unworthy of partaking too quickly of such a feast. I beg the goddess to allow me to lick the backs of her legs first to prepare myself for the glory of your secret places."

She laughed delightedly, "Very well, lowly one, begin thy labors.

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