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Young man does what comes naturally.

She thought when she married his stepfather Alan he would help turn the boy around.

Alex however is a prominent lawyer who has little time running a successful law firm with hundreds of rich clients. He provided Rebecca and her son a beautiful home to live in, two maids, a nanny, plenty of money to buy the things she wanted. Even though she loved her first husband they often lived pay check to pay check while marrying to young as well.

The nanny a young blonde haired girl named Christine earning money for our night classes down at the community college came in to get the baby. The girl had a slender build and short hair nice and neat all the time. She had been a real big help for Rebecca since the baby had been born.

After the nanny left the room with Amanda, Rebecca decided to go upstairs to check on her son. The young man was lying on his bed with a joint in his hand, she watched him take a long drag off it hold it and let out a little cough. She was right he was doing drugs and right here in the house she thought he had some nerve. She was about to leave the doorway and go to her bedroom to think about how to deal with her son.

Before she left she heard the bathroom door which adjoined his room to his baby sister's nursery open. Christine walked in the room and went over to her son on the bed taking the joint from him. She too took a long drag on it handing it back to him; she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off in front of her son.

Rebecca tried to leave but she was paralyzed watching to see what was going to happen next. James reached down and undid his jeans to pull out his semi erect cock; Christine got up on the bed and knelt in front of it. She licked and stroked it up and down trying to get the long thick member to its full length. Rebecca had to lean in a little bit to get a better view of what was happening, she accidentally let out a gasp when she got a good view of the size of her son.

The boy had a cock unlike any she had ever saw; it had to be at least ten inches long and almost as thick as her arm. She almost envied the young college girl as she finally began to pump and stroke her son's huge cock in and out of her wet pink mouth. The girl obviously had done this before as worked like a girl from one of the movies Alex enjoys.

James was using one hand to smoke his joint and the other to set the pace he wanted Christine to work his cock.

Soon she saw her boy's ball suddenly tighten up as he shot his load into her waiting mouth. Christine was a real cum junkie as she sucked it all down her throats and then spent the rest of the cleaning his softening member of cum. Rebecca went to turn away to go to her bedroom when her eyes met her sons, just for a moment but they met. Embarrassed the mother ran down the hall to her bedroom closing and locking the door.

Rebecca lay down on her bed and began to sob, she never felt so embarrassed in her entire life. She also felt ashamed as she could feel her thirty eight d breast swell and heave in her shirt. She unbuttons her shirt and lets them out of confining nursing bra she is wearing.

She gently begins to tease her puffy brown nipples with one hand as the other slid down inside the slacks she was wearing. Her hand had found its way through the bush to her watering pussy. Rebecca had masturbated a lot in the past couple years with Alex being very busy with a thriving law firm.

Later that evening after the baby was to bed for the night, the help had all gone home she sat at her vanity brushing her long blonde hair. Alex had just got out of the shower and was sitting in his pajamas on the bed reviewing some papers for an important land deal for one of his biggest clients.

"James got suspended for a month today." She said.

"Damn Becky can't you keep that boy out of trouble." He groaned.

"Well I was thinking Alex that would do just that for the whole month.

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