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Marilyn & her girl find a girl on the subway.

The young black Je'Quon simply turned to see Mona laying face down. Her beautiful white body was exhausted and unable to continue.

Je'Quon simply grinned inside.

A small, barely detectable smile traced his lips as he lifted his dark shades for a better view. He figured that he had better retrieve his new white bitch and fuck hole.

The young black boss walked over to the fallen abused blonde woman casually. He removed one of his black sandals from his muscular black feet and placed it near her shoulder. Arrogantly, he put the top of his foot under her and "rolled" the used blonde woman over onto her back.

The malleable older blonde woman was now laying face up, and on her weakened back. Her body was exhausted as she stared into the blue sky breathing heavier. She knew that she was unable to continue the journey back and, defeatedly, she closed her perfect blue eyes to pass out.

As Mona closed her eyes, she began drifting off into a sleep. But, this lasted merely a few moments. Her eyes opened again as she was greeted by the bare foot of the young black stud "tapping" both sides of her pale cheeks. Back and forth, and back again, the young black "tapped" her once pristine face with his strong toes.

"C'mon, bitch." He commanded.

"Not too much further to go." He instructed.

Mona's eyes were opened, yet she could not move. She continued laying there in shame as the black man bullied her already beaten red face with his bare feet. Je'Quon was bringing her back into a state of consciousness, but barely. The blonde woman's eyes were half-shut and her lips gre excessively dry and parched. She began to sweat as the hot sun beamed down upon her.

"What up, bitch? Ya' needs some water or what?" the black stud asked.

Nearly incoherent, Mona found herself nodding a simple and defeated "yes" as she remained laying on her back, looking up. Her face and nose were dirtied by the dry dirt and grass, and the exhaustion she felt was like no other she had felt before.

With unimagineable disdain, the 27-year-old black stallion bent over and down to the abused blonde beauty beneath him. It appeared that the black man was leaning down to kiss her full and parted dry lips. But, this was not the case. It was at this time the young Je'Quon triggered a thick stream of saliva from his mouth, and strategically allowed it to fall to Mona's swollen lips.

Defeatedly, the blonde Mona layed there and accepted it. The thick saliva from the young black stud's mouth coated her beautiful lips, and began dripping slowly into her own mouth. He repeated this unruly and callous act of dominance a second time, then a third time.

The beautiful blonde Mona was truly spent. She felt almost grateful for the small amount of moistness her black god had given her.

"Thank you, Sir." she murmured.

Impatiently, the young black boss grabbed the top of the blonde woman's head, and pulled her back up to her feet by her hair. Still incoherent, Mona began wobbling in the direction of her young black Master, who had taken several strides ahead of her. In her futile attempt to stand on her own two feet while keeping her eyes focused on him, she fell to her knees once again.

Mona put her hands to the ground to keep herself from falling face down. Now, she was on her hands and knees on the grassy dirt before the beach and 25 feet from the young black Je'Quon. Her face was a mess and her hair rattled out of complete control. She peered up at him from her lowly and humiliating position trying to find the strength to continue.

"What? Is my bitch still thirsty?" the black stud asked, sarcastically.

Mona could not respond. Her faint "nod" was barely detectable, yet the young black boss of her pathetic, wimpish husband continued to demoralize and degrade his new blonde interest. It was almost as if he was "testing" her in some unusual and arrogant way.

"Crawl to me, bitch." He commanded.

"Show some respect for a "real" man.

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