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That neighbor became my real visualization.

"Good." She moved back onto all fours with her tail in the air. Turning back to look at him, she used the same tone she'd used on the very first day. "Now what are you waiting for? End it."

Eric stared at her for a moment before reaching out to cup her shapely rear end with one hand. Giving a gentle squeeze, he slowly let out his breath as he realized just how damn lucky he was about to get with the woman who'd tried to kill him. "Kita" he said, a slight tremble in his voice. "You're giving yourself to me. Does that mean I get to do whatever I want?"

Kita gave him a confused look over her shoulder. "I'm pretty sure that was the idea?"

"Good" Eric nodded, trying not to let the mix of nervousness and excitement show in his voice. "Because we're doing this my way."

Kita gasped as his hand moved to scratch at the base of her tail. "What are you do...mmmm.." her words trailed off as she nearly collapsed on her face. Eric gave her a gentle push, just enough to give the message that he wanted her to roll over. She complied, facing him as she moved to her side, each exhale coming out in a deep purr. The entire time, his right hand was busy working the base of her tail.

"See, I don't know how it is for your kind" He echoed her words as he lay down beside her, suddenly feeling confident as her sounds of approval filled the clearing. "But for us humans, its important that both of us enjoy ourselves. So before we get to THAT" he emphasized the word with a pat on her backside. "We're going to have fun with this first."

Kita gave him a confused look. "Uh...I thought.. *Purr*...we already were?" her words came in stuttered gasps.

Eric grinned. "Yes, we are, but there's more. So much more." he leaned forward to kiss her deeply, his hand moving from the base of her tail to caress one of her breasts. Her purring intensified as she wrapped one arm around him, pulling him on top of her as she rolled to her back. He groaned at the sensation of her fur against his bare chest, the velvety soft texture sending chills down his spine. Running his free hand through her mane, he marveled at the wonderful creature he was lying on top of as the other continued to massage her breast.

"Not too heavy am I?" he asked, pausing to brush the tip of her nose with his own.

Kita made a sound halfway between a purr and a laugh, and gave a wide grin that displayed her fangs prominently. "As if. You weigh almost nothing. "

Eric returned the grin and planted another kiss on her lips before burying his face in the mane over her shoulder. Her hair had an arid earthy scent that matched its sandy color. Despite her feline appearance, it was also apparent that she did not shed like a cat from Earth, a fact he was grateful for as he kissed the spot behind her ear. The sounds in his ear at this point were very encouraging, and he continued the trail down her neck, across her collar bone and down to her breasts.

"EEEEEE NO THAT TICKLE..." Kita thrashed for a moment, almost throwing him off as he licked across a dark areola, causing the light hairs covering the sensitive skin to stand on end. "mmm...keep...doing..." she stopped bucking, one of her hands suddenly on the back of his head as he drew the nipple into his mouth. The pressure on the back of his head encouraged him as he went to work with his tongue, pressing him into the soft flesh and hard muscle rippling underneath. Finally pausing to catch his breath, he gave a short laugh as she made a small annoyed sound in protest. "I still can't believe we're doing this. I mean, instead of trying to kill me, you're...well..."

"Wondering why you stopped" she finished the sentence, allowing a small growl to enter behind her words, a wickedly playful grin appearing on her face. "I just might have to kill you if you're going to leave me hanging like that. Unless of course, you give me a reason to keep you alive."

"Just one reason?" he raised an eyebrow.

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