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What happens to the abandoned.

She said, "I notice that you didn't set out a bra. That's a good idea. But the rest of it we have to change. Get undressed. We'll have you ready pretty quickly. I can't find the right panties for you, but that doesn't surprise me."

She was quickly interrupted by Sandy, "But those are my sexiest underwear."

"That's what I thought," said Ann as she reached into per purse, she noticed that Sandy was now naked, and added, "I brought these for you to wear -- they should fit."

Sandy exclaimed, "There's no crotch in these."

"Exactly, you won't even have to get totally naked. Remember, this is a quickie at work, not an all day seduction. Slip those on." Ann returned to the closet and located with a short, black skirt and said, "Here, put this on. Notice that it is short enough that he can get access to your pussy and loose enough that you can just pull it up to your waist when you're getting fucked; but it's dressy enough that you will look professional when you walk through the office. Now to find a blouse. A hah, this one will work." She handed Sandy a dark silk blouse that buttoned up the front all the way to the collar. Ann said, "Try this on." With that she came over and started helping Sandy button the blouse. When she neared the top, she kept buttoning and unbuttoning the top buttons. Then she added, "When you go in there, wear it like this; as soon as you are in Larry's office unbutton, at least one more button. Dressed like this you won't raise any eyebrows from the casual observer, but when you loosen a button or two he will know what you're after."

The two of them gathered everything that Sandy needed and headed toward the door. It was now ten forty-five. As Sandy was ready to drive away, Ann said, "I hope that you don't mind, but I'm going to put the kids to bed for their naps a little early. Not only do I want to hear all about this, but I want to suck his cum out of your twat when you come back."

Sandy grinned and said, "Ann, you're fucking evil."

"I know. And I love it," replied Ann.

As Sandy pulled into the parking lot, she got a feeling of pride as she saw the new sign being erected on the lawn in front of the building. The words "Wilson Plastic Products, Inc." on the new sign made her heart beat faster and the nerve that she had felt dwindling during the last few minutes was quickly restored. She parked in a visitor's spot in the lot and walked up to the front door of the building. Opening the door, she spotted Molly at the front desk. Molly was the receptionist/secretary and was a leftover from the previous ownership. As Sandy approached her, she thought, "Larry has got to get a younger, better looking secretary". Approaching the desk, Sandy asked, "Is Larry in his office?"

Molly responded, "Yes, Mrs. Wilson, is he expecting you?"

"No. I'll just go in anyway."

"Of course, Mrs. Wilson." With that Molly was scrambling to let Larry know that Sandy was on the way in to his office.

Sandy opened the door to his office and as she was closing (and locking) it, she heard him say, "Yes Molly, I can see that Mrs. Wilson is here; she's standing right in front of me." Hanging up the phone, he looked at Sandy and said, "What brings you down here?"

Sandy began walking around his desk and said, "I've been worried about the hours that you've been keeping lately and I think that you're skipping meals. So I brought you lunch." She set the bag in the middle of the desk.

"You mean that you drove all of the way down here, just to bring me lunch."

"Well, I came to make sure that you're getting your nourishment and..." grabbing his crotch, she added, "I came to check on this." Sandy glanced down at herself and saw that one boob had nearly worked its way out of the opening in her blouse.

"Sweetie, I know that I have been putting in some pretty long hours and I have been neglecting you lately, but is this really the time and place for this?"

"It's always the time and as for place.

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