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She's a keeper.

Abu gently pushed Mandy back onto the billiards table until she was laying on the green cloth with as he lifted her legs up placing them over his shoulders. Abu began kissing Mandy's inner thigh's as he stroked her legs with his hands.

Mandy had her arms stretched out touching his head with the tips of her fingers as Abu began working his mouth close to her pussy. Abu was licking and nibbling her thigh's as his lips closed in on her bush and swiped his tongue over the little patch of blonde hair making her shiver.

Abu's head was now pressed up tight against Mandy's pussy as her worked his tongue around her mound searching for the slit with his tongue. He made a few more circles with his tongue than parted the lips as he touched her clitoris with the tip of his tongue.

Mandy was able to touch Abu's bald head and had her hands placed on it holding him close to her pussy. Her legs were still up over his shoulders and as Abu worked his tongue further into her slit making her body react as she tilted her head back on the pool table.

Mandy's back was arched up as she continued to hold Abu's head with her hands feeling his tongue as it gave her pleasure on her clitoris. Abu took hold of her legs and pushed them back toward her tits leaving her pussy completely exposed for his face now as he furiously and skillfully gave her pleasure with his tongue.

Abu began to focus on her clitoris flickering his tongue ever so gently around the tiny head making her spasm and squirm her hips around on the billiards cloth. Mandy moved her hands swiftly to her side sending billiard balls flying around the table as Abu held her legs steady while he worked his tongue inside her.

Mandy's breath was heavy as Abu kept his tongue in contact with her clitoris until Mandy experienced her first orgasm. Mandy was so caught up in her orgasm that her ass bucked up against his face while her legs kicked out hitting the back of Abu's shoulders.

Mandy's pussy was making sounds as her belly quivered from the orgasm. Mandy's screams could be heard around the mansion as her body thrashed around on the table.

She began to settle back down as Abu reached up and massaged her tits letting her body calm back down from the stress of her orgasm. Abu continued to keep gentle pressure on Mandy's Clitoris as her spasms eventually ended and her body was relaxed once again.

Mandy lay on the billiards table starring out the window at the moon as she caught her breath and felt Abu pulling toward the edge of the table with his large arms.

Abu kept Mandy's legs up against his chest as he moved her round ass up against the edge of the table and laid his cock down on top of her mound as he kissed and licked her ankles making her body shiver again as she reached down and placed her fingers on top of his cock.

Abu continued to kiss her ankles and feet as she massaged the large cock with her finger tips feeling it flex with each gentle touch she gave it. Mandy felt how the large cock that now rested on her pussy extended all the way up to her navel.

Mandy legs were squirming as Abu kissed her ankles and legs now as she teased his cock head with the tips of her long nails and felt Abu begin to move his cock back and forth along her belly. Abu's hands moved down to her thighs and reached up with one hand and took hold of his cock and placed it at the opening of Mandy's pussy.

Abu took the head of his cock and moved it around her slit until the head parted her lips and began to put more pressure against her pussy until it finally popped inside her causing her body to tighten up from its massive size.

Mandy's fingers had moved up to his pubic hair as she continued to tease him with the tips of her nails as he rocked in motion sending more of his black cock inside her tummy.

Abu let go of his cock as it was able to stay inside of Mandy on it's own as he put his hands on her legs as he rocked himself deeper inside her pussy.

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