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James gives Marissa an anniversary she'll never forget!

She was very skilled in the use of the toes and it was all she needed to know exactly how desperate I was becoming for release.

"Please remove your panties, Samantha," she requested

Quickly scanning the area, I discretely moved my hands under the table to lift my skirt up. Acting as though I was speaking to Melissa, my fingers moved under the waist band of my panties, sliding them down and over my hips.. Sitting back down, I worked them over my calves, then kicked them off to let them fall to the floor. She carefully picked them up and put them in her purse. "I hope you don't mind." she said. "I'd like to keep them for souvenirs."

Hoping that the cushion of the chair was protected against moisture and stains, I sat with my ass half on and half off the seat, and exhaled softly. Her foot continued to move over my thighs and into my wet sex. When I could barely stand it any more, I tried to move back but the foot followed.

"Are you close?" she asked, her toes moving in and out of my very needy pussy. . I could only nod, aware of the fact that we were sitting in a public area. "Are you close?," she asked again.

"Oh god yes,"I mumbled, fighting off the urge to come right there in front of everyone in the restaurant. When she slid down in her chair to ram her toes into me, I no longer had any control. Wrapping my legs around hers, I rammed my body into her toes as the orgasm moved over me. I closed my eyes and took a firm grip on the table, and bit my lip as I rode it out, finally exhaling loudly. My hands were shaking as I glanced over to see the smile on Melissa's face, forcing myself to smile back.

"Is this how you answer questions?" I asked. She smiled and motioned for the waitress.

"She's ready, Pam." Melissa whispered to the waitress. With a slight motion of her hand, the hostess led us to one of the areas in the back. She closed the drapes and a drape at the rear of the room was opened to reveal a small love seat. Pam motioned for me to move over next to it, and once I was there, she gently kissed me as Melissa removed my skirt. Both women then continued kissing me and the kisses became more passionate and more demanding..

"Please place one foot up on the love seat," Pam requested, which I did without hesitation. .

"You may lean into me if you wish." Melissa advised.

I heard myself moan as Pam's finger moved up my thigh, quickly sliding past my wet lips to penetrate into my hot, waiting pussy. The finger was removed and Pam sucked my juices from it. "You were right, Melissa," she said, "she does taste divine." I now knew that Melissa, at least, had been one of the women at the session. Pam moved under me to dip her tongue into the my juicy slit as I groaned and went limp with pleasure. Melissa's strong arm was the only thing that kept me from dropping to the love seat, as my pussy was being licked and teased without mercy.

"Oh god, I need to cum." I begged. "Please." My plea was ignored as it seemed that Pam was in no hurry. When Pam stopped, I cried out but moaned loudly when she returned to lick more and begin sucking on the swollen lips that guarded the entrance "Please" I begged, "suck my clit, please."

"In due time," Pam replied, between licks.

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