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Incest spreads to three generations.


"He's just an old man, I let him peek and he gives us stuff."

"Hell, he might end up raping you or something."

"No, he is always nice, he just looks. Besides, he owns a jewelry store, he is rich."

Jewelry store? Well, that explained the Mercedes and the big house.

"Well, I think it is best to cool it a little."

"OK." she snuggled up tight, I started rubbing her tits, the fight was over.

I got curious, so I snooped around a bit. Harold did own the largest jewelry store downtown, his son David had taken over day to day operations, so Harold was mostly retired.

I wandered down there later the next week to take a look. There was three young women working as clerks, all three were dressed to the hilt and sexy as hell. I wandered around pretending to shop as they waited on customers. Men customers, I noticed. The one that had to be David sat in the back at a huge desk, he was a younger spitting image of our landlord, maybe 35 or so.

Once in awhile one of the salesgirls would go back to confirm a sale, without fail they leaned over his desk. All three of them had at least one button too many undone, all three had short skirts. I didn't see any panty lines on any of them, either, as much as I could tell without looking like a holdup man or something.

I think they were used to men wandering in to look, they paid me little attention, likely my work uniform didn't make me appear to be a hig dollar customer.

I had it pretty much figured out, Harold's family used sex appeal to sell, seemed to work, too. The place was damn near as much fun as the local titty bar.

I went back to work, my head full of some of what had gone on the last few days. Damn we needed money, I wanted to buy another business and try again.

That night after dinner Sharon and I had a long talk. I told her to go ahead with the garden bit if she wanted, tease Harold all she liked. Might as well see where it led, he had already seen everything anyway.

Sharon hugged me, happy. It hit me she liked the flashing, it got her hot. Somehow it got to me too, but I just wanted to know about it or be around.

Silly, I know. Not a feeling I can really explain. It also popped in my head that it was probably a fucking mistake.

So Sunday morning I woke up, no Sharon in bed with me again. I got up and peeked out the window to find Harold sitting on his porch, the surprise was David was sitting there, too. They were both staring towards the back yard.

I grinned, wandered around to take a look. Sharon had a tray of what looked like Pepper plants, she was digging and setting them in place.

She had on her levi miniskirt and a very loose short top. I knew that when she leaned over her titties would hang down, the top would hang even farther. The miniskirt was short standing up, she was on her knees, leaning forwards, planting one plant, then moving the dirt around it. Then she would scoot forwards to the next one.

I watched her for maybe 5 minutes, then got an idea. I knew she would come in sweaty and dirty and hit the shower. Our shower (If one could call it that) faced Harold's house, there were windows upstairs in his house that looked right in the fairly large window. We normally kept the shades drawn, I went in and opened them wide, left them that way. I even opened the lower window all the way to the top.

I knew Harold sometimes sat up there to watch our place, so I was curious. I peeked out at Sharon, she was just finishing up. Harold and David were nowhere in sight, they had to have seen me open the windows, though.

Then I hopped in my rig and drove a couple of blocks down the street. I parked and walked back, there were some hedges around the side that would hide me from Harold's place yet give me a clear view of our bathroom windows.

I knew Sharon might just walk in and close the curtains, but I was thinking she might pick up on the idea. I wanted to watch, I wanted to see what they might see. Peeking around the corner at their upstairs windows, I saw motion, now I knew they were up there.

It wasn't 5 minutes and t

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