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Step-father gets a surprise visit from Marie in the night.

The timer goes and she grins and pushes him off of her. He raises his hands in mock surrender and she sits up and leaps at him, tackling him back against the sofa. Falling back with her on top of him, they land with her straddling him once more.

Rather than teasing, this time she rips open the buttons on his shirt, and quickly runs her searching hands down his chest, following the line of coarse hairs between his tensed abdominal muscles. She gives his shorts the same treatment, ripping the button open and wrenching the zip down.

His erection springs free and she grabs it in one hand, pumping her hand up and down the shaft as she leans in to kiss him again. Lifting his hips in pleasure, she grins into the kiss and runs her free hand over his bare chest.

The timer goes, and he grabs her wrists and pins them at the small of her back, holding them there with one hand whilst his other hand dives into the waistband of her leggings. His hand quickly finds her moistened panties and pulls them aside. His fingers gently push between her pussy lips and run upwards, gently massaging her clit.

She tenses up and leans backwards, mouth open and eyes closed in ecstasy. Leaning forward, his lips find her neck and he kisses from behind her ear down to her collarbone. With every shiver of her body, his fingers massage harder and faster, swirling in time with the rhythmic bucking of her hips. Crying out in pleasure, she collapses forward into his shoulder and leans into him, heaving and gasping in pleasure as his fingers move even faster over her clit. The trembling starts in her feet, her toes curling and her legs trying to straighten, then her hips tense and she grinds herself against his fingers as his other free hand runs up her shirt and grabs at her chest.

She moans and climaxes, shivering on top of him as his fingers flick over her clit -

The timer goes, and he reluctantly lifts his hand from her still-trembling pussy as she comes down from the orgasmic high. Red-faced and with her auburn hair spilling over her face, she slides down between his legs and takes his cock in her hand with almost sleepy satisfaction. Sitting up on her knees, she pushes him back with one hand on his tensed stomach muscles, and playfully licks the tip of his cock.

He shudders as he flicks her tongue over his helmet, tasting the precum leaking from his cock. Then, without warning, her lips wrap around his erection and her head plunges down, sending hot shivers through his nerves.

Grabbing at her hair, he closes his eyes and leans back as her tongue swirls around his helmet, her hand pumping his shaft. Groaning in desperate pleasure, he lifts his hips and feels her taking his cock deeper into her throat, her lips taking him in faster and harder, trying to suck the cum out of him before -

The timer goes. He lifts her by the arms she takes one last, long taste of his erection before her lips finally leave him and he stands her up, lifting the jumper off her and leaving her topless. Standing beside her, taller than her by at least a foot, he spins her around and pushes her forward so that she is kneeling on the couch, her hands on the couches arm.

Through her tight leggings he can clearly see the soft curve of her ass cheeks, sweeping out from feminine hips that are begging to be grabbed and pulled towards him. He yanks the leggings down, admiring the smooth skin of her thighs and her ass, and runs one finger down between her legs. He finds the familiar wetness and pushes one finger in, grinning at the gasp he hears from her. Pushing her hips back, she shows him exactly what she wants. He takes his throbbing erection and leans forward, pushing his cock into her from behind.

She cries out and pushes back until any resistance is gone and her tight lips wrap around him, sucking him in until she feels his stomach muscles tense against the soft skin of her ass.

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