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When he was offered a slut, he had no idea it was her.

Her facial expression showed it all: Orgasm. The crowd enjoyed her humiliation as she was jeered and laughed at.

Lyn's inbox must have had thirty e-mails related to the match and her nakedness. The worst e-mail had her final humiliation. Lyn had orgasmed twice and it was nearing midnight. Sue and her friends had gathered all of Lyn's clothes and 'Arthur Anderson' her garments. In other words, they shred her clothes while she was fucking herself while standing.

Without any clothes to wear and twenty minutes before twelve, Sue paid Lyn the last and final humiliation. Lyn was marched out the gym doors buck naked with five dollars in her hand. Lyn was ordered to walk through a late night drive through and order three diet cokes with no tray to carry them back. Any change could not be carried in her hands but rather somewhere creative. In order to prove that she did order the drinks and not someone else, the drive through personnel would have to write something original and the telephone number to the restaurant.

The ladies watched as Lyn jogged down the street, her flaming red cheeks looking like tail lights in the warm, dark night. She returned ten minutes later with the three cokes, most of it spilled on her tits and down her front.

"So, where's the change?" Sue demanded of her. This was the most embarrassing for Lyn. Without any coat packets and the lack of a tray to carry, Lyn carried the loose change in her mouth and the dollar bill was lodged in her ass.

The camera clicked and whirred away as Lyn was standing naked in the parking lot. The cokes at Sues' feet and Lyn picking the dollar out of her ass checks. She flinched as the reddened cheeks caused her some pain. The ladies in the parking lot laughed hysterically at Lyn trying to extract the dollar bill that had ridden up her ass.

Worse still, the proof that she did truly order the drinks naked was scrawled across her inner thigh, belly and ass. The word 'bitch' and 'hoe' were in all three places.

Lyn's gaze focused on the building across town. She had to regain her respect and humiliate that bitch across the way. "Bitch and hoe, eh, we'll see."

Over the next two weeks, Lyn endured the whistles and remarks from those that saw the pics and e-mails. She had successfully avoided Sue Hopkins and many from her firm.

On a gray, overcast day Lyn had endured as much as she could take. She had enough of the ass-smacking in the hall. She thought about the re-match and was nearly finished developing the re-match e-mail to Sue Hopkins.

Lyn re-read her e-mail as the rain drummed against her corner office windows.


I want a re-match with you, winner take all. I am proposing a true fight to the finish with more than just humiliation. The winner owns the loser for the rest of the weekend.

If you are prepared for such a competition, I further propose the following for the match:

1.Bikini match. Since you won the last match, you are entitled to wear black. 2.No prior shaving to the match, except for armpit. You must have a bush. 3.Three falls. A fall constitutes a pin held for three seconds. 4.If a top or bottom is lost, it cannot be returned or put back on. 5.The match will be in a ring with ropes. 6.To win the match, the final pin requires the loser to be completely stripped and on her back for three seconds. 7.After the loss, the loser will become the chattel property of the winner from Friday evening to Sunday night 10 PM. 8.The loser must submit to the winner and comply with whatever orders are given. Failure to comply with the request will end up with the loser's hair to be cut and shaved.

If you agree with these terms and conditions, please sign the hard copies that will be forwarded to your office, keeping one copy for your records.

Lyn Jenkins

It was after 6 PM when Sue Hopkins returned to the office and checked her e-mail. Sue's office was open and she let out,"you've got to be kidding me," when she read the e-mail from Lyn Jenkins.

Sue stared at the screen until one of her colleagues, Trudy O

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